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28 November, 2018

When talking about the trends for this autumn-winter 18/19 season, animal print is one of the first that comes to mind next to chequered and polka dot prints, it’s definitely what is all over our social media feeds. But this season trends are not limited to prints, we can also find it in different shapes and fabrics.

Today we want to introduce you to some of those fabrics or textures that will be your best allies when putting together the trendiest outfits this season. Also, some tips on how to combine them. Take a look!


Velvet has a certain vintage feel to it, it’s a fabric born far East, it’s one of the most difficult fabrics regarding production, therefore in past times this fabric was related to high class and was viewed as a symbol of elegance.

How to wear it?

It’s a safe bet for almost any special occasion due to its shine finish. It can a little more difficult to add to our everyday looks. Want an elegant and casual look? Don’t push velvet aside. Go for a velvet bomber with a sporty cut, combine it with a white shirt with writing on it, your favourite pair of jeans and some trainers or booties. If you would rather wear velvet on the bottom part of your outfit, try it with a turtleneck knit jumper that will balance the outfit giving it a more minimal flare. Also, dark tones (except black) are more versatile and discreet.




It holds certain similar traits with velvet, but with a more casual and street touch. This fabric is perfect for winter, it was first tough for male fashion but has ended up conquering all fashion types.

How to wear it?

The perfect choice for vintage lovers. For a more casual look choose thinner corduroy and combine it with a jumper in pastel colours. If you want to set the trend to choose thicker corduroy and wear it with a knit sweater and some riding boots. This will give it that “old school” touch that is so in right now.




Sherpa fabric

Accustomed to seeing it on the neckline of Levis denim jackets, sherpa fabric is here to stay.

How to wear it?

Don’t settle just for the collar and invest in full Sherpa jacket like this one: the perfect trend for those of us who are always cold. It will add style, comfort and personality to your looks, it’s the safest bet for those cold winter days. To give it a more formal touch pair it with some faux leather pants and a chic shirt.




Elegance and delicacy are two of the main qualities of this fabric which originates in China. In these past years we have been able to see in on nightgowns, lingerie and dresses due to its soft touch but as of now, we can find it in all sorts of garments.

How to wear it?

If it’s a shirt, blouse, trousers or a blazer, the satin finish is synonymous of sophistication, so why not wear it also during the day? Pair a satin finish blazer with a white blouse, legging style trousers and some black flat botties. This way we will achieve a trendy and comfy street look perfect for any occasion.



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Debbie Thomas;
22 August, 2019
I love 1. Velvet 2. Corduroy 3. Animal Fabrics. I am now looking for Summer to Autumn cross over season clothes - I have plenty of Autumn/Winter Coats and scarves so do not need any of those. I have 2 parties coming up - I don't want anything too flashy prefer classy - I need a pair of footwear - which I will leave for the Personal Shopper to pick and an outfit perhaps a velvet trousersuit (but not black) or.something else. One suit I could interchange with other things would be fine.I will therefore leave it up to you!
Aitor Besa;
29 August, 2019
Hi Debbie! We are so happy that you are giving Lookiero a go ? Make sure to add this comment on your account, so that your personal shopper can see it too. We hope you love your surprise selection!
Donna Taylor;
25 August, 2019
Beautiful ❤️??
Aitor Besa;
29 August, 2019
It surely is! Thank you ??

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