15 trends for the autumn/winter season of 2023–24

15 trends for the autumn winter season of 2023–24

14 August, 2023

As every year, in this period, we take our time to analyse all the autumn/winter runways to find trends that inspire us in our everyday looks. At Lookiero we take this task very seriously, with the aim to transform runway looks that may seem apparently hard to wear, into outfits for our client’s everyday life. Fasten your belts, ladies, because we’re going to take a ride into the next season’s hottest trends!

The colours to wear in autumn/winter 2023

1. Red, in all its forms

From MFW, brands like Prada, Ferragamo and Bottega Veneta all have in common the use of the bright red in their collections. Even if you’re not used to this colour, maybe now it’s time to give it a try.

tendance mode rouge

Lookiero’s Personal Shoppers’ take

Our take brings red into everyday life, for a sexy look ideal for a dinner out or a first date. Isn’t red the colour of passion?

2. Grey revisited

Chic and elevated for Michael Kors, sexy and feminine for Andrea Adamo, in a satin version for Balenciaga: grey is the most versatile colour for the upcoming seasons, and it’s perfect to substitute black for the mid-season.

color gris tendencia otoño invierno

Lookiero’s Personal Shoppers’ take

A perfect look for the office, with a twist. The metallic shoes (which is another trend for autumn/winter, but we talk about it later…) will give this simple look a particular touch, without leaving the grey palette.

3. Brown all around

Hot chocolate season is coming, but before we start drinking it, we want to paint our outfits with this intense shade of brown. As seen on Coach, 16Arlington and Helmut Lang, this tint can be chic but also can express womanhood: a mature and self-aware femininity, for the women who are ready to conquer the world.

Lookiero’s Personal Shoppers’ take

The Lookiero woman is certainly ready to take over the word with this apparently simple, but chic look. A silk dress, very feminine and sexy, balanced with flat shoes and a masculine blazer.

Fabrics you’ll see everywhere this autumn/winter 2023-24

4. Lace

From the runways, such as Chloe, Bally and Alberta Ferretti, to our looks for the night outs, lace is the main character of a sensual autumn/winter. The see-through effect, the elaborate designs, the sexy silhouettes, are going to be must-haves in our wardrobes.

Lookiero’s Personal Shoppers’ take

A total black outfit is always chic and elegant, but when you add lace to the equation, everything assumes a sensual allure with a touch of mystery.

5. Denim

Double the denim, double the fun, they say. Total denim looks are back on trend, as seen on Alexander McQueen, A.W.A.K.E. Mode and Balmain’s runways. Ready to embrace the real 90s vibe?

denim trend

Lookiero’s Personal Shoppers’ take

If you really love denim, you have to try this look: jeans and a denim shirt. Make sure that the shade of denim is the same, to create a sort of continuity and to give the impression that you’re wearing a one piece.

Trending prints in autumn/winter 2023-24

6. Tartan

Tartan is a print that immediately gives fall/winter vibes, so it naturally comes back every year. But, this season, it’s a real must-have ready to take over our wardrobes and help to create looks that are the perfect mix between college uniforms and punk-rock aesthetic. Brands like Antonio Marras, Dior and YSL made tartan their signature print for the upcoming months.

Lookiero’s Personal Shoppers’ take

A tartan blazer for fall? Groundbreaking, right? But if you don’t want to look like a professor, wear a lingerie top under and match flared denim for a trendy touch.

7. Polka dots

Benetton, Jacquemus, Marni… Very different brands that have one thing in common: The fact that they all showed looks with polka dots in their collections. Don’t think about the classic polka dot, but a reinterpretation with bold colours, different dots’ sizes and an optical aesthetic that reminds us of the 60s.

Lookiero’s Personal Shoppers’ take

Polka dots mean fun: don’t take your look too seriously. Play with colours and different materials to obtain a funny, trendy look.

8. Landscape prints

Optical illusions and hand-painted landscapes that give us the desire to escape for the winter more than ever, as seen on Coperni, Act n.1 and Paco Rabanne’s runways.

Trending styles for this autumn/winter 2023-24

9. The 50s comeback

Pin-up dresses, oversized petticoats and fitted waists… A feminine 1950s wardrobe, a nod to post-war fashion, reviewed and corrected for 2023. Bottega Veneta, Dior, Balmain… French and Italian houses celebrate the chic of the fifties.

Lookiero’s Personal Shoppers’ take

A polka dot dress is a timeless piece everyone should have in their wardrobe: let’s add a touch of colour with red shoes and a casual vibe with a denim jacket.

10. Romantic Goth style

Victorian lace, fishnet stockings, romantic bows, kilometres of tulle… A real “dark fever” has infected the autumn/winter 2023–24 collections, rekindling the spotlight ―actually never completely obscured― on charms and details of the goth style. The new proposals are a concentrate of coolness and mystery that cries out for vengeance on banality. Moschino, Antonio Marras and Balenciaga are great examples.

Lookiero’s Personal Shoppers’ take

Even if you’re not a fan of the full gothic look, you can embrace this style in the details. All you need is lace, a skirt with a vinyl effect and a biker.

11. Maximalist style

In winter, we are going to give up on the minimalist trend, which requires the absence of patterns and the victory of monochrome. The idea is to mix several different patterns but which have similar colours in common. The end result is a silhouette rich in codes but harmonious. To adopt this trend, it’s simple: think and live mix and match. Pioneers of the trend: Burberry, Ulla Johnson and Etro.

Lookiero’s Personal Shoppers’ take

If the key word is mix & match. Just have fun and pair different prints without any fear. As for the colours, try to match the same shades or choose them in contrast.

Your must-haves for this autumn/winter 2023

12. Circle skirts

Among the great returns this autumn is the circle skirt. Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons have chosen it as the new uniform for everyday life, combining it with simple monochrome pullovers and relaxed-fit blazers, but there are also more “scenic” interpretations, from that of Bottega Veneta with 3D applications to that in fabric iridescent signed Undercover, also ideal in the evening.

Autumn/winter looks with skirts

We opt for a simple version, perfect for every occasion, from the office to a dinner out. A solid colour midi skirt paired with a lightweight jumper.

13. Slip dresses

Printed, basic, with details, or with lace: the slip dress is a must-have that every woman should have in her closet. It is sexy and feminine, but can be worn with sneakers and a blazer to be adapted to the many occasions of the day. We loved the printed version at Alberta Ferretti, the distressed one at Diesel and the see-through version by Dolce&Gabbana.

La robe lingerie

Autumn/winter looks with slip dresses

Our version can be worn both for a night out and for a special occasion. A simple slip dress but in a particular shade to match your colourimetry, with a black blazer and black accessories.

Accessories and footwear to rock this autumn/winter 2023-24

14. Gloves

Gloves are confirmed as the accessory for the next cold season as well. Mini or maxi ―but especially maxi!― they must be worn without half measures: either to cover only the fingers as at Gucci, or abundantly above the elbow as at Alberta Ferretti.

How to wear gloves in your autumn/winter 2023-24

If you want to wear gloves, we suggest keeping the rest of the outfit really feminine and sexy. For example, you can wear a leather longuette with a shirt: ¾ sleeves can be useful if you want to wear gloves.

15. Handbags

During the next season big bags will leave space for little bags to be held with the hands. As Del Core, Jacquemus and Schiaparelli suggest, you don’t need a big bag to complete the outfit: the bag becomes a little accessory that doesn’t steal the scene.

How to wear handbags in your autumn/winter 2023-24 outfits

Go for this kind of bags, that can be used not only for night outs but also for the day, with a midi printed dress and loafers that will add a classic touch.

These were our favourite trends for Fall Winter but keep checking the blog to read more specific articles on how to adapt the runway items to your everyday looks!

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