6 cool looks in trousers for spring 2022

6 cool looks in trousers for spring 2022

23 February, 2022

Our Personal Shoppers come to the rescue with these 6 astounding outfits. Find out which cuts you’ll continue to see on the streets this spring and which ones you can definitely remove from your collection. All this with practical tips for choosing the ones that best suit your body shape.

Start your wardrobe change by taking a look at your jeans and trousers collection. Over the seasons you’re sure to have accumulated different styles: mum jeans, skinny jeans, palazzo… But do they all suit your silhouette? Is there one cut you’d like to try? Are you not sure which ones would suit you best?

Which jeans will be on trend this season?

Today’s increasingly busy lifestyles demand comfy clothes that follow our pace. Jeans are now being worn baggy, with a seventies vibe and, above all, with plenty of freedom of movement so that your clothes don’t stop you when it’s time to join any plan.

Check out the jeans that will be taking over the streets this season and our experts’ ideas on how to wear them with your style.

Flare: the most stylish retro trousers

Narrow at the hips and flared from the knee: the 70s in their purest form. If they are also high-waisted, flare jeans elongate the figure in an exceptional way.

You will find them in light tones, which are ideal for boho or romantic looks, or in a darker version if you are more classic. Whatever your style, you can add a pair of flare jeans to your wardrobe and make them your new spring adventure companions.

How to wear flare jeans this spring

flare jeans spring summer trends

Take your style to the heights by styling your figure with dark-toned flare jeans and heels in a similar shade. The higher the better, because the less visible your shoes get, the taller you’ll look.

If you prefer light denim, you can create a casual look with a floral blouse and an oversized cardigan. Add a Fedora and you’re ready for any weekend outing.

Which silhouette looks best with flared jeans?

If you have an inverted triangle body type, these jeans will help you balance your lower body.
Rectangular silhouette? Their flared shape will help you create some curves. And if you’re petite, you’re in luck: with some nice heels and a high-waisted pair, you’ll visually gain a few inches.

Wide-leg jeans for a comfortable spring

We continue in our particular time capsule, as wide-leg jeans also find their moment in 70s style.

These jeans, very tight at the waist and flaring out from the hips down to the floor, can also be a good option for casual and comfortable looks.

How to wear the wide-leg jeans trend

wide leg spring summer trends 2022

Wear them long, very long, almost touching the floor. Try this all-terrain look: go for indigo blue wide-legs; combine them with a navy jumper and add a splash of colour with burgundy ankle boots and a jade green handbag – fab!

Which body type is the perfect fit for wide-leg jeans?

As we said before, the trend of wearing them very long favours taller women. So if you are above average, you’ll look great with this type of jean; but if you’re a short woman, don’t turn them down, just slip on a pair of high-heeled boots and recreate the same effect.

Show off your waist in low-rise jeans

Britney rocked them in the 2000s and now it’s your turn! Create the most rebellious and casual looks with this iconic garment that is back to adapt to new times and new ways of wearing it.

How to create a trendy outfit with low-rise jeans

low-rise jeans spring summer trends 2022

Looking for a daring look? Then try low-rise jeans and crop tops. A high-temperature-proof look.

However, if you think it’s too much, you can opt for low-rise trousers with a T-shirt and oversized blazer. The result is an outfit with a very original masculine touch.

What body type looks best in low rise jeans?

Low-rise jeans are perfect if your lower body is much longer than your upper body. Here too, taller women have an advantage. In any case, shorter tops are the best match for this type of jeans.

Raw denim: the purest trend

Old-fashioned denim, unaltered, unchanged, unmodified. This type of trousers has not undergone dyeing, so the colour is much more dark and the texture is more rigid.

How to master the raw denim trend this spring

Raw denim spring summer trends 2022

Go for a denim total look by pairing your raw denim jeans with a lighter shade of shirt. Break up the uniformity with a jumper in a vibrant shade, such as fuchsia, and pair it with trainers. Ready for the weekend!

Which figure do raw denim enhance?

Its stiffness has a great advantage: it shapes and stretches the legs. So if you’re looking for a pair of jeans to create simple looks and make sure they fit you perfectly, these are the ones for you.

Other pants on trend this spring

There is life and style beyond jeans. If you’re a 24/7 denim wearer, take a look at this duo. A casual one and a smart one: expand the possibilities of your wardrobe with a couple of additions to your bottom selection.

Joggers leave the track

Athleisure style brought them back and now they are a must-have in our most casual looks. It’s no wonder joggers are among the insiders’ favourite everyday staples.

How to create casual looks with joggers

joggers spring summer trend 2022

ABC of comfy style: beige joggers look great with trainers and a white T-shirt with a powerful message. You already have the perfect outfit for that lazy day.

Which body type looks best in joggers?

Since they are wider at the hips, joggers work great if you have fuller calves. If you wear them just above the ankles, they will help to slim your figure – whatever your silhouette, you’ll love wearing them!

Tailored trousers for your chicest spring

Every wardrobe should have at least one pair of tailored trousers: they’re a timeless piece for a reason. They make it easy to adapt trends and achieve more dressed-up looks with little effort.

The perfect way to pair tailored trousers this spring 2022

tailored trousers this spring 2022

Spring encourages us to try more colourful outfits. Add a splash of colour to your look with tailored trousers with a flowing drape in earth tones or green, a floral shirt and loafers.

What body type should you wear tailored trousers?

If you have an inverted triangle body, the flowing cut will balance your silhouette. However, the wide variety of styles within tailored trousers will allow you to wear them whatever your figure, choosing a more or less fitted cut.

Did you like our selection for this spring? Visit our blog to know more style trends for this new season.

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Janice Lambert;
27 February, 2022
I love jeans, but I need a change from wearing skinny jeans, I'm 5ft 2 and I find that most jeans I buy are too long, I ideally like my jeans to be fitted around the bum and the thigh..the width at the bottom to be like a bootleg but not to wide.
Emma Shepherd;
28 February, 2022
I love a wide leg trouser and often wear them with platform white pumps as I'm only 5'3'' and a basic t-shirt. I do like to keep the waist neat and tucked in when wearing these so they don't feel too voluminous!

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