Why not be Avant Garde This Season with Arty Prints?

22 September, 2020

Arty Print in Focus

Artistic movements continue to break boundaries, spilling into fashion. The great leap came from Schiaparelli and surrealism, mixing fashion and art, introducing the world to Arty Print for the first time. Contemporary designers incorporate graphics and colour (or both) to add a little flair to everyday pieces, with the fusion of clothing and art an extension to artists’ canvases.

Arty Prints for Every Occasion

If you’re considering an avant-garde look this season, there are many different types of arty prints available.

  1. Angle for geometric:
  2. Discover patterns from optical art, the memphis style, African prints. Each with its own personality and unique energy.

  3. Embrace anthropomorphic figures:
  4. Mostly faces but also hands and complete bodies – as if fashion is humanising itself. Figures appear in all types of clothing and in drawing, collage, abstract and photo.

  5. Choose William Morris prints:
  6. The founder of the Arts & Crafts-created designs, inspired by nature and occasionally bordering on abstraction. William Morris prints were originally designed for wallpapers and upholstery but they’ve found their way into our closets.

  7. Splash some spots around:
  8. Colour is a great resource to add value to clothing and styles. Playing with spots is straightforward with fabulous results! They don’t go out of style easily, but consider the spot size. Either go for large or small. Anything in between could risk looking like its own pattern.

Experiment with arty and geometric trends

  • Love the versatility. These trends are great for any woman – from the most daring to the most tactful.
  • Get creative! The key is to make it yours by creating very personal and unique looks.
  • Accentuate your best features. Use patterns to balance your silhouette and style.
  • Stay Positive. In times of uncertainty, colorful and patterned fashion can be a reminder to remain optimistic. Tell the world it’s okay to be happy.

How to wear the arty print look for Autumn/Winter 2020

For work

In your spare time

For evening look

Find The Right Arty Print For Your Silhouette

The arty print trend is becoming more popular, so here are a few tips to help you let loose and embrace your inner artist.

  • Rectangular body shape: Choose a wrap dress with medium-sized marked graphic motif throughout the garment.
  • Oval and diamond silhouette: Move the print away from the center of your body. Direct attention wherever you want by accentuating it more (a loose-knit jumper with a print on the shoulder, a carefully placed scarf will show off an arty print with grace, a fun pair of pants with a smooth top will do it too).
  • Inverted triangular body shape: A V-neck top will add some style to your outfit. For a spectacular look, choose a retro print in serene but luminous tones.
  • Hourglass silhouette: A knitted Maxi Dress with a print. Add a belt, a male vest, or blazer to cover the contour.

3 ways to wear the arty print look for Autumn/Winter 2020

If you want to play it safe

If you’re looking for a little risk

If you really want to go all out

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Lorraine Garmston;
6 October, 2020
Omg I love the Avant Garde clothes, this trend is amazing. I love the trousers and the jumpers on every one and the dress and biker jacket is life!!! Honestly everything is gorgeous I love it all!!

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