Top 10 Trends For Autumn-Winter 2021-2022

10 trends for Autumn-Winter 2021-2022

20 August, 2021

Why wait until the cold weather sets in to start wearing next season’s trendiest cuts, colours and materials? Here’s what you’ll wear this Autumn-Winter.

There’s no better way to enjoy the back-to-school season than to plan all the treats to come: think about your ideal wardrobe for the coming months, plan a new haircut, reorganise our office, buy new plants…

Today, Lookiero brings you the latest looks for the end of 2021. Here are the latest trends that will mark the Autumn-Winter season, the styles to follow and the inspiration for your return to work! One thing we can already let you know: the total look is still in!

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The colours of autumn-winter 2021-2022 fashion

Softness as well as audacity, that’s what you can expect from colours for the next season. We’ll find a mixture of lilac, a pastel tone already well established in our wardrobes, and a palette of crazy, intense colours, for an Autumn-Winter that’s more energetic than ever.

Lilac, the big winner this year

Lilac couleur trend

It’s definitely the colour of the moment. It took a while to make its mark because it carried – wrongly – an outdated, slightly old-fashioned label. But now that it has settled into our looks, lilac is not about to go away.

This pale variation of floral purple offers an interesting alternative for your powerfully elegant and feminine looks this year. It’s a favourite colour for the total look – and we’re happy about that!

Need some inspiration to create an original look with lilac? Take a look at this season’s collections from Salvatore Ferragamo, Jil Sander or Chanel, who took it and turned it into a complete package. But you can also adopt the lilac trend with a simple accessory (especially if it’s not your best tone for your colouring).

How to wear lilac this season?

Lilac couleur trend

First of all, you should know that lilac is perfect for you if you have a Summer woman’s colour scheme. A total lilac look will sublimate your skin tone, so take advantage of it! Wear it with a slightly deconstructed suit (play with oversize) and a pair of original sneakers… and you’re on trend!

On the other hand, if lilac isn’t really your ideal colour (or you’re just not a big fan of it), don’t hesitate to slip it into your look in small doses. A lilac seam, a pocket, a piece of jewellery, a clutch bag, a band on your trainers… It’s that touch that marks the difference between a basic look and a trendy one!

Dive into a bath of bold colours!

bold colours trend

This winter will be more vitaminized than ever! The trend that has made our mark – and that we’re excited about in advance – is strong, energetic colours. You’ve probably already noticed it this year, with a strong presence of citrus tones (intense orange, illuminating yellow). This autumn/winter adds intensity to this colour wave.

Spicy green, citric orange, deep purple, Versace has sublimated them on its catwalks this season and we are taking them with great pleasure!

How to wear bright colours this season

bright colours fall winter trend 2022

Bright yellow was a big hit last spring and it’s likely to stay that way for a while. So you can create colour block looks with Illuminating yellow and lilac, for example, for a powerful and energising contrast.

From apricot this summer, we’re moving on to a more intense tangerine or carrot tone for the winter, as in the Salvatore Ferragamo collections for example.

The most important thing is to respect your colour scheme. If you like a bright colour but it doesn’t match your skin tone, remember the colour block: keep the colour for the bottom (or in prominent accessories) and wear a neutral colour for yourself on top.

Fall 2021’s top fabrics

A touch of madness, yes, but comfort above all! Here are your two top fabrics that are definitely not to be missed after the fall.

Wrap yourself in knitwear

knitwear trend

Pure wool or not, knitwear is claiming an important place in our wardrobes this autumn-winter 2022. Beyond the traditional little cardigan or big jumper of the season, you will (re)discover a passion for knitting!

Our Personal Shoppers have seen some absolutely fabulous looks at the Fendi and Blumarine shows, all swaddled from head to toe. In other words, wool goes from jumpers to skirts and shorts… and we love it!

How will you wear knitwear this season?

We can already tell you that next season will be padded with fluffy pieces. Toffee knitwear, for a slightly different (but still very autumnal) choice of colour, to be worn with high boots or even thigh-high boots: this is your basic trendy look for a knockout effect (while being at the top of comfort)!

Raw jeans will make you look great

raw denim trend

Jeans are undoubtedly the most obvious material to wear, the one most easily found when the cooler seasons return.

But this season, the star of your wardrobe is not your traditional blue jeans (which we still love, mind you). It’s black or dark jeans, the raw material that will dress you from head to toe! Yes, this year, the total look is definitely a must.

A model of inspiration in this field? The Hermès fashion show which mixed a midi skirt in raw denim with a three-quarter length coat in the same tone for a look that is a little retro and totally fabulous.

What is raw denim?

To understand what we’re talking about, you need to know that to create blue denim, the (white) material is dyed with indigo. Then a certain amount of washing is done to give it the desired final look.

Raw denim does not go through this washing/unwashing phase during its manufacture. This is why they retain all the depth of their dye and only fade naturally with time and your personality.

How will you wear raw denim this season?

raw denim trend

As you’ve already guessed, our trend suggestion for autumn/winter 2022 is another total look.

Go for the dark, powerful raw denim, both as trousers and as a jacket. Match the colour for a perfectly harmonious outfit and complete your look with camel accessories. This is an original monochromatic alternative full of character.

The prints of the autumn-winter 2021-2022 season

Declining colours and knowing how to create harmonies is one thing. Learn how to spice up your outfits a little more with the two key prints of the season.

Turn the geometric movement on its head

 diamond print

Checkerboard or simple diamonds, don’t hesitate to play the print card to the hilt. With a Valentino inspired coat, for example? Or, for those who prefer more discreet pieces, in a repetitive pattern on a blouse subdued by a basic outfit and neutral colours.

Whatever you do, let your print express the full power of your look: there’s no need to overdo it, it stands on its own.

How will you wear diamond print this season?

diamond print

Checkerboard or simple diamonds, don’t hesitate to play the print card to the hilt. With a Valentino inspired coat, for example? Or, for those who prefer more discreet pieces, in a repetitive pattern on a blouse subdued by a basic outfit and neutral colours.

Whatever you do, let your print express the full power of your look: there’s no need to overdo it, it stands on its own.

Leopard print is still on the prowl

leopard print

It looks like the animal print is coming back… only we’re not sure if it ever really left us.

To our delight, the leopard print will once again make its mark on our outfits this autumn. It’s been lurking in our wardrobes for a while now, so it’s time to take it on with a truly striking and wild outfit, Dior or Etro style.

How will you wear leopard this season?

No total look in this category, but a high profile one nonetheless. Our suggested look combines leopard trousers with a black lace collar top, a blazer and a pair of kitten heels.

The key to customising your look? Slip an original, powerful piece (or several, if you’re comfortable) into one of your more classic outfits, an outfit that feels like you.

Trendy clothes for autumn-winter 2021-2022

Alongside leather, faux fur, long mesh dresses for a full-on outfit and all-sequined pieces, here are two must-have pieces you’ll be wearing next season.

The “utility” trend

utility trend

Utility jacket, utility trousers, one of the trends of the season revolves around “utility” clothing of all fashion ages.

So we go from the revisited overalls to the Saharan jacket, we explore cargo trousers in a new form, or military jackets with sewn-in pockets.

A name to remember in this utility range? Alberta Ferretti, who wonderfully reinvents the aviator or military outfit, playing on oversize, khaki, collars with lapels and pie shell collars for men and women, semi-sewn pockets… In short, a new register to be discovered with happiness in its autumn 2021 collection, and soon in your wardrobe.

How to wear the utility trend this season?

utility trend

If you like this style, you can obviously make it your own in small ways… With a combination of a safari jacket and classic jeans, a sailor jumper and a pair of comfortable trainers, for example.

Or dive right in with an oversized trench coat, high-waisted cargo trousers and a khaki denim jacket buttoned up to the collar. You get a style that overlaps with another upcoming trend: the return of the masculine-feminine.

Welcome the arrival of quilting!

quilting trend

If the colour lilac made you hesitate for its quaint retro touch, expect a new surprise… The quilted coat is the totally trendy piece for next season!

Even better: the padded effect will also be worn with trousers and a whole collection of accessories that we already know will make you fall in love… Where did we get all this? From Max Mara, Hermès or Christian Dior.

How will you wear the quilted trend this season?

quilting trend

Did you like the down jacket wave in 2020-2021? This year, it’s the obsession of all personal shoppers!

Long, quilted coats are turning heads. Combine it with a cabled jumper, classic jeans and comfortable trainers for a casual look. Or with your best suit and heeled ankle boots for a stylish look (both for the office and for going out).

The trending styles for autumn/winter 2021-2022

Athleisure and casual ruled the funny semi-confined year, but times are changing…

The style that makes everyone stand at attention

military style

Many of this year’s fashion designers have immersed their models in the military style bath. At Balmain, for example, the result is a collection marked by highly structured pieces, oversized buttons and khaki all over the place!

And here again, we can tell you that the winning look in the military style category is the total look.

How will you wear military style this season?

military style

The comfy one hasn’t said its last word yet: cargo trousers stretch the web between the two styles and allow you to create a good military style base. Choose a khaki model, bring out your Dr Marteens, a retro khaki knit jumper and an officer’s coat with thick, visible buttons. 100% trendy!

Mix gender with masculine-feminine

masculine-feminine style

The suit, we love the suit. A basic so reworked that there are inevitably dozens of models perfectly adapted to you, your morphology, your personality…

Alberta Ferretti has won us over with her collection, which supports oversize, both in the blazer and in the trousers. It’s almost like Julia Roberts’ pre-2000 evening wear, when she looked like she stole her boyfriend’s suits.

How will you wear masculine-feminine this autumn?

masculine-feminine style

Our favourite in this range is the combination of an oversized blazer and a thin lace camisole, on a pleated midi skirt and pumps.

A timeless style that gives you character. We love it!

So, are you motivated for the new school year? If the autumn trends are already speaking to you, tell your Personal Shopper in the comments section when you place your next order.

The trendy twist of the year: mix the suit with the ultimate feminine piece. Satin midi skirt, lace camisole… Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

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Ruth Wadsworth;
31 August, 2021
I love the utility trousers, sort of brown. They look perfect. I don't like the lilac at all. I really like autumn colours, mustard, brown, red. Beautiful.
Jean Blackburn;
21 September, 2021
I like the polka dot skirt and charcoal top on new face book photo. I love autumn colours
16 October, 2021
I am not a fan of lilac or the very bright, bold colours shown here. I love any Autumn colour, and winter knits too. I'm not keen on geometric prints but am still rather partial to a bit of leopard print! I love the Parisian look too.

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