Deep Winter seasonal colour guide

Deep Winter seasonal colour guide

17 October, 2023

Today, we’re going to take an in-depth look at one of these colourimetry seasons: Deep Winter. You’ll discover how to recognise if you belong in this category and which colours favour you the most. If you’re ready to reveal your beauty, read on!

Let’s dive into the captivating world of colorimetry! More than just a trend, this approach uses a classification known as “the four seasons” to group the chromatic characteristics of skin, eye and hair colour into different families. Whether you find yourself in the Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter season, you belong to one of them, each offering a palette of colours that will make you stand out. But that’s not all: each season is then split into 3 sub-seasons, for an even deeper and more precise study.

What is Deep Winter colorimetry?

What is Deep Winter colorimetry?

The Deep Winter woman falls between Deep Autumn and Cold Winter. She shares the depth of her colours with Deep Autumn, with paler skin and colder highlights, which brings her closer to Cold Winter (or Mild Winter). This season is characterised by pale skin, often with cold tones ranging from milky white to bluish black, olive or cold beige.

Deep Winter women generally have deep, intense eyes, with shades of dark brown, brown, olive green or black. Their hair is also in keeping with this season, with shades ranging from medium brown to black.

How do I know if I match this colorimetry?

If you combine a majority of the following characteristics, you are most likely a Deep Winter type. When in doubt, consider asking your Personal Shopper (by adding photos of yourself, your features and your face to your fashion profile).

Skin tone

Deep Winter women generally have pale skin, but with cool undertones. Your skin can range from milky white to bluish black, olive or cool beige tones.


eyes for deep winter colorimetry

The eyes of Deep Winter women are often intense and deep. You can find them in shades such as dark brown, hazel, olive or even black.


hair for deep winter colorimetry

You’re a Deep Winter woman if your hair is in shades ranging from medium brown to black, with cool, even bluish tones and highlights.

Your colour palette with this type of deep Winter

colour palette with this type of deep Winter

The colours that enhance your beauty as a Deep Winter woman are simply incredible! We’re talking dark, cool and ultra-elegant shades, like navy blue, burgundy, and emerald green. These colours create a striking contrast with your fair skin and bring out your deep eyes.
Black, timeless and sophisticated, perfectly enhances your dark hair and pale complexion.
Pure white adds a touch of elegance to your style, illuminating your skin and intensifying your eyes.
Silver jewellery is the icing on the cake, adding a touch of sparkle to your outfit.

What colours to avoid

Avoid warm, pastel tones, such as pinks, pale yellows, and bright oranges, which can dull your complexion. By choosing the right colours, you create a visual harmony that reveals your natural beauty with radiance. So let the magic of colour work and shine wherever you go!

Tips from our Personal Shoppers for dressing up a Deep Winter colour scheme

For successful colour combinations, certain combinations work particularly well. The key idea for a Deep Winter woman is to play with light-dark contrast. For example, marry a dark colour with its lighter version in the palette, or combine two opposing colours in different intensities.

Our 1st colourful look

For our first look, we chose a navy blue coat paired with khaki green trousers. This combination creates the perfect balance between the sobriety of blue and the casual elegance of khaki. For a touch of originality, opt for a black and white printed blouse. This piece perfectly complements the natural contrast of the Deep Winter under-season, creating a bold and sophisticated look.

Our 2nd colourful look

Pair a burgundy wool jumper with a beige skirt for a warm yet elegant style. This colour combination creates a subtle, timeless contrast.
Finish in style with a black perfecto jacket for a timeless rock look. Pair it with ultra-trendy black loafers for comfort and elegance.

Banish any limits to your style
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To find out more about your colourimetry, you can also consult the Winter type’s guide.

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