6 Daily Looks for Multitasking mums

4 June, 2019

Seven days a week never feels enough for multitasking women when it comes to getting everything done. Aside from there not being enough time in the day, when you also have to think about what to wear to every daily battle, completing your week seems almost impossible.

Daily looks

At Lookiero we are providing you with six styling options for six situations that you could encounter along the week. Including looks for day to day, and outfits to wear daily, here are seven looks for the busy 21st century woman...

Outfits for the office and parent-teacher meetings

After a full day at the office, it’s straight to a parent-teacher meeting. You need a comfortable and practical outfit that will survive an action-packed day, but that also looks elegant and chic for your parent-teacher evening.

Chino trousers in a bold colour are the perfect piece to put together a well balanced and formal look with a touch of trendiness. Add a basic shirt in a  darker tone and a white blazer to add an extra touch of luminosity to your complexion. To finalize the look, don’t forget to to wear your favourite scarf to face the ever-changing temperature without losing any style points. This is perfect if you need office looks and casual office outfits that will see you through into the evening too.

casual office outfit for summer

Looks to go to the movies

When your kids are staying at your parents’ house, there is no better occasion to enjoy a relaxing movie night with your partner and watch the latest blockbuster. Let your trendy and modern side out with an animal print shirt and your favourite jeans. A biker in pastel colours and a straw bag will complete your movie night outfit. If you’ve ever been unsure of how to dress when going to the cinema, well that problem has now been solved!




Look for a work meeting

This week you have that meeting that you have been preparing for weeks. You want to look professional and sophisticated without forgetting about being comfortable and the rest of your day to day activities. A shirt dress a neutral tone paired with a navy blazer will create a timeless and flattering outfit perfect for any occasion. A printed scarf will a touch of colour to the outfit too. This is ideal if you’re searching for looks for a summer work meeting, or looks for an informal work meeting.




How to dress for an amusement park with the kids

The weekend is here and you have a long day ahead of you outside of the house having fun with your family. Let your more casual side out with some denim overalls, very on trend this season with a basic t-shirt in a neutral tone. Let your accessories shine by choosing a faux-leather crossbody bag, and a printed scarf in bright colours. Finalize the look with some white trainers.

Look with denim overall


How to dress for your friends birthday party

Tonight is the night to celebrate your best friends birthday. It’s the perfect excuse for a get-together with friends and we want our look to be a little special. Try out a waxed midi skirt and a semi-sheer polka dot shirt.  Stilettos and some silver or gold accessories will finish the outfit off perfectly. This style is ideal if you’re on the hunt for looks for a birthday dinner - never again will you wonder how to dress for a birthday party.


Outift for a birthday party


Look for a family brunch

Looks for a family filled Sunday. After an activity-filled week, it’s time for a nice Sunday lunch with your grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. Casual chic is key for these get-togethers. With good weather coming through its the perfect occasion to add that touch of colour that we are dying to wear. A pink trench will be the centre of attention of your outfit. Pair it with a slogan shirt and some distressed jeans. Don’t forget about the importance of some good accessories that will elevate your outfit from basic to street style approved. Ideal if you’re searching for outfits for brunch or looks for a casual lunch - this style is spot on.

look for a casual lunch

Now that you’re armed with seven looks for seven occasions dressing for the week ahead is made simple. For further tips and ideas to dress for your lifestyle, the Lookiero stylists can help.



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4 June, 2019
I’m not very good at coordinating serrated pieces so would appreciate a good overlap of the 5 items. Smart/casual for work/evening please. Thanks Mandy
10 June, 2019
I find the looks you send me to always look very mature (because I'm over 40 with 2 kids???). I'm a size 8 for 1m71! Please can I have some outfits that do not look "mumsy" I think there is a middle ground between Ariana Grande & Theresa May. Lots of us in our 40s still look young and fit, and we don't want to dress "age appropriate". I'm not saying mutton dressed as lamb, but we can be elegant, youthful and comfortable. Thanks ! Stephanie
10 June, 2019
I have just received my first box and are loving all off it thank you
Marie Draper;
18 June, 2019
I only like these colours black, grey, brown beige and a a dark blue, and I don’t like short skirts, I thought I’d just let you know thank you

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