Supporting The Early Detection Of Breast Cancer

Fighting for the early detection of breast cancer

4 October, 2021

At Lookiero we want to be here for you, to help you feel good in every way, both inside and out. Last year, we launched a very special initiative: #KeepClose, a project with which we want to raise awareness about the importance of the early detection of breast cancer and with which we want to give a voice to all those women who want to share their experience with all of us.

Lookiero is a community formed by and for women. That is why, this month more than ever, we want to listen to you, inform you and accompany you with essential information about the prevention of breast cancer. Once more, this year, we are ready to talk openly about this disease and its emotional, physical and psychological implications.

How can we support a person going through breast cancer?

When someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer, the whole family suffers. Physical changes are often accompanied by fear, uncertainty and insecurity. It is important to find psychological support for the whole family.
We recommend reaching out to specialist charities such as Breast Cancer Now, an organisation focused on providing life-changing care to those affected by breast cancer.

Con mucho tacto 2021. Octubre rosa

Checking your breasts can save your life

Do you know what is one of the most effective ways to detect breast cancer early? Checking your breasts and being able to recognise the most frequent niggles to look for on your breasts. To do this, we have prepared information that you can save and share with your family and friends.

Routine check-ups and early detection save lives, and being aware of changes in your body can help you contact your doctor quickly, to tackle cancer at the very first symptoms. That’s what our initiative is all about: informing you and empowering you to take charge of your health.

Follow Lookiero this October for more information

This October, at Lookiero we don’t want to bring you only the best style. You will find lots of informative material about our #KeepClose initiative in our Social Media this month. Read our guides to learn how to check your breasts and follow us on Instagram for further information all through this month.

Join the movement and #KeepClose!

From Lookiero, we invite you to join the fight against breast cancer and support those who are facing the disease and their families. Share information, talk about your experiences, join the Lookiero conversation and remember to #KeepClose!

Esme Render;
5 October, 2021
Everyone has a family member or friend that has fought this battle . Just recently I have lost a friend and a family member in Switzerland. Keep checking.
Sue Guilding;
5 October, 2021
Having had breast cancer 18 years ago I can't emphasise enough the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. There is life after a breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy/ chemo !
Dawn Joyce;
5 October, 2021
In December 2017, the day before my son 15th Birthday my life changed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. What followed was a year of active treatment, operations, chemotherapy, radiotherapy & anti cancer drugs. There were highs & lows during this treatment, but I know it wouldn’t have been possible without the research that had been carried out before my journey started & new discoveries are still being made all the time. I am a Breast Cancer survivor
Amanda Booth;
5 October, 2021
So pleased you’re supporting this worthy cause I personally am just recovering from breast cancer myself
5 October, 2021
Had breast screening appointment cancelled for the second time in 1 weeks for routine check. Have a swelling in my sternum which my GP thinks is breast tissue that has moved. Now waiting on another appointment for the breast clinic for an ultrasound and screening.
Kerry Spalding;
5 October, 2021
Just found out my amazing Sister In Law has breast cancer today so heart broken for her she is 60 years young thank u for raising this topic
6 October, 2021
Thank you for joining thousands of other businesses in raising awareness about this awful disease. My 78 yr old gorgeous mum discovered she had breast cancer back in October last year, she chose to have a mastectomy, she is now getting stronger and is healthy.
8 October, 2021
This awful disease, does not discriminate against ages, I have family and friends who have gone through it. My daughter is having 13 inches of hair cut, to raise money for breast cancer, and her hair is getting donated to the Princess trust.

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