Athleisure Style Guide 2020

Ready, Set, Go for your Athleisure Style Guide 2020

6 October, 2020

What is sporty fashion style?

It’s that place where sport meets style. Sporty Style. The name comes from a mix of Athletic and Leisure (obviously). Broadly speaking, it’s sport or technical wear inspired by running or yoga but worn with style.

You’ve seen the look out in the wild thanks to Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Hailey Bieber. The sporty chic look has been popular lately with so many of us spending so much more time at home.

Bring out your sportswear and break the norm by adding it to your day-to-day. It’s not a passing trend, it’s a new style. So let’s embrace your Athleisure look 2020.

athleisure style inspo


Characteristics of the sport style

How do you spot Athleisure street style? It’s a mix of comfy, yet stylish clothes, clean cuts and technical materials with a logo. Sportswear with urban or chic outfits. Accessorise the look with sneakers, waist packs or backpacks.

Check our five sporty picks for Athleisure Style 2020

Wondering how to have a sporty style? Fear not, we can help.

  1. Keep comfy with a wardrobe classic

    hoodie athleisure style


  3. Stay ahead of the day in comfy joggers
  4. Whatever your day has in store, comfy joggers will keep you feeling relaxed and ready for anything.

    joggers for athleisure look


  5. Get the tank top look
  6. This sporty classic is great for feeling comfy indoors, or outdoors with a hoody over the top.

    tank top for athleisure outfit


  7. Stay dry stay cool
  8. From an early-morning run to keeping dry on the school run, lightweight raincoats are a seasonal must have.

    raincoat for athleisure style


  9. Go sporty in a minimal sport dress
  10. Bring a touch of elegance to your relaxed days with this minimal sport dress.

    minimal dress for athleisure stye


How to make Athleisure look good


Go for pieces with elastic for a great fit. Add shirts or blouses to your sporty look.
Choose sneakers for that classic sporty look. Opt for boho garments.
Mix oversize and body-tight pieces Blend delicate or sheer fabric.


Our Athleisure look collections.

  • Get the casual sport look
  • Keep it casual and sporty with this autumnal-coloured collection.

    casual sport look


  • Step out in the chic sport look
  • Who said sporty can’t be chic? Keep it stylish in this monotone collection.

    chic sport look


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19 May, 2021
Love the wide leg high waist look. I have short legs about a 30” and don’t like pants to drag.

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