10 inspiring looks for May

10 inspiring looks for May 2022

2 May, 2022

May is the month of spring par excellence. It’s warm enough to incorporate lighter garments into our looks and the flowery parks of our cities are the perfect settings to show them off. Here are our 10 suggestions for this month.

1. Shine bright in casual style

If you still think that casual is the same as wearing boring clothes, we’re going to take your mind off that idea with this look.
This colourful jeans and t-shirt ensemble becomes a special one, just by adding a blazer in a bright colour like this green one. Still craving for more colour? Throw a yellow jumper on top for a fresh spring result.

Floral bomber to match the spring

How do you elevate a basic look with black leggings and a white T-shirt to suit your day-to-day plans? The trick is in the outerwear.
Opt for a printed bomber like this one. They’re a must-have this season and they’ll add a cool touch to your well-worn outfit.

3. Boho dress for black lovers

Once a black fanatic, always a black fanatic: if you feel comfortable wearing this colour… Don’t give it up in spring!
Wear it with a maxi dress in light fabric and some transparency with a print like this one in paisley or floral and that’s it!

4. An aesthetic and feminine look

Tie-dye never dies. It just gets a makeover to adapt to new trends.
This combination is what we at Lookiero call a perfect match: a combination of comfort, thanks to a tie dye sweatshirt in earth tones and a pleated skirt that gives it a feminine touch. Ideas for accessories? A look like this cries out for a cap to keep out the spring sun.

5. Floral look with straight jeans

Is there anything more spring-like than floral tops and blouses? If you are one of us and also “bloom” during the season, this is the look for you.
Pair your floral shirt with straight jeans and add a retro touch to your outfit by tying it at the waist. Comfortable and stylish at the same time. Are you going for this look?

6. A simple look for difficult days

There are days that simply get complicated. Thousands of plans on the agenda and little time to tackle them all. For all of them, this is the outfit that will save you precious time.
Create a smart look from the simplest formula: straight jeans, a white blouse and a cardigan. It never fails! Especially if you take the opportunity to incorporate a trendy colour, such as a pastel shade, into the cardigan.

7. Your most springtime look with floral dresses

We’ve been waiting so long for spring to arrive, that one of our favourite looks for May is a complete tribute to the season.
Bright colours and floral print, all in one. Combine a floral dress with a biker in soft fabric in a bright colour and celebrate the good weather.

8. A rocker look with one of this season’s shades

In our favourites you can never miss an outfit for the rockers. You won’t want to take this one off for the whole season.
Combine a simple white T-shirt with a leopard satin printed skirt, in the colour of the season, emerald green. Add a denim jacket in the same shade and you’ll have a rounded look in no time!

9. Romantic look with mini dress and cardigan

We are in love with this combination! If only the weather would allow us to wear it all year round…. But as long as the temperatures allow it, make a note of this infallible combination.
Pair your mini dress with ankle boots. We recommend you to choose an animal print to give a bit of strength to the outfit. Then, you just need to balance it out with a beige cardigan in a soft knit.

10. A relaxed look with soft colours

The most versatile option, always with a biker. If you also pair it with your favourite jeans, you can’t go wrong.
In spring, wear this simple combination with a floral blouse and light colours. They will give the outfit a luminous and soft touch, perfect for any daytime plan.

Which of these 10 looks do you choose? If one of them has stolen your heart, don’t forget to tell your Personal Shopper about it. She’ll love to have all this information when she prepares your next May box!

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