12 July, 2019

It’s officially poolside season! While this is great news and presents a fantastic opportunity to relax, socialise and cool off in the heat, many of us worry about what we should wear. At the pool we want to be stylish as well as comfortable, making this a tricky style to get right. At Lookiero we’ve put together 7 looks to bake in the sun and take a dip in the pool, while ensuring you’re comfortable and on-trend. Read on to discover 7 looks to go to the pool this summer...

Outfit 1: Jean shorts with paisley print

For a comfortable and colourful outfit combine some jean shorts with a paisley print shirt and a straw shopper bag. This is comfortable look and won’t date or go out of fashion. So if you don’t have any of these three items don’t hesitate to invest in them as you will get years of use out of each piece.

Short jeans with a paisley print shirt

Outfit 2: Summer and colourful jumpsuit

If you are looking for multitasking look with which you can go to work, to the pool or to run errands, this Summer you can’t overlook the jumpsuit. A jumpsuit and a playsuit will be a must in your wardrobe. For the chillier days choose a loose fitting jumpsuit with a tropical print that will add extra luminosity to your face. Combine it with some wedge sandals and mustard coloured bag and you’ve got the perfect outfit to go to the pool in.

Colourful jumpsuit


Outfit 3: Striped loose trousers and white blouse

Put your white blouse you have in your wardrobe to good use with some navy striped loose trousers and a camel coloured bag.  A fresh look made up by must have summer pieces for these summer looks.

Navy striped loose trousers and white blouse

Outfit 4: Aspen gold colour top with black shorts

If you don't want to go unnoticed choose a top in Aspen gold colour, even though it feels that we’ve seen many items in this colour and it may in some sense overused, there is still a lot more summer ahead of us for which this colour is perfect. Pair it with some distressed shorts and a ethnic style bags in beige, black and yellow tones.

Black shorts with aspen gold colour top


Outfit 5: Vertical stripes summer dress

A dress with vertical stripes is a safe bet to elongate your figure. Pair this midi cut dress in that print with some straw wedges and a shopper bag. This is a warm toned pairing that will always make you look perfect.

Vertical stripes dress


Outfit 6: Floral top with high waisted skirt

Take years off yourself with a floral print top and some high waisted shorts in the perfect Summer colour: living coral. Add a shopper bag in a beige colour you’ll look beautiful and youthful.

Floral top with high waisted skirt

Outfit 7: Short jumpsuit

As we’ve said before for summer you’ll need a jumpsuit and a playsuit. Show off this second option in those hot summer days. This single item  will enhance your figure and ensure you’re comfortable all day long. Pair it with a mustard coloured bag.

Short jumpsuit


A pool party or day at the pool is the perfect chance to experiment with your style and find a look you really love. For more advice and ideas for poolside style, the Lookiero Stylists are always happy to help.

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