2 Lookieros 12 Looks: The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe

21 November, 2018

At Lookiero we’re a big fan of the capsule wardrobe, and firmly believe that looking effortlessly stylish and everyday should be made simple. The capsule wardrobe is the answer, but it’s not so easy to get right. Creating a limited wardrobe that ensures you always look and feel amazing for all occasions takes skill. You need to be clever about what you choose, which is why our personal shoppers are always on hand to help.


2 Lookieros, 12 Looks Explained...


If aside from having a stylish wardrobe you want to have a versatile wardrobe that doesn’t break the bank ask your Personal Shopper for “2 Lookieros 12 looks”. This is an easy and quick way of making use of all your clothing. With just ten pieces of clothing you’ll be able to create 12 looks for different occasions and if you combine those 10  pieces with other Lookieros or basic staple pieces already in your wardrobe your options become limitless.

So how do you go about doing this? You need to create a capsule collection - 10 versatile clothing pieces that go well together and have a hint of trend in them so you can create impactful looks everyday, while saving time.


Here are 10 pieces that we recommend to build your capsule wardrobe with:


  1. Navy shirt: the basic of all basics that will give a casual touch to all your looks
  2. White flowy shirt: This can be paired with any bottoms and it gives it that sophisticated touch perfect for day-to-day outfits
  3. Mini-print, semi-transparent top: the perfect garment for a more special occasion
  4. Khaki jumper: go for a trendy colour when it comes to choosing this staple for any winter wardrobe
  5. Black spray on leather pants: a perfect combination between comfortable and a sensual look
  6. Culotte style mustard style trousers: elegant without it being boring
  7. Tartan skirt: to boost your femininity and chic side
  8. Floral dress: use for day or night, depending on the occasion
  9. Camel coloured biker: your best friend when it comes to a more street look
  10. Print scarves:  add a touch of style and colour to your basic outfits.

Need more inspiration to create your perfect capsule wardrobe? Check out our video here:

Wow!! Love all of these looks! I wouldn’t have thought of these combinations
28 January, 2019

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