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Ask our Personal Shoppers: Style and Fashion questions

25 May, 2021

At Lookiero, our Personal Shoppers are here to make you feel the best version of yourself. We truly think that every woman has the power to feel and look fabulous, and we want to help you believe in yourself!

Our bodies are constantly changing. Some clothes fit better than others at different stages in our lives, and our focus on our bodies changes. Our self-confidence can be affected by things that at other times appear minor, and parts of your body, such as your hips or your belly, can bring you down temporarily, even if they had never bothered you before.

We receive many fashion and style questions every day, and here are some of the questions we have prepared to ensure you feel amazing in your body, whatever the circumstances.

Question 1: “I have quite wide hips and struggle finding trousers or dresses that make me look good.” Alicia

Ainhoa, Personal Shopper at Lookiero, says

“There is nothing more beautiful than the natural shape of our bodies! Our bodies are unique, and I would love to help you. I would encourage you to enhance your silhouette, rather than trying to hide your figure. Here are my tips!

If you just want to emphasise your hips without putting the focus solely on them, your ideal trousers would be high-waisted and slightly stretchy. Flared trousers can help to compensate for the width of your hips. You could be daring and wear these with a cropped cut, which actually helps to visually elongate the legs. Choose dark colours for your bottoms and draw the eye to your top with prints or bright tones.

You could also try mom jeans! This cut is not tight around your hips, and allows for some movement, while the fabric tapers down towards the ankle. It’s a trendy shape that allows you to show off your hips without making them the only focus of your outfit, for example by wearing a crop top, as before. This is a great way to show off your curves!

black wide legs trousers look
white wide leg trousers

Finally, if you’re a big fan of skinny, slim or cigarette trousers, you can wear them by being clever with contrasting styles. A floaty blouse or a mid-length tunic will allow you to soften the line of your hips, while showing off your legs.

As for dresses, I’d advise you to try on styles that are fitted at the waist and flared at the hips, such as skater dresses. Long or midi dresses also work well, as long as you choose a slightly higher waistline and a straight shape. Just avoid flashy prints around the hips!

line a black dress

Finally, if you like heels, enjoy them! They’ll help to give the illusion of longer legs, while adding an inch or two of height!”

Question 2: “Can you help me find some casual styles to go out in the evening? I’m stuck at my little black dress and I’d like some more ideas. Thank you!” Marta

“Everyone has a trusty LBD in their wardrobe. But while basics are essential, it’s important to get out of your comfort zone and try some more interesting looks.

Take for example the classic white t-shirt. We are so used to wearing it with traditional blue jeans or coloured jogging bottoms, we forget how to use it in a different look. To create a casual evening look, pair your white T-shirt with a high-waisted pencil skirt (or palazzo trousers if you’re more comfortable in trousers). You can choose a skirt with a waxed, shiny or even lurex effect: your basic top allows you to experiment with the texture of your bottoms.

white tshirt outfit

Even your most basic jeans can become an asset in the evening, if you know how to boost your look a little. Pair a simple pair of trousers with a pretty top or an interesting neckline, and finish off your look with a trendy blazer in a bright colour or a maxi print.”

Question 3: “I’ve been trying for years to define my waistline while hiding my belly… Could you please help me?” Katie

“Of course I can! Many of you have asked this question before. I want you to know that it’s possible to flatter your figure by highlighting your waistline, without focusing on your tummy.

I would advise avoiding elastic outfits, which hug your entire shape (and not just the waist!).

My first tip is to choose an adjustable belt that you can use to highlight your waist.

You can also use different materials and patterns, and have fun with volumes! A pleated, semi-rigid fabric, for example, allows you to wear a slim-fitting dress that cleverly flares out above the belly, without completely sticking to your curves. Irregular prints, such as polka dots or natural/exotic patterns, create a visual effect that neutralizes any volume below the waist.

polka dots midi dress
pink midi dress

Stand in front of the mirror and experiment by placing a belt at different heights, until you find your sweet spot! You may be surprised by the result; try it on pieces you are not used to wearing!”

Do you have questions about your shape, or how to make a certain style or look work for your body? Ask our Personal Shoppers in the comments!

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Style Tips From Lookiero's Personal Shoppers

Ask our Personal Shoppers: Style and Fashion questions

Helen Shaw;
17 August, 2021
I would like to receive floral dress. Jacket, pretty tops , cardigan, boots , I am size 4 in boots wide feet.
Lookiero Team;
18 August, 2021
Hi Helen, Thank you for your comment! We can see that your first order was shipped already but hope that you will love the first selection 💗 Please make sure to leave detailed comemtns for your stylist so she knows what to improve/change/add to your next box.

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