5 colour trends for Spring/Summer 2022

5 colour trends for Spring Summer 2022

21 February, 2022

What colours will you see on the streets this Spring/Summer 2022? Do you already know how to combine the Very Peri, colour of the year? We’re going to give you a sneak preview of the colours you’ll be seeing the most this coming season and how to wear them to suit your personal style.

Colours, colours, colours! The cold winter is behind us and we can’t wait to welcome spring with colourful looks. If you’re a fan of powdery colours, you’re in luck: you can still stretch that flattering outfit you’ve worn so much this winter with your new seasonal finds. And if vibrant colours are your thing, this spring’s energetic looks are all the rage.

Pastel colours for a sweet spring

color pastel

Sweet, romantic and soft. Even though pastel colours seem to be on their way out, as we anticipated in our in/out trends for 2022, we will still see enough of them to make the cut.

Parchment yellow, mint, Bridgerton blue and dusty pink are three of the colours that you will find this spring. Good news for those of you with Summer harmonies. Designers like Alaïa, Max Mara or Miu Miu have embraced pastel colours that will make your outfits shine.

How to wear pastel this 2022 spring

How to wear pastel this 2022 spring

Create a casual effortless look with a tie-dye hoodie, white mom fit trousers and nude colour sneakers. Round off your outfit with a lilac baguette bag. Perfect for every day.

Very Peri looks its finest in good weather

very peri color tendencia primavera verano 2022

As we announced in a previous post, Pantone chose Very Peri as the colour of the year. It’s an intense hue, somewhere between blue and violet, and has a boldness to it that goes perfectly with women with Spring and Summer harmonies.

How to wear Very Peri this 2022 spring

If you love Very Peri, then go all in. Designers like Proenza and Altuzarra joined the Very Peri train with total look designs in this colour.

How to wear Very Peri this 2022 spring

Create a total look with a sleep dress, a coat and a clutch bag in the same colour. Add a pair of metallic heeled sandals as a finishing touch. A fantastic look for those upcoming spring nights.

Saffron yellow to spice up your looks

color amarillo tendencia primavera verano 2022

This is a colour that only some people dare to wear. However, the amount of energy and good vibes that it brings to any outfit is unmatched. We will see plenty of saffron yellow in outerwear and dresses, but you can also include it in small items like accessories and bags if it is not your cup of tea. If you have Autumn or Spring harmonies, saffron yellow is a must for you. Prioritize upper body clothes, as they will brighten your facial features. For reference, Jil Sander, Lapointe and Carolina Herrera have placed this colour on the catwalks.

How to wear saffron yellow this new season

How to wear saffron yellow this new season spring summer trends 2022

Challenge superstitions and create a total look in yellow. A saffron yellow jumper, a floral print midi skirt and suede loafers are all you need to get the most of this colour. Extra points if you add a leather cross-body bag. Feminine and chic.

Black: it always works for a reason

total noir tendencia primavera verano 2022

Let’s face it: total looks in black are always in. It gives out a sense of sobriety, elegance and sophistication, hence why it’s always a wardrobe must-have. This season, however, we will see small touches of colour and different textures to refresh this timeless classic.

How to wear total noir this spring-summer 2022 season

Saint Laurent and Alexander Macqueen have placed their bets on black for their Spring-Summer collections this year, combining it with colourful details to add some contrast. The latter even throws in a mixture of textures to spice things up.

total look black for spring summer 2022

Our Personal Shoppers tip here for you is to pick a knitted midi skirt, a chiffon blouse and a midi vest. Finish off your look by choosing a suede bag and leather flats for a stylish minimalist look.

Crimson red for a spring full of passion

rojo carmesí color tendencia primavera verano 2022

Another classic that radiates strength, passion and energy when used in any look. Carmine will be specially flattering for you if you have Winter harmonies, as it enhances your natural features. Balmain has placed a great deal of trust on this trend this season.

How to wear a crimson red colourblock this Spring-Summer 2022

This season’s trend is undoubtedly total looks or colourblock: they allow you to express your style to the fullest with colourful outfits that match the new season perfectly.

How to wear a crimson red colourblock this Spring-Summer 2022

So a red colourblock is a safe bet, especially when you combine different textures. Try mixing a knitted jumper, waxed trousers, a clutch bag and leather sandals. You’ll feel fabulous and make an impact.

Ready for a colourful spring? Update your style profile and your Personal Shopper will pack you a spring box full of the shades that suit you best.

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Marcail Booth;
27 February, 2022
The designer outfits are gorgeous but the 'how to wear' style suggestions are, in my opinion, not nice at all - they look very old fashioned.
Lookiero Team;
1 March, 2022
Hi Marcail, Many thanks for your comment and your feedback. We really appreciate it so that we can work on improvement in the future!

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