Dicas para receber o Lookiero perfeito

Your Personal Shopper needs you! Tips for the best Lookiero experience

27 May, 2021

Getting your Lookiero just right is our main objective. This is why we have put together these 4 tips for ordering your Lookiero.

These are tips to maximise your communication with your Personal Shopper and help her get to know you better. We truly believe this is the way to get the best online personal shopping experience.
Want to get the best out of your Lookiero? Keep on reading!

Dicas para receber o Lookiero perfeito
Dicas para receber o Lookiero perfeito
  1. Fill out your profile and keep it updated: more is more!
  2. Before you order your box, please make sure that you have filled out your information according to what you want to receive. Your style profile is the first step for your stylist to get to know you, so the more information you can give us about yourself and your preferences, the better. Adding links to your social media accounts and attaching pictures of yourself, and of celebrities, clothes or outfits that inspire you, really helps your Personal Shopper to understand you and your style better.

    Fill out all the details about yourself, including your sizing, and try to be as precise as possible. If you have changed jobs, had a weight variation or switched up your hair colour, don’t forget to add this information to your profile! Your Personal Shopper will find some new styles to match the new you!

Dicas para receber o Lookiero perfeito
Dicas para receber o Lookiero perfeito
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  • Explain what you are looking for to your Personal Shopper. You can be a lover of skinny jeans or want to try out the palazzo style. You could have a more casual style but fancy giving a more boho or romantic style a little go. Let us know what prints and colours you enjoy, as well as your favourite styles. If there is a part of your body that you want to highlight, or if there is something you would rather not draw attention to, let us know. There is no comment we haven’t seen before! From “please no green” to “I’m in love with pink”, and from “I want to highlight my tiny waist” to “please help me minimise my tummy”, your Personal Shopper has seen it before, and is here to listen and help. All your requirements are more than welcome: your Personal Shopper will love to know what she can surprise you with.

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  • Checkout
  • It’s time for you to spill the beans! Let us know what you liked the most and what didn’t hit the spot, but remember to add the reasons why, as these will help us a lot in getting your next Lookiero just right for you. Your Personal Shopper will read and log your comments so they can be taken into account for any future orders.
    And if your Personal Shopper is still not hitting the spot, you can always switch! We have a large team of professionals, and we are sure we can find somebody that will understand your style to perfection!

  • Play Look & Like
  • look & like lookiero

    Have you already discovered Look & Like? Just log into your profile and you will find this fun mini-game that will help your Personal Shopper learn more about your style preferences. Swipe left or right and let us know what you really love, and what doesn’t work for you. Playing often will help us put together a perfect Lookiero that is truly tailored to your tastes. You can play once a day, and the more you play, the more we will know about your stylish self!

    Your Lookiero is on its way to you, are you ready? We hope you can’t wait to be surprised! Follow these tips and help your Personal Shopper make your Lookiero experience an unforgettable one. We can’t wait to style you!

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    Play Look & Like: let your Personal Shopper get to know your style

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    All the details about our "Recommend and Win" programme Lookiero

    All the details about our "Recommend and Win" programme

    Helen Austin;
    24 November, 2018
    I loved the skinny jeans but I really couldn't wear this style as the crotch to waist was too low. I prefer my jeans to fit around my waist but be pulled up properly. Its a shame because I loved them and was set to keep them but sadly they didn't pull up far enough.
    Claire kingston;
    12 December, 2018
    I love holly Willoughbys style , I also love to wear pale colours on top ,m
    Ilse Byrne;
    16 December, 2018
    My stylist nailed it. I've always worn bootleg or flair trousers to compensate for my large derrier, but my stylist sent me skinnies and I've not only received great reviews, I'm also comfortable in them. Fan for life!
    28 December, 2018
    My first order came from Sophie and she has pretty much nailed it. I’ve made a couple of alterations on my style profile to ensure I get a more fitted feel rather than a boxy feel. But I cannot wait to see what comes next month! Thanks Sophie.
    Melanie matthews;
    3 January, 2019
    I had my first order and I loved it all 10/10 perfect and very reasonable prices Thank you can't wait till the next box
    4 January, 2019
    My first box was amazing....i loved every item especially the trousers and green jumper. I would never have bought either myself. I felt really confident wearing all the items and cant wait for my next selection.
    5 January, 2019
    I loved the jeans and mustard jumper. I prefer comfortable yet stylish clothes. I would have kept the black top but it was faulty. I'm looking forward to what's in my next box
    9 January, 2019
    I loved the style I was sent but not colours. Dark green dress is not my colour at all but style was great. Looking forward to my next box as I have made a few alterations for the advisor to go with.
    17 January, 2019
    I loved all of my pieces. It was exactly what I was looking for - pushing the envelope of what I would normally choose for myself. I’m in a style rut but seeing my way out. Yay! Thanks!
    30 January, 2019
    Loved my first box, all 5 items were great. The stylist was spot on with my preferred style, colours and even the fit was perfect. Can't wait for the next one.
    Shellee Lawson;
    4 February, 2019
    Enjoyed first box though feel stylist hasn't quite "got " me. Difficult for her though as I have no social media profile, but can't be so unusual in women pushing 60. Prices very reasonable though but quality of outer garments will suffer with this pricing as I really enjoy wool and cotton, linen and silk in all clothing and there seems to be no place in the profile to highlight this. Have kept two items which are really lovely and colourful, especially aubergine bag. Will have another go and get another box next month to see if better selection. Fit very good though in all items which must be difficult for stylist as well.
    Susan Cleaver;
    4 February, 2019
    Loved the Pants & t/shirt combination, these will look great on holiday later this year. Little surprised to receive what I think of as “summer/holiday” clothing in February! Lookerio have not quite got my dress sense right, the latest was a lovely blue but looked like a sack of potatoes when worn! Keeping 3 out of 5 items which is the norm for me. Love receiving my box each month & love the surprise/making exciting discoveries when opening the box.
    Rachel Hardy;
    11 February, 2019
    Loved the box of treats. I don’t think I tailored my profile aswell as I could. Kept 2 things that I wouldn’t normally of bought. Difficult having another go Nxt month. It’s a lovely treat and love that the clothes are not from my usual shopping haunts !
    Lindsay Ball;
    25 February, 2019
    Loved the khaki skinny jeans, which had a bit of "utility" detailing... sadly they were too small! Would love something similar to these again, know sizes can vary on different brands and some designers can size things quite small, so sizing can be tricky on something like this. Have always had a sort of smart- casual look, but do like comfortable clothes can wear in different ways. Suit either natural/neutral colours, or bolder shades of most colours... can't wear pastels, especially baby blues or pale pinks, as make me look very washed out. Nearest to pastel can get away with is lilac, or dusty mid pink. Suit burnt berry or orange and deep reds and dark greens or bolder shades of blue tones. Like floaty skirts, in summer like linen skirts/ dresses or either straight or wide leg linen trousers. Can be tricky size wise as petite size 6-8, and only 5 foot tall. Know this is quite a bit information and detail... but difficult to provide much in profile. Hope this helps stylist, and look forward to seeing what is sent in future boxes!
    4 March, 2019
    Just got my first box. Very exciting but not quite got me (I'm picky and a bit set in my ways). The light baggy trousers are not me and although I'm pretty sure I'll keep 2 items, I'd like to see things a little less casual. How would I share some of my pinterest likes? I'm not big into posting pictures of myself so not sure how else to share my likes.
    Catherine galvin;
    24 March, 2019
    I love my new clothers look really good in them
    louise sutherland;
    28 March, 2019
    I recieved my first box, very exciting, i loved all of the items got my style and size right, looking forward to what Pip is going to send me next month .
    31 March, 2019
    Really impressed with the selection and the way it is all presented. Not sure on all the garments; although they were really lovely they are just not right for me i.e gorgeous orange trousers but won’t be long enough on my legs. Will probably keep a dress which is perfect and not one I have seen before. Roll on next month!
    Clare potter;
    3 April, 2019
    I've just ordered my first box. I'm a little skeptical yet hopeful about lookiero as I've always wanted to be styled by an expert like a celebrity ? I've now reached my 40s and am struggling with wanting to have a complete restyle from mummy everyday casual that I've now fallen in to yet wanting to find my inner sexy and stylish younger self who worked in promotions and events! I await my delivery ... I love suprises ? feeling excited !!! Come on lookiero do your best work and help me find my sexy stylish confident side again..
    10 April, 2019
    Received my first delivery yesterday, was a little apprehensive.........10/10. Over the moon with style, and quality & choice. Thank you to Camilla xx
    26 April, 2019
    I have had 2 boxes now and me and my partner love what bella has chosen for me I cant wait to see what's in my next box keep the surprises coming and keep up the good work bella and all at Lookerieo Love and hugs
    28 April, 2019
    Just ordered my first box, let's see what you send, apprehensive much.!!
    1 May, 2019
    So excited to receive my first delivery! I've got into such a style rut, and not known where to turn as I have a new body shape and am now in an age bracket where I need to grow up, while still feeling sexy and young. Can't wait to see what I get!
    Aoibhinn McGee;
    16 May, 2019
    Loved the jeans and shiny top in my first box so kept them - sent back the others - sweatshirt was boring - dress made me look like a nun and bright yellow scarf not my colour - I love the surprise element of Lookiero but also love can control budget and timing of items - love the easy return service & Lookiero has motivated me to lose weight and go to gym - as I want to fit into the surprise items they send me. I am thrilled and cannot wait for my second surprise box. Thank you - Flossy
    Aoibhinn McGee;
    16 May, 2019
    Oh forgot to say love that one can try these items on at home in comfort and consult my partner in comfort and not hot sweaty crowded public dressing rooms - thanks again
    21 May, 2019
    Great tips here especially the one about adding pics from social media/celebs etc! Hadn’t thought of doing that so thank you. I’ve had 2 boxes and am so excited by what Sofia has chosen for me. I was very much in a style rut and had become quite unadventurous, think jeans, baggy t shirts and hoodies.. nothing flattering for my shape and little to no style about them! I was hoping for a fresh perspective and a hefty nudge into new territory style wise and I can safely say that’s been my experience so far! I feel so much more comfortable and look far more polished, and feel much more confident. I feel my clothes are far more reflective of who I am. I am wearing clothes I would never have picked in shops, but are absolutely gorgeous on me and I’m eagerly awaiting my third box this week. I was expecting to get a box a month but I’ve changes to on demand and have ordered a new box as soon as I’ve received my last one! I kept one item from my first box but it’s just stunning, and kept all five items from my second box! Box 3 should arrive this week and it feels like Christmas :) Thank you Sofia! Xx
    Kay Beattie;
    8 June, 2019
    I’ve just received my first box and I’m really excited as to what I’ll get next time. Everything was perfect and I kept all the items the jacket is gorgeous and it wasn’t expensive. I thought the bag was a bit overpriced but nice
    Shamina Yusufali;
    15 June, 2019
    Received my first box yesterday. I am a petite,trendy 50 something and was dissapointed that the clothes,espeacially the tops were baggy and shapeless. The fit was not suitable for my 5ft height. The jeans,though the colour was great,ended between my ankles and calf,cutting my height. I had been so excited about Lookiero,but felt disappointed. Have returned the items and don't know if I want to order another box with a £10 stylist fee attached.
    15 July, 2019
    Hi Shamina, Thank you for your comment. We are very sorry to read that your first experience with Lookiero was not as good as expected. In case you'd like to explain a little bit more about it, I recommend you to write to out customer service at https://bit.ly/2Zr7Dmc They will be glad to receive your feedback and offer you a proper solution.
    Ankita sharma;
    26 June, 2019
    My REF. LK-648764 I love to wear dresses and jumpsuit but I really want to try casual skirt and top. I love to wear fitted dresses but after delivery I have a little tummy so I avoid to wear fitting stuff. I also prefer to wear camisole top with smart jacket. Thanks
    15 July, 2019
    Hi Ankita! Thank you so much for sharing with us :) You can share this also with your stylist directly from your account so that she has this into account when creating your new Lookiero. Congratulations on your little one!
    5 July, 2019
    Was excited in receiving my first box. Loved the items. Not a jumper and skinny Jean person but they fitted great. Even my daughter would wear the jumper. Not a scarf person so I did return it. Going on holiday soon so going to ask for holiday outfits
    16 September, 2019
    I am loving my Lookiero experience, it's such a great way to discover new styles, try new looks, and get labels I can't obtain locally. I've had things that I wouldn't necessarily pick out myself in a store or on line, (for example a long sleeved patterned shirt in my last box, but styled with the khaki slim fit trousers, or with the leather pencil skirt, that was also sent, for work as my stylist suggests it totally works. I'm sat here wearing it for work today, its my lunch break BTW if my boss reads this, and I've had three compliments already!). The tips on this page are very noteworthy. I've just changed to on demand from monthly as I've cleared out about 75% of my old wardrobe and uploading new for a more pulled together look, and I've just ordered my 4th box. I have only returned one item out of all three boxes so far and that was a shirt which didn't quite fit but I know that its awkward as I have long arms and boobs but a waist so strange dimensions to work with! I have had a blazer in my last box that was perfect though. As the tips say here you really need to write as much about your style and ideals/goals as possible as you get back what you put in, like most things in life! Take the time to really describe what you want and what you like/don't like. I would even recommend you describe your personality as your clothes can reflect that and your stylist will pick up on this. The style cards and letter from your stylist help a lot, you just have to mix and match and keep an open mind. Try it all on and blend with your existing wardrobe. Come on box #4 I cannot wait - thank you Christina, you are ace! xxx
    Aitor Besa;
    24 September, 2019
    Hi Sarah! Thank you so very much for your lovely comment :D We are so happy to read that you are loving your Lookiero experience and that you are making the most out of it. It is so important to make sure to update your profile and add as much information as possible for your stylist to read. She will always base her selections on what you have to say and she will do her best to adapt your boxes to your style, likes and needs. One again, we are super thankful for such a great review. Surely your next box will be fantastic too!
    21 September, 2019
    I received my first lookiero and liked two items out of the 5. One (a pink scarf) was okay even though I already had a pink scarf. There were two items that I really did not like. One was a black top which showed my arms while I had specifically asked not to highlight the arms and it looked like a sack of potatoes too. The other was a weird brownish colour shirt but I just kept them as with the discount they did not change much the price.
    Aitor Besa;
    24 September, 2019
    Hi Geetha, We are very sorry to read that you received an item that you clearly stated didn't want to receive. Please, make sure to add your feedback when completing your checkout and make clear that this item was sent after you requested not to highlight your arms. We are sure that with your feedback your next Lookiero will be fantastic!
    Jayed Simm;
    27 September, 2019
    I got my first box and love all 5 items will definitely order again , personally i hate shopping and never know what to get so this takes all the stress out of it for me .
    Marilyn Paterson;
    3 April, 2021
    I think I am Summer, I love navy and white baby blues and pale pinks. I also love classy camel colour too. New to this not sure how to pass on comments.
    Lookiero Team;
    13 April, 2021
    Hi Marilyn, We have added your comment to your Lookiero profile. You can leave comments for each new box before it's prepared and shipped. You will find a comments section on the main page of your account. Please make sure that you also will leave comments once processing the checkout.
    Jessica Bedford;
    11 April, 2021
    Where do I put my free text in my style profile?
    Lookiero Team;
    13 April, 2021
    Hi Jessica, You can add any message to the comments section for your new box which appears always on the main page of your Lookiero account.
    14 April, 2021
    Loved my first box - my stylist, Alessia, chose some really nice pieces to suit my style. I asked for some nice, casual spring pieces and was sent some jeans, a skirt and 3 tops, which range from super casual to smart casual. I love the little card that tells you what to match it with. Really good experience. Excited for my next Box!
    12 May, 2021
    I have now had two boxes and loved every item. With lockdown I have put some weight on but don't know what suits me now so this has been a great help. Thank you Chloe can't wait for my next box x
    Rhian Dineen;
    5 June, 2021
    I've received 4 boxes and I have loved the fact that I don't need to shop, I hate trying on clothes and I never know what looks good on me but these boxes are full of delights and I have kept every item of clothing, in this short time the stylist has picked items that I've never been able to do in all my shopping years, I'm very pleased with that and look forward to my next box.
    Paulette Law;
    6 June, 2021
    Hi Christina. In the warmer weather I like to wear dresses - simple t shirt dresses or lighter dresses. I would like to pair these with a pair of plimsolls/slip on trainers maybe no laces - feminine. Thinking also of a long floaty ditsy skirt to wear with a cute t shirt. Love romantic summer tops, love ditsy print. When I ever wear shorts they are denim pref dark and paired with romantic cami. So I would like to see:- plimsolls, long skirt?, t shirt, romantic cami, summer dress?
    Lookiero Team;
    8 June, 2021
    Hi Paulette, Many thanks for your comment. We have now forwarded it to your stylist Christina. She will do her best to get your new box spot on!
    Elaine Tipton;
    9 June, 2021
    Loved my first box, kept 4 of the 5 items. A few of the items I would never have given them a second look in a store, but I love them Thanks Sonal!!! Can’t wait for my 2nd box in August!!
    Lookiero Team;
    10 June, 2021
    Hi Elaine, Many thanks for your comment. Sonal is really excited to know that you loved her first selection. She already looks forward to your next box 💟
    11 June, 2021
    Hi is there a way to feed back to my stylist please rather than post everything publicly? Thanks!
    Lookiero Team;
    14 June, 2021
    Hi Louisa, Once you have a new order scheduled, there is a comments section available on your Lookiero account to can leave all your comments and preferences for your new box. Your stylist will read all of them carefully.
    12 June, 2021
    The colour selections in my first delivery were very me & I kept 4 of the items. I wouldn't have even tried on the skinny jeans normally but actually they were flattering & I liked the leg length. I didn't keep the trousers even though I loved the colour as they were too big & had a big tie on the waist right where I don't need any extra bulk! Summer clothes are always my least favourite as I don't like to show my knees or my upper arms so I'm looking forward to seeing what my stylist can suggest for my second box.
    27 July, 2021
    My first box wasn't really me but I thought I would still give it a chance. My second box I absolutely loved! Everything was perfect for me. A gorgeous denim dress I can style with either boots or trainers, two lovely tops, a great pair of grey jeans and a beautiful jacket. I cannot wait to get my third box!
    Sonya Harris;
    2 August, 2021
    I need to cover my legs after having surgery for skin cancer,like palazzo pants and straight, didn't get my first box quite right but kept 3 pieces,like stylish modern classic style with nothing flowered , but like print that has leopard colouring,that isn't leopard! ! and autumn colours
    Lookiero Team;
    10 August, 2021
    Hi Sonya, Many thanks for your comment. We have now added it to your new Lookiero box so your stylist can see it.
    Louise Moss;
    4 August, 2021
    hi - i did like all of the things i got in my magic box. fit great and the jeans were divine!!!! Everything However it made me realise i was playing it safe and that's not me! I want an edgier look and more out of my comfort zone so i have just gone back and changed some of my profile to reflect this.
    Lookiero Team;
    11 August, 2021
    Hi Louise, Many thanks for your comment! We really hope that you will also love your next Lookiero box!
    Alison Sands;
    7 August, 2021
    I usually just wear skinny jeans and t shirts when not at work but would like to be more adventurous. Not sure what I look best in or what my colours are, but I tend to wear a lot of blue, black and white at the moment but I like quirky and also ditsy prints and would like more colour in my life. I like natural fibres best. I often wear Boden, mint velvet, sugarhill Brighton and hush. I’d like things to wear when I go to the theatre, see live music, eat out.
    14 August, 2021
    Hi! Having a little change here. Really into side leg trousers & boot cuts! Loving the blazer / wider leg pants! Still into my earthy tones.
    Teresa Newman;
    14 August, 2021
    Was pleasantly surprised with my first box kept 3 of the items. Would of liked a bit longer too decide feel 5 days to return a bit quick.
    Beryl Stewart;
    16 August, 2021
    Thankyou for my last two boxes. I have loved and kept most of the items. Unfortunately I am in between a size 14 and 16 and the wrangler jeans were a little big. I would like to try dress trousers however often find they are too narrow on my calves. Maybe wider leg would be good. Also I am not keen on tops right up to my neck. I prefer a v neck or scoop neck style. I have managed to accumulate lots of scarves and black tops recently so would appreciate if you could avoid sending these. Thankyou for your help in choosing my box. Looking forward to my next exciting lookerio delivery😊
    Julie Scarrett;
    2 September, 2021
    I do like mid life posh closet on instagram.

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