Your capsule wardrobe for winter 2022

Your capsule wardrobe for winter 2022 with 15 items

17 January, 2022

These 15 must-haves will be the perfect starting point to create your first capsule wardrobe in 2022. Let’s take a look at these essential pieces for your winter wardrobe.

There’s no better time than the start of a new year to get your wardrobe in order. Give the capsule wardrobe a try and you’ll see how much easier your mornings will be when choosing your looks.

Here are 15 versatile pieces, selected by our Personal Shoppers, to mix and match to create on-trend, practical looks. Check out the list and make a note of the ones you’re missing for your Personal Shopper.

The 15 essentials for your winter 2022 wardrobe capsule

If you are ready to create your capsule wardrobe for this year, keep reading. These 15 clothing items are the basics that you need to look trendy any day.

For the top part…

  • A cottagecore blouse (with puffed sleeves)
  • Cottagecore is coming back. And this time, the key is combining it with formal items to create contrast. Get yourself a countryside-style blouse.

    cottagecore blouse (with puffed sleeves)

    How to combine it?

    With feminine shoes, like kitten heels, to make your outfit more chic. Combining styles can help you create fantastic looks.

  • An animal print shirt
  • Animal print is a must. To look extra trendy, pick items that combine different patterns. This shirt should get the spotlight of your outfit by combining it with basic clothes.

    An animal print shirt

    How to combine it?

    To bring out your print, simply pair your shirt with a neutral outfit in solid colours.

  • Satin laced top
  • This top will bring sophistication and elegance to whatever you wear. Create endless looks this this femenine piece as a base.

    Satin laced top

    How to combine it?

    You may create a total satin look by combining it with a satin midi skirt for your evening plans. For an everyday look, combine the laced top with mom fit trousers, an oversized knitted cardigan and trainers.

  • A zipped sweater
  • Oversized zipper sweaters are here to stay. Get the most out of it by picking a neutral tone, so you can wear it all the season.

    A zipped sweater

    How to combine it?

    Contrast always work well: combine it with tailor trousers in the same colour to elevate your look and finish your outfit with sneakers for a casual, comfy look.

  • A varsity cardigan
  • If you still have that preppy, varsity style cardigan, bring it back from the depths of your wardrobe. You will use it a lot.

    A varsity cardigan

    How to combine it?

    You may go for a sophisticated look by wearing it closed with nothing below. Or, you may wear it open with a hoodie or t-shirt below, if you would rather achieve a casual look.

    For the lower part…

  • Leather pants
  • Skinny fit or straight cut, leather pants are your friends. If black leather bores you, you can always go for khaki or burgundy.

    Leather pants burgundy

    How to combine them?

    For your Saturday nights out, combine them with an oversized white shirt, a navy blazer and high heels.

  • Culotte jeans
  • The perfect hybrid of skirts and trousers. Thanks to their high rise and their wide legs, they are flattering, comfortable and very versatile.

    Culotte jeans

    How to combine them?

    You may wear them with trainers or heels, or even with boots. Your call!

  • Wide leg knitted trousers
  • These wide leg, high-rise trousers flatter our bodies like no other. We were used to seeing it in denim, and now they are back in their knitted version.

    Wide leg knitted trousers

    How to combine them?

    Go for a total monochrome look to make your figure look more slender, regardless of the fabric. As a finishing touch, combine it with heeled ankle boots to look extra dazzling.

  • High-rise tailor trousers
  • This is the basic that will save you in all those formal events that surprise you. You can even wear them in a more laid-back style without resorting to sports items.

    High-rise tailor trousers

    How to combine them?

    Today, we want to tempt you with a sophisticated look. Pair your tailor white trousers with a fitted jumper in a neutral tone. Throw in a white blazer and an extra-long trench coat to add some layering. Black stilettos and golden details will complete your look and make you feel fabulous.

    Your winning piece for an elegant outfit

  • A satin dress
  • As we already mentioned, the elegance of satin will elevate any of your outfits. Get a satin midi dress in a colour that enhances your harmonies.

    A satin dress

    How to combine it?

    Other basics like heeled sandals or a blazer and a trenchcoat work perfectly with satin pieces. Complete your look with jewelled earrings and you are ready to go.

    Your must-have outerwear

  • Puffy jackets
  • Puffy coats and padded jackets were quite popular in the 90s, and now they are back to warm up our winter. It is common in the street style in Copenhagen, but also among the most renowned fashion editors.

    Puffy jackets

    How to combine it?

    Street style is what suits it best. Have fun mixing it with your most casual outfits: boots, your favourite turtleneck jumper, some joggings…

  • A masculine style coat
  • One of the very few trends that came to stay forever, as we can see each passing year. This coat is the gift that keeps on giving.

    A masculine style coat

  • How to combine it?
  • Get yours in camel or black, and mix it with dresses, skirts and trousers. Maximise your style options by layering up with this coat, whatever your style.

    Shoes and accessories

  • Loafers (with platform)
  • Classic and comfortable, ideal for those hectic days. There are plenty to choose, but go for the safest bet for your capsule wardrobe: black or burgundy

    Loafers (with platform)

    How to combine them?

    This season, the trend is to wear them with socks, if you feel daring.

  • Chelsea ankle boots
  • The true all-rounder of shoewear, perfect for every day. The perfect match between military and classic style.

    Chelsea ankle boots

    How to combine them?

    Metallic shoes are in, so you can always choose those to add some punch to your outfits. Otherwise, taupe suede is your safest choice for your capsule wardrobe.

  • Bag in geometric print
  • Printed bags are ideal for our basic looks, to make our accessories take the spotlight. Geometric print looks promising for the season. If you are not used to them yet, it may be a good idea to open your heart (and wardrobe).

    Bag in geometric print

    3 tips from your Personal Shoppers to achieve the best wardrobe, according to your style:

    Building a capsule wardrobe can be a good way to (re)find your style. You’ll have a curated collection with pieces that work together perfectly, but without losing sight of the latest trends. Our Personal Shoppers have 3 tips to help you create a successful capsule wardrobe:

    • Choose quality. Invest on items that are timeless, like cashmere sweaters. You can always count on them.
    • Straight cut is the failsafe silhouette if you are not sure what shapes are more flattering to you. Structured straight cut outfits will make you look more slender.
    • Combine the timeless basics of tip 1 with a couple of trendy items for the season, so your wardrobe is always up to date.
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