Los mejores tops de verano para mujeres con pecho grande Lookiero

The best summer tops for big bust

23 May, 2022

Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and have fantastic options when it comes to fashion, and ladies with a larger bust are no exception. If you have ever struggled with finding top parts due to your body shape, worry not; there is an outfit out there for you, and it is probably easier than you thought.

Spoiler alert: the neckline is key.

Following a previous post on how to choose the right necklines for you, we have created this mini-guide for you to find the ideal tops for your warm weather outfits. Whether you want to bedazzle everyone around you or find an everyday look that will embrace your curves elegantly, you are in the right place.

Our Personal Shoppers’ tips for big bust

Remember that sweetheart and square necklines will work well with your body shape, but those are not your only options.

While there are many garments you could go for successfully, the first thing you need to know is what effect you want to achieve with your outfit. Based on that, you can start looking for the top that matches your criteria, and coordinate them properly with the rest of your outfit.

If you want to conceal your bust:

We usually think that wearing a high neck top will help you hide your breast, but in fact the opposite is true, as it will create a large bulk and have the opposite effect. Try a V-neckline instead; they are perfect if you don’t want to highlight this part of your body, as it will create less bulk around it. Also, avoid tops that are printed and/or too tight, as they will draw attention there.

If you want to enhance your bust:

The right undergarment is the key to enhance a big breast, that’s for sure. If you want to highlight your bust, you may opt for anything that supports that part, like wrap tops or tops with underwires. And, although it may sound counter-intuitive, you will want to avoid anything too oversized and big, because it won’t give you the support you need and will make your upper part just look bigger without having the enhancing effect you are looking for.

The best tops and blouses for big breasted women

Now that you know how to achieve the effect you want with your clothing, we present you with three of our personal favourite top garments for this summer, that will also be especially flattering for you. These are the must-have tops for big-chested women this summer.

Strap top with a V-Neck

  • Why this top?
  • The cut under the breast is perfect to give support to the upper part, enhancing this zone. Furthermore, the straps and the v-neck will help you avoid drawing too much attention to your bust.

  • Wear it in this look: beach day
  • Combine your strap top with beige shorts and black sandals for a great beach outfit. Complete your look with a white cap to protect you from the sun, and a wicker bag to carry your towel in. Great to go to enjoy the sun or take a walk by the sea.

v-neck top pink
v-neck top pink

Billowy wrap-top

  • Why this top?

The wrap-top is a perfect choice if you want support in an elegant and chic way. Opt for a fluid fabric, and go for light-coloured prints or, better yet, a solid colour that suits your colourimetry best.

  • Wear it in this look: boho chic
  • A wrap top like this one is best worn with high-waist jeans that will help you enhance your silhouette, and a pair of heeled espadrilles in écru tones. To round off your outfit, you just need a small black bag and a pair of sunglasses. Ready for the summer days!

    green wrap top outfit
    green wrap top

    Fitted V-Neck blouse

    • Why this top?
    • This type of blouse is perfect because it has a v-neck (that you can further enhance by unbuttoning) and a cut on the waist that will help you create an hourglass silhouette and harmonise your body. Colourful prints will contribute to further highlight your body shape.

    • Wear it in this look: everyday chic
    • White wide-legged trousers are a fantastic option to let the blouse have all the spotlight of the look, while contributing to make your figure appear taller. To put a chic touch in the look, wear patent-leather flats in a nude tone, an elegant watch in golden tones and a brown shopper bag. Easy to wear anywhere from work to your afternoon coffee with your friends.

    printed v-neck top outfit
    printed blouse with v-neck

    These are only three of our suggestions, but there are countless possibilities you can explore. You may also try combining other flattering necklines in different garments that match your shape and harmonies to create enough outfits to last you all summer. Because, ultimately, the fun part of fashion is discovering and expressing oneself.

    If you’ve liked these ideas for summer tops and looks, share them with us! And if you have any doubts about how to create looks for your own figure, your Personal Shopper is always ready to accompany you and give you advice that suits you.

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    Love the green wrap top and jeans look!

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