5 trendy prints to rock your 2022

5 trendy prints to rock your 2022

19 January, 2022

Our Personal Shoppers show you how to wear the 5 trendiest prints for 2022. Choose your favourite!

Prints often take the spotlight in our outfits. This season, the possibilities are many and the combinations are endless. From paisley to classic stripes and checks, not to mention the daring animal print, keep reading to learn how to combine your favourites.

Paisley: vintage looks good on you

This is one of the most characteristic prints for bohemians and hippies during the 70s, and now it’s making a fashionable comeback. This year, brands like Etro, Chloé and Zimmerman placed their trust in it. As a result, you will find paisley prints everywhere, even trainers.

estampado paisley

How to wear it?

Create a total 70s look. Choose a mini dress with a paisley print, burgundy leather ankle boots and a faux shearling maxi coat. Bonus points if you add a wool hat to complete your look.

paisley look

Multicoloured stripes: pure optimism

Stripped clothes are basic, and multicoloured stripes are the next best thing. The colour mix will brighten your face and make your outfit more fashionable.

Louis Vuitton, Etro or Versace are only some of the brands that are adding colour to this timeless print.

estampado rayas verticales

How to wear it?

This print is quite versatile, as you can wear it in shirts, trousers, cardigans and jumpers. Then, you can add basics or combine it with more stripes for a monochrome look. But remember, if you do the latter, vertical stripes are the best option to make your figure look more slender. Our suggestion for you is a casual look: basic t-shirt, cropped leather pants, multicolour striped cardigan and trainers. Ideal for every day.

Multicoloured stripes

Plaid: timeless print for any occasion

Plaid print’s reliability and timelessness are unparalleled. This year, you will see tartan, checkerboards and grids recurrently. And, while size doesn’t matter this season, sobriety and neutral tones are the ones that will take the lead.

estampado cuadros

How to wear it?

Go for a street look with a long knitted dress and military boots. Throw in a plaid blazer and you are golden.

plaid blazer outfit

Animal print: concrete jungle favourite

Animal print reinvents itself once again, in every possible style and format. Leopard spots and zebra stripes are what’s in. You may see both of them combined in the same item, but also on their own. This trend is full of energy and wearable for both day and night looks.

estampado animal 2022

How to wear it?

Let your wild side out and combine a knitted jumper in animal print with a pleated skirt, also animal print. A black belt with golden details will give your outfit an elegant touch. To complete your outfit, wear a pair of crocodile-pattern boots in black. That is as trendy and chic as it gets.

animal print outfit

Nordic print: warm up your winter looks

The patterns of the Alps inspired this homely print. This season, they are especially common in knitted jumpers. A lovely and vintage style that will make you feel cosy and warm.

Estampado nórdico

How to wear it?

Combine a fretwork jumper with white culotte jeans and suede boots in camel. If you add a khaki coloured parka, your outfit will be flawless.

Nordic print look

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25 January, 2022
no animal prints please i like downwards stripes
25 January, 2022
There seems to be a lot of browns! I love paisley and animal print (not brown)
25 January, 2022
I prefer Khaki to brown, I don’t like orange I prefer a smooth finish over the stomach area as I think gathers make me feel bigger. I’m happy to try new things though
25 January, 2022
Love paisley midi or maxi dress.
Marilyn James;
25 January, 2022
Not a fan of animal or flowery prints. Brown does not suit me!
Jacqueline Black;
25 January, 2022
I love the blue paisley dress and military boots so cool
Shirley mumford;
25 January, 2022
Love a downward stripe. Love a blazer with a pair of jeans
Carol Mounteney;
26 January, 2022
I like the plaid designs and Nordic prints and the multi coloured strips
Grace Fields;
27 January, 2022
Yes ...Paisley/browns/vertical stripes/vintage/trousers cropped...all over animal prints(tigers are my favourite animals so I thank goodness for that.I would combine with my red military coat trimmed with a fake black collar.

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