What is a diamond body type?

What is a diamond body type?

27 May, 2020

What’s the one perfect body type? It’s yours! With the constant evolution of trends and styles, it’s not always easy to know how to make them work for our unique (and beautiful!) bodies. However, when you have the right pieces that highlight your best assets, ideals surrounding body shapes and sizes go out the window.

If you identify with a diamond shape, then follow these top fashion tips to build a wardrobe that makes you look and feel fabulous.

What is a diamond body type?

Women with this particular silhouette often have broader hips than shoulders, slender limbs and a relatively small bust. A-line, belted or flared dresses are the best fit for diamond body shapes because they accentuate the upper torso and draw the eyes to the waist.

Characteristics of a diamond body shape

  • Average or wide hips
  • Undefined waist
  • Small bust
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Slender yet shapely legs

Do’s and Don’ts for the diamond shape:


Select tight-fitting tops Wear clothes that balance broad shoulders
Don’t wear wide and straight necklines Balance out your silhouette by emphasising the waist
Wear printed, heavy or thick fabrics around the upper body Draw the eyes to the shoulders
Choose horizontal stripes Show off your legs
Accentuate your décolleté to add length in the neck and define your torso
Go for monochrome colour schemes


How do I dress for a diamond body shape?

We’ve all experienced the nerve-racking and time-consuming search for that knockout outfit. Sometimes it can feel like the clothes racks are working against you.

Don’t stress. We’ve put together a handy list of suggestions and guidelines on the most flattering garments that will highlight the best features of your glamorous diamond figure.


dress for diamond body shape
dress for diamond body shape

A-line, princess-cut and belted dresses are your go-to styles as they create balance between the shoulders and hips. Soft, flowing fabrics also enhance the elegance of your silhouette. Think low-cut on top and mini- or midi-length on bottom.

summer dress for diamond body shape
white dress for diamond body shape


pants for diamond body shape
trousers for diamond body shape

Look for bottoms that elongate your lower half. Your best choice will be dark trousers that fall from the widest part of your hips. Cigarette and flared pants will beautifully lengthen the legs. While most types of trouser will work for you, we suggest avoiding skinny cuts in order to maintain appropriate proportions between the bust and legs.

trousers diamond body shape
trousers diamond body shape


midi skirt for diamond body shape
dark midi skirt for diamond body shape

Choose skirts that are at least knee length; they’ll elongate the body. Our top choices include high-waisted straight or flared skirts for a perfectly balanced torso. As with dresses, it’s best to avoid stretchy or clingy fabrics.


shirt for diamond body shape
dark top for diamond body shape

Structured tops are made for you as they emphasise your waist. We’re talking belted blouses or tops with embellishments around the shoulders. Opt for plain, neutral fabrics rather than prints. Take care not to add extra bulk to your mid-section with tight-fitting t-shirts.

pink shirt for diamond body shape
blazer for diamond body shape

The perfect outfit for a diamond body shape


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