Get your holiday outfits sorted with just 2 Lookiero's

28 March, 2019

The weather is getting better little by little which means that the Easter holidays are getting closer everyday. But before getting excited about going on holiday, we have to go through the least fun step: packing. Our luggage never fits everything we want to take and almost every time we end up packing things that we don’t even end up wearing.  At Lookiero, we’ve found the solution for this kind of packing problem: get 12 perfect travel outfits with just 2 Lookiero’s!

With only 10 clothing items you’ll be able to put together 12 looks that are perfect for different occasions. Also, if you pair them with items from previous Lookiero’s or basic items from your wardrobe, your options will be limitless!

The key? 10 versatile clothing items and that are easy to pair, with a little bit of trend, to be able to put together great looks in no time.

Let's take a look at some example clothing selections!


1st Lookiero:

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  1. Denim Jacket: a wardrobe staple for this Spring: forget about the heavy jackets and make way for more fresh and lightweight items.


  1. Paper bag style/coloured trousers: without a doubt there’s no better way to escape the dreariness of winter fashion than by adding some coloured trousers. An absolute winner!


  1. Printed shirt: the perfect fusion between trendiness and comfort. They’re super versatile and will allow you to create more casual or sophisticated looks, e.g. by pairing with a midi skirt.


  1. Printed scarf: This accessory will become your best friend in the changeable weather that comes with this time of the year- Without losing an ounce a style.


  1. Printed dress: A very feminine item with a flattering cut that you'll be able to wear casually or for a special night out. All you have to do is switch up your trainers for some strappy sandals.


2nd Lookiero:

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  1. Striped blazer: Give the Nautical/ Navy trend your own flare with this special piece that is classic, chic and bang on-trend.


  1. Mint green jumper: this Spring don’t miss out on the opportunity to add one of the trendiest coloured jumpers to your wardrobe. A colour that will add luminosity to your look.


  1. White trousers: A must have item in your suitcase to add a touch of sophistication, without giving up comfort.


  1. Lace top: Enjoy your more sensual side, take this delicate and simple style piece from day to night.


  1. Pleated skirt: Pastel colours, polka dot prints and midi cuts. This skirt brings together all the trends from this season which makes it an absolute wardrobe must-have.


Still can’t picture it? Let's take a look at these looks


Have a long trip that requires long hours on an airplane or in the car? In these cases, comfort is key. Pair some mustard coloured paper bag trousers with a printed t-shirt or jumper for the cold airplane temperatures, a denim jacket and some comfortable footwear. Ready to start your trip!



If you have a touristy day ahead, don’t forget to pack a comfortable and stylish outfit. A midi skirt or dress is the perfect option to add a touch of style to your look- by making it the main piece in your outfit. Pair the skirt/dress with a denim jacket and add a jumper for chillier weather. If you are more comfortable wearing trousers, opting for white denim is always a great idea. What are your thoughts on these options? Don’t forget to pair it with some comfortable shoes and a cross body bag.




After an intense day of walking all over a new city you decide to wind down by going out for a drink- dressing up without much effort is what we are going for. The easiest way to achieve this? Switch up your denim jacket for a striped blazer and pair it with white denim trousers and a jumper. This way you’ll achieve an elegant and put together look with almost no effort.


On our holiday we usually have one or two special occasions when we want to dress up more than usual: a special dinner, an event...  Adding a lace top will give a more put together feel to whichever outfit you choose to wear and pair it with, perhaps some paper bag trousers or a midi skirt. For chic touch add some heels. You’ll look perfect!




Lastly, the kind of looks we hope you spend most of your holiday time in: outfits to just relax! In this case the main thing we are going for is comfort, while wearing the outfit and when putting it together. The easiest way to dress in very simple steps is to opt for a dress and pair it with a denim jacket, all done! On the other hand, if dresses are not your thing for more relaxing days, choose some white denim jeans that are perfect for warmer weather.   



What do you think? Pretty great, right? 

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