summer clothes for a hourglass body shape

10 trendy garments to enhance your hourglass silhouette this summer

29 June, 2020

If you have an hourglass silhouette you’re in luck! This is one of the most coveted body shapes and proportional types of figure.

To get the best out of it focus on enhancing your curves because hiding them just adds extra volume. That said, having an hourglass shape does mean you don’t want to hide certain bits you don’t love so much. Read on to discover 10 summer pieces that are equally trendy and flattering for all of your summer plans.

Summer dresses for women with an hourglass silhouette

Wrap Dress

wrap dress hourglass body shape
There’s a reason you see countless articles highlighting its figure-flattering benefits. Try one if you haven’t! See for yourself that everything that is said about them is true.
What’s more they come in a myriad of styles: long, short, different sleeve types printed and in solid colours. It won’t be difficult to find your favourite style. It does wonders!

Satin lingerie dress

Satin lingerie dress
Don’t be afraid of the fabric or its cut. As it happens as with the wrap dress, there’s almost a perfect one for every woman. If you’re concerned it might enhance bulges or cellulite go for a flared cut and fun print to look more put-together, dynamic and confident.


playsuit hourglass body shape
Playsuits are jumpsuits but shorter. Soft flowy ones that cinch the waist are best. Go for a long-sleeved version if you prefer to conceal your arms. This piece is fresh, young and has a 70’s flair that elongates the figure and adds sophistication to your image.

Knit pencil skirt

pencil skirt
Invest in a neutral tone perfect such as sand or stone or get trendy with a print. Try a mid-length one, no matter your height.

Petite ladies will benefit more by wearing pieces of a similar hue to make you look longer and leaner. Flat shoes are great! You don’t need to compensate for height with heels.

The skirt-trouser hybrid

midi skirt
This one makes you feel comfortable and allows you to be less self-conscious about your lower body parts you don’t like, and it’s also very versatile. Go for a fluid fabric and avoid shapes that are too voluminous.

Summer trousers for women with an hourglass silhouette

Straight cut trousers

straight trousers
In canvas, denim or satin, the summer is about the relaxed style, and trousers are not the exception. The slouchy version is a favourite to transition from confinement to summer if you want to dress comfortably. Wear it with a fitted top to showcase your beautiful curves.

Cycling shorts

cycling trousers
This are the “it” bottoms of the summer, no matter your age or style. The best part is this piece goes well the beach and any leisurely summer plan. Wear it with flip flops and or flat leather sandals and a flirty tee make it sassier. A style tip? Wear it with an oversized top.

Summer shirts and tops for women with an hourglass silhouette

Short-sleeved knotted at the waist

Short-sleeved knotted at the waist
This style is perfect for hourglass ladies looking to show off their waist. We love these for their retro feel and casual vibe which are perfect for summer plans in the city. Wear them with shorts or with your knit pencil skirt; it will give add the perfect trendy touch to your basics.

Bodysuits and knit tops

halter shirt
These will highlight your shoulders and neckline. Opt for neutral tones such as black, white or khaki. Wear it with straight trousers or flared skirts.

Guess what? The strapless cut is back! Perfect for showing off your tan and evoking the vibes of the 90s at the same time. Another great addition to your summer tops is the halter neck, versatile and subtly romantic.

Swimsuits and bikinis for hourglass body

If you love the full one-piece swimsuit, opt for low-cut pieces and thin straps. Bikini fans can go for sporty styles regarding colour and cut. Make sure the cuts sit high on your hips to make your legs look extra long.


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