5 Tricks to Enhance your waist styling tips for better waist definition

5 Tricks to Enhance your waist styling tips for better waist definition

13 May, 2020

Whether voluptuous or skinny, some women have a naturally defined waist, while others due to genetics, build or size, have it a bit harder when it comes to accentuating that particular feminine feature.

The good news is that with the right garments and styling, enhancing your waist or even giving the illusion of one is perfectly achievable. This may even come in handy for those days when bloating is sabotaging your beautiful curves. Read on!

  • High-waisted pieces are your friends.
  • Trousers and skirts that sit high on the waist are the best to add definition to this area. They help balance out the silhouette and create a visual effect of a waist. What’s more, this is a timeless cut that keeps coming back season after season.

    Try high-rise boot cut jeans which are cut straight from the hip to the knee and then wider toward the hem they’ll make you look longer and leaner. Also go for skirts that hit just above the knee or longer for a well-proportioned silhouette.

tiro alto para disimular cintura

  • Belt it up!
  • This one perhaps you already knew. The trick where on the waist your place it. To get a tiny looking waist and achieve an hourglass silhouette try wearing the belt in an area above the navel and a few cm below the breasts. Once know where you want to draw the eye, choose the correct belt thickness: it has to be proportional to your curves and your figure. You can wear it both with your high-waisted trousers and skirts, blouses and over your outer garments!

    belt to Enhance your waist
    to Enhance your waist

  • Wear V- Necks for a flattering optical effect
  • The V-neck is ideal for this body shape because they draw the eye away from the stomach area and make the torso look longer, less rounded and create an hourglass optical illusion.
    Take into account the size of your chest to maintain a harmonious and elegant silhouette. The less bust you have, the more pronounced your cleavage can be.

    Wear V- Necks Enhance your waist
    Wear V- Necks Enhance your waist

  • Say yes to fitted garments and steer clear from oversized clothing
  • Ditch oversized clothes and embrace fitted blouses and blazers. If you want to show off your waist, you should favour garments that are fitted (but not tight) and avoid loose or boxy pieces which will make your shape look square and undefined.

    embrace fitted blazer
    embrace fitted blouses enhance waist

  • Tie your shirts or blouses around the waist
  • “It’s not what you wear but how you wear it” has never been more true. Knotting a shirt at the waist is one of the oldest tricks in the book that we have all resorted to for decades. However, execution is important. Make sure the knot sits between the torso and the navel, since it is the key area to generate the illusion of balance and proportion.

    tie blouse around the waist
    tie shirt around waist
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