5 Summer Looks For Women in their 40s.

5 Summer Looks For Women in their 40s

16 July, 2020

The summer calls for relaxed days under the sun and you can look amazing in this time of the year no matter your age. Whether you’re strolling along the beach, going for dinner with the family, sitting on a terrace and sipping a cold beer with girlfriends you need easy and stylish outfits that allow you to enjoy your summer and look your best without a hassle.

Look 1: Pair up your pieces with basics like a white t-shirt

white t-shirt
Embrace comfort and simplicity to subtly enhance your cleavage and sun-kissed skin. Wear your tee it with flowy trousers with a mini print to make your look lively and fun. Try it!

Look 2: A maxi shirt dress for maximum freshness

maxi shirt dress
This is a super easy to wear garment that will keep you fresh, comfy and elegant at all times. The striped print will further elongate your silhouette and you can show off your legs leaving some of the lower buttons unbuttoned.

Look 3: Total white look to glow on summer days

total white
A total white look for summer is synonymous with sophistication and style. We love it because it is perfect to show off your tan and it allows you to play with different textures and details like ruffles or embroideries.

Look 4: Maxi wrap skirt and white shirt

Maxi wrap skirt and white shirt
Create a flattering and ultra feminine look with a printed wrap maxi skirt! The high rise is ideal to enhance the waist while the wrap around style will flatter your curves beautifully. Wear it with a basic garment like a white shirt to balance out the outfit and look super chic and confident.

Look 5: Striped Jumpsuit

Striped Jumpsuit
This season we are all about the jumpsuit. They are super comfortable and add an original twist to your wardrobe! We love this minimalistic and timeless number with delicate blue stripes; perfect for a lazy day or a busy afternoon.


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