12 must-have trends for this autumn-winter

12 must-have trends for this autumn-winter

17 August, 2022

Every year, the new season is full of new trends: some are new, and some others are something that we’ve already seen in summer, but adapted to the lower temperatures. In this article, we’ll show you colours, fabrics, fits, and everything that will be trending for the next months in order to be super ready when the Summer ends.

tendencias otoño invierno 2022-2023
tendencias otoño invierno 2022-2023
tendencias otoño invierno 2022-2023
tendencias otoño invierno 2022-2023
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What is certain is that designers keep looking at the 2000s to find inspiration for new designs and find the balance between nostalgic vibes and new, modern silhouettes. Take a look and get ready for the season.

The colours for your 2022-23 autumn-winter wardrobe

Besides the typical autumn colours such as brown or khaki, this year we will include in our 2022 wardrobe other trendy colours such as fuchsia or red. Take note of these must-have shades in your wardrobe this coming season.

Fuchsia is not leaving our wardrobes yet

We’ve seen fuchsia as a trending colour this summer, and we’re not ready to say goodbye to this bright shade of pink just yet. This autumn/winter season, dare to wear a total look from head to toe in this colour that highlights femininity, determination and confidence.

How to wear a total fuchsia look this season?

Choose a shirt or a light pullover, both perfect for the autumn temperatures but also for winter. Mix them with a flowy fuchsia skirt that will add a feminine touch. You can wear neutral-coloured accessories, but you can also embrace the total look fully and choose them in this shade too.

Get ready for autumn with brown shades

The designers have agreed on the main colour of the season, which is why brown clothes are found in every fashion capital. It’s the autumnal colour par excellence, and it can be worn in a total look or combined both with softer beige or pastels and bolder colours. It’s so versatile and elegant that we are sure that you’ll fall in love with it.

How to combine brown this season?

This is a super versatile shade that can be adapted to every style. Choose a brown blazer for your more classic looks, a brown denim if you like casual style, and a printed brown blouse for a more boho/feminine look. Any woman can wear it and if this colour is not exactly in your palette, don’t worry; you can wear it as long as it’s not near your face. So, opt for pants, denim and skirts, or even accessories!

Top fabrics for the autumn/winter 2022-23 season

Fabrics for autumn/winter are nothing new: the novelty will be in how we use them. After the limited social life of previous autumn seasons and the comeback of “cosiness”, we are now more than ready to embrace our femininity again and show it to the world. Total leather looks, transparencies and faux fur coats that seem to come from a real diva wardrobe are all in. Here’s in detail how we’re going to wear them:

Go full on leather

Leather is a fabric that comes back every autumn/winter because it’s perfect for stylish looks, but also ideal to keep you warm. For this season –maybe influenced by The Matrix Saga?– we love to see long leather jackets and trench coats. The Y2K aesthetic continues to influence designers who are bringing leather trousers with details and cuts to the runways.

How to wear leather in your autumn looks?

In Lookiero, we love leather effect trousers for autumn, and we like to match them in many ways according to the client’s style. Our favourite is with a printed blouse to give the right contrast between the leather pants and the feminine touch. Add a blazer to maximise this contrast.

Tweed has never been so cool

Very elegant and very English, the tweed is the perfect fabric for autumn. It’s ideal if your style is classic, but it can be easily mixed with casual and street items: a skirt, a blazer or a coat are must haves for your wardrobe that will last forever. It’s not easy to wear this fabric, because if worn in the wrong way, you’ll look immediately too old, too serious: remember the typical librarians from the movies? That’s the effect you should avoid when wearing tweed.

How to wear tweed in your autumn looks?

The best choice is a tweed blazer, which will give you an elegant look. To avoid the “librarian look”, pair it with denim for a casual touch and a lingerie top to create a contrast. You’ll be super trendy!

Trending prints in autumn 2022

We have them for all tastes: animal print, vintage and geometric patterns that will give life to our looks in the darkest months of the year. Do you have a favourite?

Bold and sexy with animalier

Bold, delicate and sensual. Animal print dresses are also on the catwalk for this autumn/winter 2022-2023. Puffer jackets with spotted patterns, zebra-striped midi skirts to combine with high boots and long animalier dresses that create unique looks to wear next season and then again and again.

How to wear animal print this season?
This year you will see this print in a softer and more delicate version. Go for a long skirt with a mini print with a biker jacket with a print that will liven up any monochrome look.

Geometric patterns

For the autumn/winter 2022-2023, dresses with geometric prints invaded the catwalks of the major fashion houses. There are brightly coloured squares on chunky sweaters, and weaving coloured geometric shapes come to life in long midi dresses. Polka dots, checks and coloured stripes are mixed together to create new colourful patterns.

How to wear geometric patterns this season?

Choose a garment with a vivid print and make it the star of your autumn/winter looks. A dress in this print will make you stand out for sure!

Garments you must add to your wardrobe in autumn 2022

Besides fabrics and colours, there are some items that were recurrent on the runways and that we can “steal” to add them to our wardrobes. Some are clothes that we all already have in our closets, some others are new trends that we never thought would be cool like, for example, the white tank top.

Maxi coat for a maxi style

This autumn/winter 2022-2023, we want to face the cold with a coat that doesn’t go unnoticed. No more tight coats; this season, XXL coats will be the must-have. Whatever the colour or the materia you prefer, we want a coat twice as big as us for the coldest days at all costs.

How to wear a maxi coat this autumn?

The maxi coat may be a little scary at first, for fit and proportions. But if you learn how to wear it in the right way, we’re sure you’ll love it. First, if you’re petite, this might not be the best choice for you. But, if you choose the same shades and balance the proportions, you’ll look amazing. Try not to go colour block and opt for a very long coat; the less ankle you show, the taller you’ll look.

Bomber jacket, straight from Top Gun

The bomber jacket is a classic of the street wardrobe that comes back now and again. A classic of the 90s, it represented a lot of subcultures during the years. Among the comeback of the punk aesthetic, the bomber made its return to the runways.

How to combine your bomber jacket this autumn?

At Lookiero, we love the printed ones and like to add them to basic looks; it simply gives a magical touch that makes the outfit stand out. We chose a look in black and white tones, because we know that having a printed jacket is already a lot for most of the clients: this look is the perfect balance between a “safe” choice and a trendy touch.

The trending styles for autumn/winter 2021-2023

Thanks to Tiktok and Gen Z, we are constantly bombed with new trends and aesthetics. Luckily, just a few of them make it to the runways. The strongest ones for autumn/winter are the school girl style and punk, which is coming back in a new way. Let’s see how we can embrace them!

Back to school, literally, with this preppy style trend

If you look into brand’s and fashion bloggers’ mood boards, you’ll find a particular style that spread this summer but will continue to be strong in autumn: we’re talking about the school and preppy style. The two versions are easily confused, but they are slightly different. The school girl style prefers tartan skirts and plain shirts, while preppy style is all about tennis skirts, polo shirts, and tennis caps.

How to wear school and preppy style this season?

This trend is especially great because it’s not only cute and stylish, but it’s also super comfortable and includes all the trends that we saw on the runways in the last seasons: the mini skirt, the polo, the knit vest. It can be easily pulled off by everyone; you just have to keep in mind the basic rules for your silhouette and season and apply them to this style.

Punks are back

They say punk’s not dead, and in this season this sentence is truer than ever. One of the themes that emerged especially on NY and London runways is the one of a Neo Punk collective: the visual and anti-conformal spirit of the trend is closely linked to liberating feelings that come along with the new-found freedom post-pandemic. With a world re-opened, laid out like a blank page, people are seeking to reform and transform the world.

How to wear punk style this season?

To create real change and make an impact, loud and rebellious voices seem essential in order to shake up rigid thought patterns. The items that characterise the style are: denim, leather, metal pins and chains, but also strong messages on t-shirts, leather jackets and unrefined trims.

Shoewear to walk in style this autumn 2022

When it comes to shoes, it’s a circular movement: one season you’ll have high heels, the next will be all about kitten heels or flats. Since this spring/summer was all about the enormous heels and platforms from Versace and Valentino, we are ready to face winter with a bit of comfort. Kitten heels, sling backs and flats are coming back to ease the pain from our backs! Along with boots, of course, a must-have for this season.

How to match your cowboy boots this autumn?

Rather than go all out on western, mix your brown or black boots with a shirt dress in a heavier fabric (like denim or flannel) and top it off with a felt rancher or similar wide-brim hat. The result is a fabulous blending of true cowboy style and city chic.

If you don’t like high heels, this trend is for you

Move over high-rise stilettos, 2022 is the year of the kitten heel. A shoe once reserved for young girls trying to learn how to walk, the delicate footwear choice has since had a designer rebrand. First appearing in Dior’s Spring/Summer 2017 show, the kitten heel has slowly been making its way back onto the scene. It’s classy without being too formal, and comfortable without being sloppy.

How to match your kitten heels this autumn?

We like them paired both with denim or a classic skirt, whatever your style is, there’s a kitten heel perfect for you!

Which of these trends are you looking forward to trying next season? Let us know in the comments below!

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