Spring-summer fashion trends for 2022

10 Spring-summer fashion trends for 2022

14 February, 2022

The streets may still be flooded with coats and jumpers, but the sun is already shining on the catwalks. The top designer brands have given us a peek into the new trends for the spring/summer season this year. Here is the fashion forecast for you.

tendencias primavera verano 2022

The colours you’ll be wearing this spring-summer 2022

The change of season also brings changes to our colour palette. The good weather invites us to more saturated and lighter colours, which brighten up our looks. Take note, because these two colours will be your energy boost for the coming months.

Very Peri: the on-trend option

As we told you in a previous post, Pantone has chosen Very Peri as the colour of the year 2022. Halfway through purple and blue, you will find this colour everywhere very soon.Designers like Lanvin or Valentino already added this tone to pleated maxi dresses and satin tops. Go ahead and try it in your spring-summer looks.

very peri colour spring summer trend 2022

How to wear Very Peri this season?

If you are not used to this shade, you may try it in small pieces and accessories and combine it with neutral tones to test the waters. Our suggestion: a Very Peri top and mom fit trousers. Easy and trendy.

very peri colour spring summer trends 2022
very peri colour spring summer trends 2022

Ever-flattering red

The colour that best represents passion, strength and love is here to stay. Choose a red that suits you according to your colourimetry to make the most of your look.

red colour spring summer trend 2022

How to wear red this season?

Red will take the spotlight of your outfit, whether you wear a total red look or just some items. Isabel Marant, Carolina Herrera and Michael Kors love this colour and have given it a well-deserved place in their spring-spring collections.

How to wear red spring summer trends 2022

The clothing items that will be trending in spring-summer 2022

A stylish, timeless piece and a real throwback. Our Personal Shoppers give you the lowdown on why you should get your hands on these two pieces for the warmer seasons.

Mini skirt to welcome the sun

Short mini skirts are back, so you may want to get one for your spring wardrobe. If you do, prioritise structured and fitting ones, be it with low or high rise waist. As far as colour goes, eye-catching ones like pastels are the main choice. The fabrics trend towards leather and satin. There are plenty of options to choose from!

red colour spring summer trend 2022

How to wear a mini skirt this season?

If we look at the collections of Chanel, Versache and Blumarine we will see it well paired with crop tops and jumpers. Very much in line with the 60’s trend that will also be everywhere this new season.

mini skirt spring summer trends 2022
mini skirt spring summer trends 2022

The return of low-waisted pants

Love it or hate it; this trend from the 2000s is back, such is the way of fashion. If you feel nostalgic of the looks of Britney Spears or Beyoncé in those times, you are in luck. Low-rise trousers are well positioned in street style, the catwalks and the new items coming in this spring. All signs point to it becoming a must-have this season.

low-waisted pants spring summer trends 2022

How to wear low-waisted pants this season?

Just as the mini skirt will be the ally of the retro trend enthusiasts, low-rise jeans will be the key piece to achieve a real Y2K look. Wear them with a silky shirt for a fresh street style outfit.

low-waisted pants spring summer trend 2022
low-waisted pants spring summer trend 2022

The fabrics you’ll love this spring-summer 2022

Your spring looks take on some fabrics already loved during the autumn-winter season. However, we’ll stick to lightweight fabrics that go with the milder temperatures: crochet and satin. Here are the keys to get your next purchases right.

Crochet everywhere

Ditch the idea that this texture doesn’t feel young enough. If you don’t already own any crochet items, you may want to get some and add a bohemian flair to your spring looks.

crochet fabric spring summer trends 2022

How to wear crochet this season?

This season, it comes in all sorts of items. Crochet jumpers, dresses and even shorts will be everywhere this spring, in a plethora of colours and styles. Be it cold or warm where you live, this texture will give your outfits a very flattering boho touch.

How to wear crochet spring summer trend 2022

Satin for a romantic touch

It’s been with us for a while, and it’s not going anywhere for now. Silky, shiny satin is perfect for every hour of the day, no matter if your outfit is casual or formal.

satin fabric spring summer trends 2022

How to wear satin this season?

Etro and Fendi have placed their trust in this fabric to create tailor suits. On the other hand, Dior prefers satin dresses; very on-brand.

satin spring summer trends 2022
satin spring summer trends 2022

Trendy prints for spring/summer 2022

Besides the typical floral blouses that come back every spring, there are other prints that will be making their way into your wardrobe this coming season.

Stripes: your safe bet

Vertical stripes come with the promise of rounding off any of your formal looks this season. They are not only trending, but also quite flattering for your silhouette. And, to make it even more ideal, its colour mix will brighten your facial features. Designers like Carolina Herrera, Givenchy or Balmain have no doubt in their minds as they have included this trend in their collections.

stripes print spring summer trends 2022

How to wear stripes this season?

Vertical stripes are the ultimate in versatility. They work perfectly with casual looks, for example, a striped shirt with jeans or with more dressed up looks if you go for a black and white striped suit. Your call!

stripes trend spring summer 2022
spring summer trends

The traditional floral print

Spring and flowers go together, and so do flowers and fashion this season. They bring briskness and movement to your looks in maxi dresses and blouses.

floral print spring summer trends

How to wear floral print this season?

If you feel like trying something new, apart from these clothes that are always a hit, this season Armani, Simone Rocha or Dolce&Gabbana invite us to incorporate the floral print in accessories such as earrings, shoes and coats.

How to wear floral print spring summer trends 2022
How to wear floral print spring summer trend 2022

The styles that are trending this season

The catwalks offer us a trip back in time. You can choose to dust off your favourite garments from the early 2000s or explore the local vintage shops to find some great pieces. It’s time to re-interpret past styles.

A stylish trip back to the 60s

The influences of the sixties are back, and with them, white boots, mini skirts and babydoll checks.

Sixties style

How to wear the 60s trend this season?

If you or your mother still have that checked pencil skirt, rescue it. Complete your look with a white shirt and Mary Janes. The sixties never looked better!

How to wear the 60s trend this season?

Y2K style at its finest

One of the trends we will see the most this year. Think polo shirts, low-rise trousers, baguette bags, and babydoll dresses. Fashion brands like Chloé are following the trend with babydoll neck dresses. Tom Ford adds their worn out trousers in patchwork style.

2000 style spring summer trend 2022

How to wear the Y2K trend this season?

Joining this trend can be as easy as retrieving those jeans you used as a teenager and combining them with a ribbed white crop top and pointed ankle shoes in the same colour, like Bella Hadid.

Y2K spring summer trend 2022
Y2K spring summer trend 2022

Did you like our review of the upcoming trends? If you can’t wait to test your favourite, tell your Personal Shopper when you order your next Lookiero.

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Carol Mortimer;
15 February, 2022
Don’t like skinny jeans, prefer straight leg with stretch. Dress’s calf length or knee as I am short, like colours also neutral and blank. Hope this helps thanks Carol
Lookiero Team;
15 February, 2022
Hi Carol, Many thanks for your comment. We have now forwarded your preferences to your stylist. We really hope that you will love your first selection!
16 February, 2022
Love the cero peri colour and the straight trousers, floral dresses, such lovely colours for spring
Bernadette King;
20 February, 2022
Hiya Lauren,Is there any chance you could find a nice midi dress for me please,as I don't like anything above the knee. Many thanks ❤️
Lookiero Team;
23 February, 2022
Hi Bernardette, Many thanks for your comment, We have now forwarded it to your stylist and she will do her best to find a midi dress for your April box.
21 February, 2022
The 60 s are back it seems and that was the year I was born in . Whilst the guidance you give us for our shapes is so helpful , I know that this year some styles may not be so flattering , but so many out there to enjoy and I would love to see the colour Peri in anything .
Mary Ann;
27 February, 2022
5’1 and 118 pounds, pear shaped, 77, however like trendy styles. I avoid any stles that create rolls in ab area, or are tight in thighs. Would love a pair of black and white narrow striped trousers to elongate, and high waisted crop jesns in a darker slenderizing color. Open to any other suggestions…
Kim Kearsley;
27 February, 2022
I like floral dresses, not above the knee. I like the Bohemian look. I like the new cero peri colour too. I’m in a rut with my clothes and need to change
28 February, 2022
Loving the colour peri and the floral dresses
Sarah Spencer;
29 March, 2022
I like the peri colour and also fuschia. I would like a spring/summer trench and like the button through mini skirt
Tanya Storey;
17 April, 2022
Now …. Jeans , jeans , jeans seem everywhere this season . They are one garment which personally are my go to for any look teamed up or down . I am tall , long legs so Iv always had a skinny , but I think it’s time for a change and I am going for comfort . Still favourite to the Naf Naf label , but looking for a lighter summer material
Nicola colligan;
27 April, 2022
I love the purple colour your article speaks of, I suit that tone as well as pinks. I’d love a nice shift dress that covers my knee/ not too loose but kind of fitted without showing my tummy and tops of arms. I have a small waist too so a belted dress would also be nice but not flared as I’m too petite!!!😂
Del arnall;
1 May, 2022
I would love you to find me a spring/summer blazer to dress up outfits and I need help finding trousers that fit and flatter so I always opt for dresses and I love the minimal styles of them atm so they are likely to be a hit with me Thank you so much I can’t wait to get your help

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