best dresses for rectangular body types

How to choose the best dresses for rectangular body types

14 October, 2020

All body shapes are gloriously unique. Understanding which type of look best suits yours is really useful when finding dresses that really work with your silhouette. So let’s take a look at the best dresses for rectangular body shapes.

Which are the best dresses for a rectangle body type?

Four ways to make your silhouette shine:

  • Go for dresses adjusted at the top with a subtle volume from the waist down. Lady-type dresses or peplum dresses are good examples.
  • Avoid fitted dresses and dresses without cuts. They highlight your rectangular silhouette.
  • Accentuate your feminine silhouette with the hourglass effect, all you need is a belt.
  • Choose dresses with puffed sleeves or cut-out dresses.

Look great in a short dress


Go for a stylish look in a v-neck dress that shows your neckline. If you’re looking to redefine your silhouette, batwing sleeves are a great ally.

With short dresses, the skirt’s movement favours this body type and creates a harmonious figure while folding around the waist (check out the blue dress) to make your stomach look tighter.

Impress in a long dress

Choose floral print dresses with puffed sleeves to bring volume to your upper body. The band on the stomach defines your waist and the flowing drape stylises the silhouette without adding volume.

Monocolour dresses with a flared cut are flattering and elegant thanks to their subtle, flowing drape. Combining a fitted upper part with buttons at the front enhances your chest.

Dress for the night

Planning a night out? A modern-cut dress and a print will flatter your shape. The band on the waist stylises your upper body and you can balance your silhouette with its flowing drape.

Black fitted dresses, or dark dresses, help to create a stylish figure. With a cut-out over the stomach, it’s perfect to visually separate the upper body from the bottom, creating an hourglass effect to turn heads.

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