7 Days and 7 Looks to Boost Your Mood While Working from Home

7 Days and 7 Looks to Boost Your Mood While Working from Home

23 March, 2020

These are trying times in which most of us will have to work from home. That doesn’t mean that we have to be in our pyjamas all day. According to psychology experts, maintaining our usual routine of taking a shower and getting dressed as if we were going to work helps uplift our mood. With this in mind, we’d like to cheer up your days with 7 look ideas to wear while working from home.


monday look working from home
A classic Breton stripe top, will add light to our outfits (and our mood!). Wear it with cute khaki culottes, as shown here, and you will have a basic, comfortable and flattering work from home ensemble.


tuesday outfit
Nothing better than a bright green hue and romantic ruffles to lift those spirits! To make it super homey and cosy add a matching cardigan and your favourite skinny jeans. Keep that motivation going!


wednesday outfit
You’re going to love this one for its urban feel, and how comfortable it is for tending to your many work-from-home duties. A graphic jumper and boyfriend jeans will put you in the right mindset to get stuff done while looking awesome for your virtual meetings.


thursday outfit
Let’s boost that mood with some pumpkin spice! This colourful cardigan will lift your spirit and look amazing with a trendy micro print blouse. To keep it comfy, opt for loose-fitting linen trousers. Ready to work!


friday look
This is such an easy piece to wear that will come in handy for any in-house and out of the house duties (when the time arrives). Dare to embrace sophistication; even if you’re working alone from home, it will make you feel amazing. Wear it with a lingerie top underneath, allowing the lace show a bit. The look of the sexy neckline will give your mood that much-needed boost!


saturday outfit
Just because we’re staying home on a Saturday doesn’t mean we cannot make it special. Cook a lovely dinner and dress up! Don’t hesitate to bring out your sensual side by partnering a lingerie top with a side slit skirt. Top it off with a denim shirt if you want to make it soberer and enjoy your Saturday in style.


sunday outfit
We’ve done an incredibly stylish week so far, so now’s not the time to quit! What better than an infusion of colour like this mustard jumper to close of the week? Add these super streamlining pinstripe palazzo trousers to channel your inner working girl, because no matter where you are, you’re always the boss!


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