7 outfits ideas for 7 days in August

7 August, 2019

I totally get it - finding style inspiration for daily outfits throughout the year can be a real challenge. Time and time again I hear people saying that they struggle with everyday styles and weekly looks, particularly in the summer. The trick is to invest in a few key pieces that you can interchange and wear throughout the summer months. With August now in full swing, it’s time to figure out how to dress in the summer.

Monday outfit: Flowy striped trousers and a lacy top

Flowy striped trousers and a lacy top

Style a flowy lace top with a pair of flowy colourful trousers and you’ll look perfect for a walk on the beach or having something to drink at a Marbella terrace. Don’t forget a minimal camel purse to add that all important chic finishing touch.

Tuesday outfit: Floral print long jumpsuit

Floral print long jumpsuit

Take advantage of the good weather and the sun - wear an all over floral outfit with a flowy jumpsuit in a floral print. Add some wedge espadrilles and you’ll be ready to go to the beach and dressed up enough for lunch overlooking the ocean.

Wednesday outfit: Printed trousers with a linen mustard coloured top

Printed trousers with a linen mustard coloured top

Heading out for a some drinks at the bar and a night of dancing? Make a bold statement with a mustard top combined with some flowy printed trousers. You can bust a move with this look and still be comfortable and stylish.

Thursday outfit: Denim shorts with a sleeveless striped shirt

Denim shorts with a sleeveless striped shirt

Looking for casual and relaxed look to start your day off right? Pair a sleeveless light shirt with some denim shorts. This is an outfit with urban and dynamic touches, perfect for going to the market or the tourism office or wherever the day takes you. Opt for a pair of sandals or sneakers if you have a very busy day on your feet.

Friday outfit: Frill skirt and a earth toned top

Frill skirt and a earth toned top

Do you have a barbeque in the horizon? This is the perfect occasion to wear a feminine look with a light country touch. You’ll look perfect in the garden with a spaghetti strap top in an earthy tone paired with a light frilly skirt in a floral print. Add a wicker bag to keep your cell phone and anything else you may need!

Saturday outfit: floral print denim with a coral tshirt

floral print denim with a coral tshirt

Tired of being on the beach and laying out in sun so much? Our proposal for in-between weather with summer colours: a basic t-shirt in a salmon colour paired with some floral print jeans. Super on trend as well as effortless.

Sunday outfit: floral maxi dress

floral maxi dress

Want to feel light, feminine and comfortable this summer? There is no better option than  this maxi dress in a floral print. This will give you a subtle boho flare and will look great with your tan. A versatile piece that you can wear in any occasion.

Comfortable styles for whole week in august

When you have the right knowledge and pieces in your wardrobe, it’s easy to put together on-trend and comfortable styles for the whole week, even during the hottest month of the year. I find many people worry about how to dress in the heat, but armed with a few beautiful items you can be confident in your summer style. For more advice on how to dress this summer, I’m always on hand to help. Never again will you wonder what to wear in summer.


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