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Your complete guide to choosing stockings and tights

9 October, 2020

“I’m incapable of choosing the right colour for my tights. Especially during autumn, when the cold starts. I never look good. In the shops, they always tell you the same thing: they try them on your hand and based on that, they give you a certain colour. But I just can’t get it right. I hope you can help me…Thanks”

A lot of you have been asking for guidance on the differences between stockings and tights. And how to wear them. You’re in luck. Mid-season is the perfect time to get out your stockings and your tights and mix them for a perfect blend of style and warmth.

What do stockings bring to your look?

  • Functionality
  • Take the chance to glamourise and remodel your legs and their contour. Or choose to Impress in a dress, mini-skirt or shorts even when you prefer to conceal any part of your legs.

  • Fun
  • Bring out the fantasy of your outfit with colour and daring style.

  • Feminine Accessory
  • Stockings were a luxury item during war times. But the discovery of nylon popularised them, empowering women to take advantage of the first tights to show off their legs.

What do stockings bring to your look?
What do stockings bring to your look?

Understand the difference between tights, stockings and short stockings


  • The classics. Stockings were first to appear.
  • Cover your leg up until about mid-thigh height.
  • Reserve them for special occasions.

Short stockings

  • Thin sock with a touch of sophistication.
  • Pair them with specific footwear because they don’t heat as much.
  • Add some fun to your trousers look.


  • Sheer, skin-tight garment.
  • Dress up your legs from feet to waist and ditch the girdle.
  • Show off your legs and embrace the new sexy.

How to choose stockings

Consider the thickness

  • If they’re thicker, they’re stronger, but they show less leg.
  • Choose thicker stockings to reduce the volume of your legs or disguise imperfections
  • Understand deniers to talk about the stockings’ opacity.

Consider the colour


  • There are almost as many tones as there are skin colours.
  • Enhance the skin’s natural colour.
  • Reach for them in spring and autumn or when you have a wedding or an event.
  • Choose a tone that’s slightly darker than your skin.


  • Black is most common. But colours like marine blue, burgundy or green also look great.
  • Feel liberated to combine skirts and dresses thanks to the different colours.
  • Choose dark colours to sharpen, light colours to visually enlarge the legs.


  • There are a variety of prints (moles, stripes, flowers).
  • Choose a bigger the print to bring more volume, an adventure, to the legs.


Reduce volume with a matte finish and bring out volume with a shine finish.


The big question: Do you wear stockings or not?
If you have beautiful, tanned legs, the outfit doesn’t need an extra touch (fine dresses, satin, very tight) and it’s not cold you can leave the stockings at home.
If it’s cold or you feel overexposed, choose a stocking (even reductive ones) as similar as possible to your skin tone to avoid contrast, as matte as possible and if you wear sandals, choose a seamless finish on the toe.

Tips to help you choose the perfect stockings
Tips to help you choose the perfect stockings

7 Tips to help you choose the perfect stockings

  1. Fuse your shoe colour with the colour of your stockings to lengthen your legs.
  2. For very high, or over the knee, boots choose the most worn or economical tights as they tear easily.
  3. Be careful not to show the top of the tight if you wear shorts or skirts.
  4. Take advantage of wearing tighter garments with reducing tights.
  5. Explore the many options for compression stockings if you have problems with varicose veins or blood circulation.
  6. Be careful where you sit to not tear your stockings. Choose a medium thickness and be sure they’re resistant.
  7. Choose the right size of tights, by looking at the table in the packaging.
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