All about: The Lookiero sales!

2 January, 2019

Welcome to the Lookiero sales! An easy, stress-free and comfortable way to enjoy all the benefits of sale season without any of the hassle. Have a look at how our sales work:

Dates: All Lookiero boxes that you receive in between the 10th and 31st of January will contain marked down items. So, in order to benefit from our sales, you must select to receive your box in between the 10th and 31st of January, both days included. If your Lookiero suscription is scheduled for later than the 31st of January, you can change the delivery day from your account to enjoy the sales season.

On sale clothing: Your Lookiero box will include a combination of sale items and new arrivals. This way you will be able to enjoy clothing with a 15%, 30% or 50% markdown as well as stay ahead of the new season trends.

Sales: If you keep all five items, you will benefit from the 15%, 30% or 50% discount on the sale items, as well as an additional 25% off on the new season clothing.

The best way to enjoy sales shopping this year!  Order now and enjoy up to 50% discount.


Jane Wade
Great - my box arrives on the 9th!!!! Guess I will just send it all straight back then, knowing someone receiving it a day later gets it cheaper. Well done Lookiero, was almost convinced by your service.
8 January, 2019
I cant sign in I was ment 2grt my box on the 7th and I got it on the 9th how can I return the things I don't want?
11 January, 2019
I need this question answered as soon as possible plz
11 January, 2019
Donna wright
Why are you taking payment when ALL of the goods have been sent back to you...
29 January, 2019

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