The Ultimate Beachwear Guide According to Your Body Type

The Ultimate Beachwear Guide According to Your Body Type

7 July, 2020

Finding the perfect bikini is no easy feat. This is why at Lookiero we want to help you find the best swimwear and beach clothing to make you feel and look amazing.

Instead of worrying about the body parts you don’t like so much, focus on functionality and enhancing your personal style. These will be your tools to really make the best of your days at the beach.

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bañador color pastel para pieles pálidas
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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit or Bikini

  • Try everything on! Forget your imperfections and go ahead and experiment with new cuts.
  • Whenever you hesitate between one size or another, go for the small one. This type of garment tends to stretch, so it is advisable to wear it tighter than loose.
  • Ditch trendy silhouettes that don’t suit you, take the trend to your ground. This SS20 offer is super interesting and diverse, study your strengths and weaknesses and objectively value your priorities because you can’t do it all! Focus on looking fabulous and not your flaws.
  • Be seriously stylish about going to the beach as much as dressing up for dinner. Forget that anything goes for the beach. Get prepped! Sure there’s no makeup, probably. But get your creams and sun protective hair and skin products and accessories in check. Hydrated glowy skin and hair in place can make a difference. These styling details will make you feel spectacular.

What’s the best beachwear for my body type?

Full Bust

  • Opt for styles that guarantee great support. Beware of too exposed necklines. Sporty bikinis are trending, as well as high-waisted or low-waisted swimsuits with a slightly square neckline. They support bigger breasts with from C cups onwards.
  • Avoid prints, textures, zippers, ruffles on the upper part of your body. Nothing that adds extra volume. However, the asymmetries in the shape of trikinis or bikinis with a low neckline could work for you (and they are super sophisticated).
  • If you opt for bikinis, look for brands that allow you to separately choose the size of the top and the bottom. Having a size 36 and a bra size 85 B is not the same as having a 36 and a bra size 85 D.

Complete the beach look with a knit top.

The knit helps enhance curves without adding more volume. If you choose the right neckline, your look will be a success.

yellow V top for full bust

The knit helps enhance curves without adding more volume. If you choose the right neckline, your look will be a success.

Small Bust

  • First, having a small bust can be an asset. Consider all of the necklines with low-cuts and revealing styles you can try without looking like you are showing too much.
  • You can adopt the underwire or padding for a fuller effect if that’s what you want. But if you want to ‘fake it’ then styles like a triangle, tie-front, or halter can make your chest look bigger. Adjustable straps are also helpful.


bikini for small bust


Complete the beach look with a halter neck top.

Take advantage of being able wear necklines that free you from the bra. Halters are great.

halter neck top


Tip to make the legs look longer

Try high-waisted bikini bottoms that sit at the narrowest part of your torso to highlight your curves. Go for scalloped edges to give your booty a boost.

Complete the look with a playsuit.



The more leg you show the more it lengthens and if you combine this with a heel or platform, the optical effect will be very marked.

Tip if you have a long torso

A long torso isn’t necessarily about your height. It’s more about the length of your body overall. For one-piece suits, opt for adjustable straps, halter t necks, bandeau tops, and deep-V cuts. High cut styles will work really well too both for bikinis and one-piece. Also side cutouts, deep backs, belts, and color blocking will elongate legs.

Add a low-rise playsuit to complete the look.


green playsuit


Flaunt booty

Opt for Brazilian style bottoms, especially ones that land in the middle of the buttock,

What’s the difference between thong, tanga, or Brazilian cut?

A Brazilian bikini bottom is usually a small triangle on the rear similar to the front. Thongs expose your derriere entirely while a tanga is a modified version of the thong which offers a little bit more coverage with a small triangle similar to the front.

As for the colors, you should choose bright and prints, as they will add even more emphasis to the area.

Complete the beach look with a knit pencil skirt.


knit pencil skirt


Tips for concealing the belly:

  • Think of a bandeau top with a high-waisted brief with bandage details or ruching at the sides to cover up the midsection—so you wouldn’t worry about a muffin top. Just opt for ones that sit on the slimmest part of your waist to give the illusion of hourglass body shape.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable in a bikini, think of a swimsuit or tankini with a flattering fit. While a V-neck swimsuit takes the attention off your belly, ones with draping and designed with tummy coverage are the best. Also, take advantage of tankini tops in draped fabric with gentle ruching or ruffles. You may want to opt for styles that can take you from beach to the bar when paired with linen trousers.
  • Be strategic with prints, color blocking, slimming panels, and ruching. Do you know these details will add some flair to your look while camouflaging your flaws? No one will ever know you’re trying to hide anything.

Complete the look with a sarong tied around your waist.

Whether you opt for a bikini, tankini, or swimsuit, a strategically tied sarong will do the tricks for you. Just choose ones with stylish prints, as well as sarongs that can double up as a skirt or even a dress.

Tips for concealing hips:

  • To balance your disproportionately wide hips, draw the attention upwards with a statement top, be it a color, print, or design—and pair it with a dark colored bikini bottom. However, avoid bottoms with elastic bands and side detailing like crochet, metal accents, and cutouts. The same rule applies to swimsuits and tankinis.
  • Elongate your legs with high-waisted bikini bottoms in high-cut, and avoid full-coverage boy shorts that will only make your hips look wider. However, avoid too high leg opening that exposes too much skin. You may think of belted bottoms as well to draw the attention to your waist instead of your hips.
  • Slim down your hips with vertical stripes or contrasting panels. If you’re looking for more coverage, think of a one-piece swimdress with fit-and-flare design, which works as a cover-up and swimsuit at the same time.

Complete the look with a flared top

The flared waist will not only help you conceal the area but will also give you comfort.

Best swimsuit styles if you’re inverted triangle shaped

  • Since your goal is to balance your broad shoulders or full bust, opt for simple bikini tops in plain colors or minimal prints. Avoid bright colors, loud prints, and embellishments that draw attention on your top part.
  • Think of sweetheart or V-neck bikini tops, and avoid too high neckline. It’s better to opt for wider straps that give good support, and avoid bandeaus and tube tops. You may choose bikini bottoms in low-rise or mid-rise styles to draw the attention to your waist and hips. Halter swimsuits with high-cut leg opening are flattering too.
  • Adding volume to your bottom balances your broad shoulders. Opt for statement bikini bottoms with bright colors, eye-catching prints, embellishments, or ruffles.

If you have saddlebags:

  • Drawing the attention to your top half is a great trick, so choose bikini tops with statement prints, interesting embellishments, lace-up details or even ruffles.
  • Avoid high-leg cuts that will only draw the attention to your flaws. Instead, opt for boy short style bottoms with a flatter
  • Opt for subtly ruffled or skirted bikini bottoms to hide saddlebags. If you need a greater coverage, think of a swimdress instead, as well as tankini tops with asymmetric hems.

Complete the look with an A line dress, sarong, or jacket-style cover-ups


line A dress


Best swimsuit styles if you’re rectangle shaped:

  • Your goal is to make shoulders and hips look a little wider and the waist smaller. Think of bikini tops and bottoms with lots of details to create illusion of curves. Bold colors, busy prints, ruffles, tassels, and embellishments are great options.
  • Swimsuits with front ribbon tie details, as well as tie-sided bikini bottoms are flattering too. Avoid bandeau bikini tops, and opt for asymmetrical necklines instead to break up the boxy shape.
  • To create the illusion of waist, you may think of swimsuits with side cutouts and higher cut leg opening. Think of bikini bottoms with princess seams and draping that help create curves too.

How to Enhance Your Tan

When it comes to the perfect swimwear to show off your tan, opt for starker color contrast between your bikini and your skin.

  • If you have a pale to light skin tone, choose dark and cool shades that contrast with your skin like purple, red, emerald green, and navy blue. Avoid swimwear in white, black, and yellow that will only make you look paler.
  • If you have a golden skin tone, you will look great both in warm and cool colors. While you might want to avoid nudes and yellows at the beginning of your holidays, you can wear every shade that you like once you get the summer tan.
  • If you have a dark skin tone, think of white, yellow or gold swimsuit, as well as ones in brighter shades to make your tan more visible. Just make sure to test how see-through it is before you get in the water. If you want a trendy, statement-making look, think of neon colored bikinis with black outlines that give a stark contrast to your tan.
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