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Colour Your Style. Colourimetry for Summer Types

17 November, 2020

Continuing our look at skin types within colourimetry, we’re focusing on Summer women.

Summer types generally have soft, delicate features, often with pink, blueish, or grayish hues. Unlike Winter types, Summers don’t need much contrast in their colours and tend to favour soft, neutral colours.

Take Our Traits Mini Test: Are You a Summer?

Summer types are often characterised by a softer set of traits. They often have pale or pink/beige skin, sometimes with dark brown freckles. Summers also skew toward the brown/grey end of the spectrum.

Take a look at your eyes. Many Summers are blessed with light blue or green eyes, a gentle gray halo circling the iris. Or you might find a light brown, pale grey, pinky brown or an aquamarine that changes tone and tilts more towards green or blue, depending on what you’re wearing.

If your natural hair colour (it’s all about your natural traits) is platinum blonde, ash blonde, light/dark brown, brown with tints of red or greyish blue, you’re probably a Summer type. Summers tend to go grey earlier, their grey hair taking a pearl-blue tint.

Recognise If You’re a Summer

Check your skin. Does it generally have a pinkish hue that glows with pastel colours in cold tones, such as pink, blue or pale grey?

Are your features soft and without significant contrast?

Summers tend to tan very easily and their hair goes very light in the sun.

How do you get on with warm colours? Browns and oranges/earth colours tend to give Summers quite tired-looking skin. We recommend avoiding those.

Get the Best From Your Colour Palette


The Summer colour palette is mainly made up of cold, pastel colours and the neutral end of the spectrum.

Choose Neutral Colours for Summer Types

The main neutral colours for Summer palettes are greys, especially the blue end of the grey palette, soft whites (avoid bright white and broken white for its yellowish tones). Powdered blues, in almost every tone, are perfect to give you a classic, glowing look.

Autumn/Winter Looks for Summer Women

This season, colour is raining down on the catwalks for you Summer types. With Nordic street-style taking the lead thanks to its use of colour. Many Scandinavian women are Summers and their looks simply radiate positivity, optimism and femininity through their light colour palettes. Get inspired!

This year at Lookiero we’re excited about three classic colours – yellow, pink and powder blue. We’re in retro mode as we hark back to the 90s’ for the pinks, the start of the century for the blues and the 50s for the yellows. It’s a colour-infused throwback.

Colour Your Type With Our Practical Tips

  • Choose stripe prints in cold tones. Mini-prints can work well for you too. Choose foulards in pastel tones, white pieces and angora knits in soft tones to really work with your colour.
  • Avoid earth tones. You want to keep your natural glow as much as possible. So keep your face free from browns, mustards, oranges (except reddish brown), black and most yellows.
  • Be careful with colours from other season types. It’s best to wear these on the lower half of your body. Add a layer, or an accessory, from your colour palette near your face to bring out your colour. A faithful foulard in pastel tones can add a little glow to a black trouser suit. Or accessorise a pastel mini-print dress with a beige cardigan.
  • Embrace accessories. Spark your glow by adding jewellery in silver, rose gold or with blue or pink stones.
  • Make your make-up work. Here you want to choose soft tones. For a touch of fantasy, you can play with colours that evoke a sense of childlike wonder – lilacs or yellows. Outline your eyes with a grey or blue pencil. Bring in some pink flush and let your lips sit softly in the background with their nude colour.
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Glynis Redford;
23 March, 2021
I think I am Spring with a bit of Autumn - love bright and bold but also classy camel / black / navy and white
Lookiero Team;
24 March, 2021
Hi Glynis, Many thanks for your comment. Please, do not forget to share your colour preferences with your stylist 😉

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