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5 colours you need to try this Spring

28 February, 2020

Fashion has a wonderful way of cheering us up by showing us what trends we will be able to wear when we can walk under the sun again come spring. And the catwalks last September showcased countless trendy styles to get inspired. However, we’re particularly keen on the colour trends that will no doubt be all over the streets and social media as soon as the cold goes away. Check out our top five.

  1. Caramel colour
  2. Toffee or caramel is warm and cosy colour, which is prefect for transitioning into the spring. If you match it with reds and yellows, it gives an autumnal effect that can look surprisingly good during any season. What’s more, it works well on most skin tones.

    caramel colour spring summer trend 2020

    A great way to wear it id by playing around with monochrome layering. Pair it up with softer colours of the same palette, such as beige for example. Also contrasting it with saturated hues, like deep blue, looks great as you can see in our second example with the button-down shirt.
    caramel colour spring summer trend 2020


    Caramel colour matchs with…Fall harmony


    autumn harmony


  3. Pastel colours
  4. Some trends never go away. And dusty, sweet colours are one of those. This season it was not just about baby pink, the trend expanded all the way from mint green and lilac through to yellow and more.

    pastel colours spring summer trends 2020

    Paring up denim, prints and our favourite classics with the delicacy these feminine colours is stylish to wear for both day and night. Do try pastels for the evening in textured fabrics, such as silk, sequins and tulle, super romantic and fun!
    pastel colours spring summer trends 2020


    Pastel colours match with…Spring harmony


    summer harmony


  5. Canary Yellow colour
  6. Whether faded or super bright, yellow will be surely competing with the sun this summer! This vivid hue adds a bold twist to your look exuding a cheerful, fun vibe. The spring runways showcased this vibrant shade in head-to-toe looks.

    yellow canary colour spring summer trend 2020

    How to wear it in real life? Pair it up with white to enhance your tan! If canary yellow is too much for you, go for mustard or saffron, which will help, you transition into the warmer days just as beautifully.
    canary yellow colour spring summer trend 2020


    Canary yellow colour matchs with…Spring harmony


    spring harmony


  7. Scarlet red colour
  8. Bold and energetic, this fiery red colour will make you feel confident and powerful. While there are thousands of ways to wear it, consider first trying it with one piece at a time, especially if a total red look feels too overwhelming.

    scarlet red colour spring summer trend 2020

    For example, try wearing a red jumper or a jacket (we did here) over a dress or your favourite denim to turn up the drama and create an eye-catching ensemble.
    scarlet red colour spring summer trend 2020


    Scarlet red colour matchs with…Winter harmony


    winter harmony


  9. Beige colour
  10. The streets have been flooded by this colour in all its forms, as it can be expected this time of year. We’ve seen it on trench coats mostly, but it’s also been popping up on trousers or knitwear, tops and dresses for it versatility and timelessness.

    beige colour spring summer trend 2020

    What’s one fun way to give it a twist? Animal prints! It’s the perfect way to adopt the safari trend. Don’t hesitate to invest in this colour, as it will come in handy any season of the year, every woman should own at least one piece in beige.
    beige colour spring summer trend 2020


    Beige colour matchs with…Spring & Autumn harmonies


autumn harmony
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