5 Stylish Trench Coat outfits for Autumn

10 October, 2019

A classic that never goes out of style, a trench is an iconic piece that is part of our wardrobe season after season. A versatile piece that adapts to any style and that you can wear over and over again, the trench is a stylish outerwear option that you will come to rely on during the autumn/winter months. Read on to discover five ways to style a trench coat...

  1. Lady sport: Knitted dress and a trench coat for a sporty look
    Knitted dress and a trench coat
    Nowadays you can bend the rules whichever way you want and wear a trench with a super casual look. Our proposal? A knitted dress with a sporty vibe paired with sneakers. You’ll look trendy and stylish thanks to this sporty chic combination, and you don’t have to stick to the rules when it comes to an outfit with a trench coat.

  3. Casual street: Trench coat and a total black look
    Trench coat and a total black look
    You’ll obtain a total chic city look by pairing your trench with your slogan t-shirt. Add some coated trousers with a subtle camo print and make street style yours and nail the look of wearing a trench in the fall.

  5. Stylish clsssic: trench coat with checkered trousers
     trench coat with checkered trousers
    Let your more classic side out to play by pairing your trench coat with some checkered trousers and a white shirt with the right fit. Add some stilettos to look great at the office.

  7. Trendy chic: trench coat with animal print
     trench coat with animal print
    A sure bet to pair your trench coat with the print of the season : animal print . Complete the look with your favourite skinny jeans and you'll get a trendy and effortless chic that everyone will want to achieve.

  9. Minimal elegance: Trench coat and trousers
    Trench coat and trousers
    Do you prefer a clean and fluid silhouette over prints. pair your trench coat with a clean striped shirt and trousers with a bow in khaki tones. You’ll be elegant and a minimal look.

    Styling a trench coat is easy - with this classic piece you can’t go far wrong. Ideal for autumn and winter, a trench coat always looks chic and stylish. For more tips on how to style a trench coat, the Lookiero Stylists are on hand to help.


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