10 must-haves to transition your wardrobe into spring

10 must-haves to transition your wardrobe into spring

10 March, 2022

As far as trends go, we have several winners for the season. Stripes, bright colours, miniskirts and fringes are four favourites to build your spring capsule wardrobe in 2022.

Then, just mix and match with some basics, and you are ready to create fashionable outfits for the upcoming weeks. These are the 10 pieces of clothing that you will want to get your hands on.

  1. A miniskirt for the nights out
  2. The Y2K aesthetic is coming strong, and miniskirts are an essential part of it. Checked, straight, puffy, suede and, in short, any kind you can imagine.



    How to wear a miniskirt this spring

    You may combine your favourite miniskirt with a white oversized shirt, or go for a fresher style with a navy top to really nail the 2000s style.

  3. Bermuda shorts with a classy twist
  4. This 80s inspired item has become one of the most beloved basics for the season. Now that the temperatures are friendlier, you can put your legs in the sun and enjoy an equally stylish alternative to mini skirts and shorts.

    bermudas shorts classic


    How to combine Bermuda shorts this season

    Go for tailored bermuda shorts and add an oversized blazer, just like Jacquemus did in his spring-summer 2022 collection.

  5. Long live the biker
  6. Bikers are classic jackets that exude confidence, and that’s why they are a must-have year after year. This season, forget about tight-fitting outfits this year, as the main trend here will be oversize.

    How to wear your biker in spring

    Our Personal Shoppers suggest you go for an oversized one, preferably in white like the one featured by Acne Studios. Throw a fitted mini dress on and you are ready to rock.

  7. A trench for in-between seasons
  8. Another beloved piece of outerwear that easily fits a lot of different styles. This season, vinyl trench coats are all the rage, and it is reminiscent of the one that Brigitte Bardot wore in the 70s.

    vinyl trench coats


    How to style a trench coat this spring

    There’s no need to add much more to this piece to create a smart look. Just throw on a pair of skinny jeans and a basic top and let your coat get all the looks.

  9. Fringe skirts by day and by night
  10. Fringe clothing is the kind of daring but classic style that you can’t get enough of once you try it. According to our Personal Shoppers we will see it in different items this season, but midi skirts and fringes are a match made in heaven.

    Fringe skirts


    How to match your fringe skirt this new season

    The versatile nature of this skirt is sure to win you over: complete your outfit with a laced top and heeled sandals by night, or trainers and an oversized hoodie by day. Either way, you will look fabulous.

  11. Feel fresh with a citrus coloured blazer
  12. It is well known that the right blazer can make an OK look turn fantastic. This spring, they also bring brightness and colour to our outfits in citrus lemon or orange for a fresh, flattering look.

    coloured blazer


    How to wear your coloured blazer in spring

    Our tip: find out what citrus colour will suit you better according to your colourimetry and get one. Then, you may wear it with wide leg trousers, a fitted top and trainers.

  13. Dazzling in a sequin dress
  14. If you like to sparkle, we have good news for you. Sequins are in for both day and night looks. Go for a sequin dress if you would rather keep your capsule wardrobe simple.

    sequin dress


    How to style a sequin dress this spring

    Dresses are versatile and easy to combine. Create your night outfit by adding a pair of stilettos, a blazer and red lipstick. For the daytime, you have two options. Either you combine it with trainers and a denim jacket, or you could dare to go for the latest trends and wear it with jeans. Get ready to shine!

  15. A Hassle-free look with striped trousers
  16. Multicoloured stripes in all their possible forms are one of the most popular patterns this season, as we told you in this recent post. Go for wide-leg trousers with vertical stripes, which are the most flattering, and create a lovely basic look.

    look with striped trousers

    How to combine your striped trousers this season

    Just create a simple yet striking look by pairing a plain t-shirt, a trench coat and espadrilles. Finish your outfit with a jute bag and you are ready to go.

  17. Crank up the colour with a fuchsia shirt
  18. In past seasons, oversized shirts have made their way into our wardrobes. Now that we’re experts at styling them, it’s time to wear them in fuchsia, which is where it is at right now.

    fuchsia shirt

    Harpers Bazar

    How to style an oversize shirt this spring

    Our Personal Shoppers’ tip for this season: get yourself a satin oversized shirt in fuchsia and wear it to any occasion with your favourite basics. You’ll have an effortless look for both day and night.

  19. Feel fancy with a feather blouse
  20. Even though we only included them in our catalogue this year, feather blouses have been getting a lot of attention in the catwalks for many seasons already. Gucci and Valentino know this better than anyone, and have placed their bets on this garment on numerous occasions.

    feather blouse

    Time for fashion

    How to wear a feather blouse in-between seasons

    We will see feathers on the shoulders, collar and cuffs of blouses. Embrace this trend by combining it with leather shorts and kitten heels. You will radiate elegance with this romantic piece.

Any combination of these ten items make for a basic capsule wardrobe that will have your fashion needs covered for all spring. If you feel like giving any of them a try, let your Personal Shopper know and she’ll be sure to take them into account when picking out your next spring looks.

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19 March, 2022
Not interested in miniskirts, bermudas,trench, citrus blazes, striped trousers or feathers please
Carole Twinn;
22 March, 2022
Please send me some of these awesome styles and colours
Cara Kimpton;
28 March, 2022
Love the pop of the pink shirt and so nice with a tan. The blazers are amazing, i could team them with jeans or bemudas to have a chic look. When are you doing the accessories? Handbags, scarfs, jewellery, pumps, would love these too xxx
Sarah Denley;
29 March, 2022
Would like a feather blouse
29 March, 2022
I like the blouse and light pink trousers some blouses would be nice and easy tops not olive or grey or navy or brown or black or white
29 March, 2022
Love the cream trousers and tan handbag at the Introduction of your email, thanks!
Barbara Penman;
29 March, 2022
Not interested in sequins. The feather blouse, oversized shirts and mini skirts look amazing. Also love the striped trousers. Love the citrus colours.
Debra Hull;
29 March, 2022
I’m not interested in mini skirts, or a trench coat but love the rest. I like a lot of colour no dark colours.
Sandra Woods;
29 March, 2022
I like these cloths except the mini skirt I think my age is against me for mini skirts
29 March, 2022
Garments look stunning on the models but sadly like Maria, not my style or preference.
29 March, 2022
I like bermudas in olive, grey or navy.
Melanie Green;
30 March, 2022
Please send me the feather blouse ❤️
Lookiero Team;
31 March, 2022
Hi Melanie, Many thanks for your comment. Please make sure to leave a note for your stylist in the comments section for your new box to make sure that she will try to add this blouse to your next Lookiero.
June lister;
30 March, 2022
No wide jeans or mini skirts for me please, nice new spring colours are good tho
Maureen McSherry;
31 March, 2022
Love the pic on the first page with the light coloured trousers pale knit jumper and the tan bag and loafers.
liza wortelhock;
31 March, 2022
Ok. Let’s try the wrap dress this summer Also love the high trousers with the straight or wide leg. Colour is everything this season!! Badly need suitable tops please. I’m open to experimenting for a new style. I’m already a member! Love Lookiero!
Lookiero Team;
7 April, 2022
Hi Liza, Many thanks for your comment. We have now forwarded it to your stylist so that she can prepare a great May box for you!

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