4 ways to wrap your Lookiero gift card

18 December, 2018

Giving a great gift has never been this easy. This Christmas we have the perfect present for the ones you love: the Lookiero gift card. If this holiday you want to gift Lookiero and at the same time make it a little personalised and creative, here we bring some ideas on how to do it. Choose the type of gift card you want to gift and the level of difficulty you want to encounter. Let's do this!

How to wrap your printable gift card:

For the lazy ones. A surprised filled Christmas star

What you will need:

- A Christmas star

- An envelope and calligraphy pen

- A wooden pin



Fold your printable Lookiero gift card and put it into the prettiest envelope you can find. Put your pulse and handwriting to the test and freehand the name of the person who will receive the gift on the envelope. Use the pin to pin the envelope to the flower. It won't take more than two minutes!


For the ones the ones that want to go out with a bang. A Christmas cracker.

What you will need:

- Christmas wrapping

- Washi tape and scissors

- Velvet ribbon


Roll up your printable gift card and make sure it doesn't come undone by securing it with washi tape down the middle. Follow up by wrapping it up in Christmas themed paper and repeat the washi tape trick to keep it all in place. Now all you need to do is tie up the ends with the velvet ribbon. Cut out the excess paper and … done. Ready for all the holiday spirit!



How to wrap your Lookiero physical gift card


For the creative ones: A car packed with gifts

What you will need:

-  Craft paper and a little bit of zelo
-  Markers
-  String and a small christmas tree


First, wrap the Lookiero gift card box in craft paper. Follow up this step by taking a marker and free hand the drawing of a car in the front of the gift. Now, with great care take the tree and place it on the top part of the car and secure it with string. And there you have a gift ready to ride directly to whomever you want it for!

For the crafty ones: a bag of angels

What you will need:

 - A craft paper bag

- A decorative angel and a pin

- Velvet ribbon

- A calligraphy pen


First off, with the calligraphy pen, write the name of the person you are going to gift the Lookiero gift card. Next, in the middle of the ribbon safety pin a Christmas figurine. With burin make 2 holes with about 3 inches in between them and place the box in the bag. Help yourself with the burin and put the ends of the ribbon through the holes in a way that the figurine is placed in the centre above the name. Turn the bag around and make a bow with the remaining ribbon. Perfect presentation!



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