The most flattering dresses for wide hips

Best Dresses For Wide Hips According To Personal Shoppers

2 August, 2021

The most flattering dresses for wide hips

At Lookiero, we love finding clothes and looks that suit you and help you feel comfortable and confident, no matter your body shape. For any of us, it is not always easy to find the right clothes to enhance our figures by ourselves and, for this reason, our Personal Shoppers have put together a selection of dresses that would be perfect for women with prominent hips: cuts, fabrics and colours that will flatter your proportions, help balance your figure and fit you like a glove!

What styles of dress are best for wide hips?

If you have wide hips and you’re looking for the dresses that will be the most flattering for your body, have a little look for the following:

Emphasise an hourglass figure with a belted dress

Belted or fitted dresses are perfect to flatter silhouettes with more prominent hips, as they visually reduce the area.

floral dress
floral dress

We recommend that you choose a belt in the same colour or print as the dress to avoid creating a cut between the upper and the lower part of the body, which can have an unflattering effect. In Summer, choose a floral print dress with a full skirt and wear it with some wedge espadrilles for a comfortable, flattering look!

Show off some cleavage with a V-neck dress

If you have narrow shoulders and prominent hips, you can also focus on emphasising your top half. V-neck or Bardot necklines show off your shoulders and help to balance your figure.

V-neck dress
V-neck dress

If you are looking for a Summer evening dress, try a black dress fitted at the waist with a V-neckline. Add a metallic clutch and black heeled sandals and you’ll be ready in a flash!

Want to wear your black dress during the day? Swap your heels for trainers and add a leather or pleather biker jacket. You’ll get a perfectly flattering casual look.

Enhance your waist and conceal your hips with an A-line dress

An A-line dress helps to balance your silhouette because it accentuates your waist while concealing the hip area.

V-neck dress
V-neck dress

You can wear a long strappy dress with a subtle ruffle at the hem, or a more flared, floaty dress to the knees.

You can get a very sophisticated look by mixing your A-line dress with a blazer. However, if you’re looking for a more casual style, just throw a knitted jumper over it.

Balance your hips and upper body thanks to a dress with puff sleeves

Just like V or Bardot necklines, puff sleeves add volume to your top half and help balance any visual difference between the shoulder area and the hips. If your body is more of a triangle silhouette, this cut of dress would work wonderfully for you.

dress with puff sleeves
dress with puff sleeves

A long dress in a block colour will create a vertical line that will be visually slimming; just add a pair of heeled sandals or kitten heels for a speedy and stylish outfit!

Are you still not sure what kind of dress to choose to flatter your hip area? Send a message to your Lookiero Personal Shopper and get personalised advice and looks tailored to your specific requirements.

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Debbie pope;
15 August, 2021
I love the red floral dress and a white dress with a v kneckline. I love lace, frills and broadanglea.

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