4 boho dresses, 4 looks for summer lookiero

4 boho dresses, 4 looks for summer

8 June, 2022

Flowy, delicate and oh so fresh; boho dresses are everywhere when the temperatures start to rise, and it’s no wonder why. In one piece of garment, you have all the colour and silhouette you need to shine under the sun.

Ideal for women who want to feel fashionable and comfortable at the same time, but great for everyone, a boho dress is the garment that you should always include in your suitcase this summer.

Now, you may be wondering, what are boho dresses exactly? Well, the word “boho” comes from Bohemian, and it’s a style that is mainly characterised by its vintage, almost hippie fabrics and patterns, its mix of colours and its laid-back feel; all of this while remaining elegant, yet spontaneous. And, in case you are curious, there’s more to boho style than dresses.

Do you need more convincing? Let’s take a look:

Why should you include a boho dress in your summer wardrobe?

  • Because… It’s a summer classic. Its soft fabrics and the colourful patterns make for a very fresh garment, ideal to wear on holidays when comfort and coolness is all you’re looking for.
  • Think about it: we’re willing to bet you’ve seen these dresses in different shapes and colours every summer in your favourite shops. And not only that, but boho dresses are worn in style by every type of woman. Why not give it a go?
  • Because… You can be ready to go in under five minutes. Combine your dress with some accessories and your favourite sandals and enjoy your day out. A boho dress outfit is always quick and easy.

    To be fair, this is the case with most dresses, but boho is special because of how easy it is to combine. You won’t need a lot of special accessories or complicated rules to make it work. Just add a casual bag, your comfiest sandals and that’s it.

  • Because… It’s an atemporal piece of fashion, and it doesn’t seem to ever go out of style, especially in summer. So, as far as fashion goes, boho dresses have you covered.

    The good part of boho dresses is that they always resurface in some shape, way or form. Whether you have a line boho dress or a lace boho dress, or even a shirt dress in boho patterns, that garment is going to be fashionable for as long as it’s good to wear.

If you agree with us, we have some boho dress ideas to inspire your boho summer looks this season.

vestidos boho

Boho dress ideas to wear this summer

Take a look at the different boho dresses available and create different looks for every occasion.

A boho maxi dress for an easy outfit

  • How to combine it:
  • Combine your boho maxi dress with heeled sandals and a bag with fringes (one of the boho staples par excellence). To take your outfit up a notch, add a foulard wrapped around your head and a pair of bold sunglasses for a 70s mood!

  • Ideal if…
  • You want to hide your legs in summer for whatever reason, but still want to be super fresh and comfy. This outfit will do all of that for you, and you will feel elegant and fashionable without too much effort.

boho maxi dress lookiero

A boho midi dress to spend the night out

  • How to combine it:
  • You can’t go wrong with flat shoes or sandals and a medium leather bag. If you are anywhere where nights are a bit too chilly, bring with you a denim jacket to wear casually over your shoulders.

  • Ideal if…
  • You are a tall woman. This will be a fantastic choice of dress for you, as it can balance your proportions. If your body shape is triangular or pear-shaped, it will suit you even better.

boho midi dress lookiero

A boho floral dress to take a walk by the sea

  • How to combine it
  • For this type of lace dress, choose sandals with medium heels and a straw bag for a perfect summer feeling. You may also add more boho accessories like a hat and a jacket with fringes. Super fashionable.

  • Ideal if…
  • Your body is oval or diamond shaped. The dress slips easily on the body, balancing out your silhouette and making you look taller. To that effect, you may want to choose a dress that is tighter at the chest and the skirts flows loose.

boho floral dress lookiero

A white boho dress for a versatile look

  • How to combine it
  • Since you are going for a white dress, you have more leeway when it comes to accessories. Add a colourful printed bag and leather sandals for an interesting touch. If you feel like wearing a more casual outfit, you could even wear an open denim shirt over the dress.

  • Ideal if…
  • Your body is rectangular-shaped. Choose a dress with a belt to accentuate the waistline. That way, you can make this look more flattering while preserving the flowy and laid-back nature of the boho style.

white boho dress lookiero

Of course, there are endless possibilities when it comes to boho dresses. Depending on your personal style and your body silhouette, you may want to follow these rules or break them to create interesting contrasts that define you better.

Like what you see? Don’t forget to order your Lookiero and let your Personal Shopper know what your ideal dress would look like.

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