18 July, 2018

Today we are not going to give you advice on style, nor are we going to give you advice on new trends. Today we would like to tell you more about our service for you to take full advantage of it: Our Lookiero cards! So… listen up!

In each Lookiero, we send 5 cards for inspiration, one for each item we send you, and each one with two different outfits, a casual one and an additional one with a more formal flare.

Would you like to know how to use these cards and take full advantage of them?

Check out these 5 tips!

  1. New Lookiero purchases + Lookiero cards + the back of your closet = New looks! On the cards we send out with our products, we give you tricks/tips on how to mix and match your new purchases and achieve any type of look. Stand in front of your closet with your cards and visualize a new world of possibilities. You see? You now have much more than just 5 new items.
  2. Are you missing an item to complete one of the looks on your cards? Don’t worry! Get in touch with us, and let us know. In your next order your personal stylist will do everything to find what you need, and once you have that item, the stylist will give you new advice that will not let you down.
  3. Plan your outfits for the week. Choosing an outfit in the morning can be rough, especially if you like to lie in bed for as long as possible and rush out at the last minute.  Your Lookiero cards will make your life easier. Taking the time to plan your weekly wardrobe with the help of your new cards will let you discover new looks you never imagined. Write them down or even dedicate an entire notebook to them. It will come in handier than you think!
  4. And if you’re always in a rush, our new cards will be your best friends! You overslept…you’re tired… and when you come out of the shower your creative side is still in bed... Stop. You don’t need to pull everything out of your closet and leave your room looking like a stampede rolled through it. Bring out your Lookiero cards and choose the style you want for the day. Let us do the thinking for you!
  5. Loads of Inspiration. We often receive emails from women who feel like they are stuck in their style. Women who are conditioned by the demands of their routines and are looking for a fresh approach. These cards will help you without a doubt. They’ll help you visualize your closet in a different light. Ok, you might not have everything we suggest but that’s when your personal touch comes in. There are no rules, only infinite ways to wear your items.

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