3 Foolproof Ways to Flaunt Your Beautiful Shape

20 May, 2020

Clothing serves us as both an invaluable resource and a versatile accessory. It not only accomplishes the obvious basic needs by keeping us warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but it also provides us with an outlet for personal expression. The endless styles and colors available give us the opportunity to draw attention to the parts of our bodies that we love or pull the focus away from the areas we’re maybe not so crazy about. These options allow us to express our personalities and feel confident in our second skin.

The magic of fashion is that it creates many ways to turn those fraught-over body parts into the highlight of your image. For example, why try to hide well-endowed hips when you can flaunt those sexy curves? This notoriously controversial area has long endured an array of accusations: hips, thighs and bums that are too wide, too narrow, too flat or too round. The good news is that we all come in different shapes and sizes and so do our clothes. Whatever your feelings may be about your derrière area, we’ll make it your best asset. Make whatever statement you want to make with your hips by following these three easy tips.

  • Play around with volume
volume shirt highlight hips
volume skirt highlight hips

Whether you’re looking to draw some positive attention to your hips or you’d rather let them simmer in the background, volume is your friend. For those who prefer to highlight their hips, accentuate them by wearing clothes with volume and details in this area. Wear a peplum dress or a skirt with fringe.

shirt focus off the hips
top to focus off the hips

If you’re going for more of an understated look, take the focus off the hips by choosing a dress with layers or opt for trousers with pockets or a zipper to elegantly frame your shape.

  • Choose the best cut for your shape
  • When it comes to showing off your best assets, choosing clothes with a proper cut is essential. Marking the waist will highlight the hips naturally, proportionately, and harmoniously. Go for high-waisted trousers or midi skirts if you want to redirect the attention away from the hips.

    palazzo trousers for highlight hips
    skinny jeans

    If you’re lacking in the hip department, choose pieces that will accentuate the area and create the illusion of a better-endowed midsection. For you daredevils out there, take it back to the early 2000’s with a good pair of low-rise jeans and a crop top to make your hips the center of attention.

    midi skirt focus off hips
    palazzo trousers for highlight hips

  • Fitted versus flowy and sexy versus sweet
  • Flowy garments are great for creating the essence of natural and sensual curves. Choose a fabric that will flow over your body and mimic your movements. Palazzo trousers, midi skirts and flowy dresses are excellent choices for achieving this look.

    fluid trousers for highlight hips
    fluid dress

    On the other hand, if sexy is your style du jour, look for garments with a tighter fit. Pencil skirts and tube dresses are your go-to items for this style. Throw on a pair of high heels to elongate your legs and voila! You’ll be turning heads wherever you go.

    skirt for highlight hips
    dress for highlight hips
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