60s style: what is it and how to wear it

60s style: what is it and how to wear it

14 March, 2022

Revolution, rock and roll and style. The 60s are back this season, and you will see a lot of familiar garments again. White boots and babydoll dresses are only two examples of this style.

Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy or Catherine Deneuve are the top references of this decade. Designers like Chanel, Valentino or Giambattista Valli are some of the designers that have brought back this style.

The must-have garments to rock the 60s style

Some pieces are directly related to this particular decade. In some cases they have remained in our wardrobes season after season, like miniskirts, and others have only made an appearance on specific occasions. Our Personal Shoppers show you the pieces that must be in your collection this season to incorporate this trend into your looks.

 must-have garments 60 style

  1. Miniskirts, the symbol of an era:
  2. Miniskirts were one of the key garments of the decade, leaving behind the image of the modest woman of previous times. It highlights and enhances the feminine silhouette, which made it increasingly popular around the world.

    This 2022 get a mini skirt and make yourself a 2-for-1: you can combine it with your sixties garments but also create outfits very much in line with the Y2K trend that we also told you about in this post.


  3. Flare trousers, iconic and groovy:
  4. Both men and women used to wear flare or also called bell-bottom trousers in the 60s and 70s. From plain denim to flower prints, these trousers were a staple in every wardrobe, and now they are in yours.

    Choose your favourite flare or even a wide-leg jean. Enjoy a spring with real freedom of movement and style.

  5. Babydoll dresses and women’s freedom:
  6. This dress has a straight cut and a trapezoid silhouette, which makes it ideal for comfort and femininity. The most prominent colours of the decade were pastel hues and polka dots. However, you can find babydoll dresses in any colour and print you want nowadays. All of this makes it a perfect example of versatility, as we have seen with street style.

    Our Personal Shoppers’ tip for this spring: wear it in original prints in casual looks. Pair it with trainers, oxfords or mary janes. Possibilities are endless!

    Babydoll dress sixties style

  7. White boots to get all the looks:
  8. White boots with a square heel remain one of the most recognizable trends of the sixties. Worn with miniskirts or dresses, they certainly add a daring touch to any look.

    We recover them today, as Jil Sander has added this footwear to his fall/winter collection.

  9. Tuxedo, always a classic:
  10. If we are going to speak about the role of tuxedo and smoking in women’s fashion, mentioning Yves Saint-Laurent is unavoidable. This designer created the first women smoking in 1966, and it shook the fashion world up. It had such a great reception that it’s now a must-have in any women’s wardrobe.

    Try this must-have in your spring looks along with other seasonal trends: vertical stripes or paisley prints, for example.

How to nail the 60s style

Simply follow the following do’s and don’ts to bring your 60s style to the next level.

  • Short dresses and miniskirts
  • Vibrant colours
  • Eye-catching patterns
  • Straight-cut, high-rise trousers.
  • Maxi dresses and long skirts
  • Dull colours
  • Utility style trousers
  • Oversized garments

Find inspiration in the 60s icons

A whole decade is long enough to name a few fashion references. But if we have to name our icons of the 60s, we’ll stick to:

60s icons

  • Jackie Kennedy: Her clean and simple style is still a fashion reference. It was common to see her wearing straight cut dresses, buttoned jackets and low heels.
  • Brigitte Bardot: Her style was more laid-back, but still iconic nowadays. She used to wear high-rise, straight-cut trousers with knitted jumpers.
  • Mary Quant: Her lady style was feminine and fun. Her clothes of choice were colourful short dresses with showy patterns.
  • Andrey Hepburn: Her effortless but recognizable style of capri trousers and fitted tops is a 60s classic. She also loved berets, which are another 60s must-have.
  • Catherine Deneuve: Trench coats, head-bands and baby collar garments were part of her signature style. She completed this look with minidresses and high boots, which are also trending today.

How to wear the 60s style this season

Fancy trying this style without giving up your own? These tips from our Personal Shoppers will make it easy.

Start with a monochrome look

Let’s start small. Dive into the different cuts of this decade by pairing a total look with a blazer and trousers in a vibrant colour for an elegant result. Nothing more sixties!

monochrome 60s look

Go one step further with a mix and match

Mixing different prints like polka dots, stripes or checks was quite common in the sixties. Get yourself a striped jumper and combine it with checked trousers to look nifty. If you would rather wear a less overstated combination, you can combine the same pattern in different sizes for a more subtle approach.

mix and match 60s look

Finish your outfit with iconic white boots

High boots are back in full swing. Back then, it was common to wear them with miniskirts and dresses. Now, combining them with loose trousers is what’s in.

 white boots 60s look

And that’s all for the sixties comeback we are seeing this season. All these colours and trends will surely inspire you to create fantastic outfits for this season. We’re eager to see what you come up with.

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