3 outfit ideas with boots

5 December, 2023

The cold season is here, and with it, the triumphant return of boots, true stars of this time of year. If you’re wondering what the must-have trends are this year, look no further. Follow us in this guide that unveils the secrets of a cutting-edge style.

From the runways of the most prestigious designers to the bustling streets, we’ve deciphered the latest trends with our Personal Shoppers, true style experts, to guide you through an exciting fashion journey. Get ready to discover how boots, more than just an accessory, become the highlight of a bold and versatile style, making every day an opportunity to express yourself with elegance and confidence.

Trendy boots for this autumn-winter season

The runways reveal a multitude of choices, but among timeless classics, three bold trends emerge that promise to steal the show: cowboy boots, biker boots, and thigh-high boots. Faced with this diversity, the crucial question arises: which trends to adopt to be at the forefront of elegance this year? Our Personal Shoppers, experts in the field, have deciphered these trends for you.

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots, essential for several seasons, persist in reigning supreme. Their charm lies in their ability to harmoniously pair with bohemian skirts and airy dresses as well as straight or flared jeans. They embody the quintessence of versatile elegance.

This season, designers offer captivating versions. At Chloé, simplicity prevails with unadorned models sporting a patinated skin. Ralph Lauren transforms its creations into true works of art, while Fendi dares crocodile skin and vibrant colors.

The current trend leans towards richly decorated boots, sometimes two-toned, reaching the calf. For classic tastes, a range of browns remains essential.

Outfit idea with cowboy boots

At Lookiero, we love combining different styles and moods. Opt for a maxi leopard skirt, paired with a sweater adorned with original details. Complete your outfit with camel-coloured cowboy boots, a long coat, and a suede satchel with fringes.

Biker boots

Biker boots are the revelation of the year, propelled to the top by Miu Miu. Every worthy IT girl has adopted them at least once. But how to wear them without looking like a seasoned biker?

Miu Miu saw them born, and other designers have reinterpreted them. Coach pairs them with a total denim or leather look; at Fendi, they de-dramatize ultra-feminine and transparent outfits.

Buckles, laces, metallic details, and zips—the more details, the better. The essential is to know how to wear them and match them with style.

Outfit idea with biker boots

Their masculine character allows us to adapt them to different styles. Pair them with a pink suede mini skirt, a braided sweater, and a black aviator jacket. An ultra-trendy touch? Thick socks that peek out of the boots.

Thigh-high boots

Thigh-high boots emerge as the standout accessory of the season. Supple and with zipper details a la Isabel Marant, ruched at Louis Vuitton, distinctly simpler at Proenza Schouler. All share a flexible silhouette and a comfortable heel to never sacrifice practicality.
This model should be the centrepiece of the outfit, so it must be worn even with basic, almost classic outfits. Skirts of all lengths are perfect to pair with this boot.

Outfit idea with thigh-high boots

For a look that is both comfortable and super chic, pair thigh-high boots with a soft-knit knee-length skirt. Wear a white shirt under a knit vest for an elegant contrast with the strong character of the boot. Complete the look with a soft wool coat.

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