Complete guide for summer first date looks

16 August, 2018

Just to quote one of the best songs ever “summer loving happened so fast…”  Who hasn’t had a summer romance? How many relationships have started out at the beach or between drinks in one of those endless August nights?

You meet, you start talking and the flirting starts the feeling of butterflies. Finally, THE DAY comes, that day in which it will only be two of you. That first date just the two of you brings on a ton of nerves and the recurring existential crisis of What will I wear?

Do not panic! A first date look must be planned ahead, but there are 3 basic rules that must be followed no matter our style:

  1. It shouldn’t look like we’ve put more effort into our outfit than any given day.
  2. Say yes and a hundred times yes to clothing items that make you feel comfortable and yourself. It is clearly not a time for clothing experiments.
  3. Excess is not your friend on a first day. Micro skirts, maxi cleavage and excess makeup should be things to stay away from on a first date unless that’s what you feel most comfortable in.

Want to know our outfit suggestions for that special day? Keep on reading!



For the boho look lovers: Mix a coral colour top with a floral print skirt and a fringe suede bag, this will help you look chic and feminine without much effort. Complete your look with sandals or wedges that tie at the ankle and voilà you have a look!



For the more minimal/classical girls: Keep it in your line and you’ll be headed to success! An ochre coloured satin dress with a scarf will be more than enough for you to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. If you usually wear heels, step into some high heeled sandals, if they are not your cup of tea it’s not the day for experimenting. A roman style flat sandal, mules or flats will be perfect to complete your look.



If you are a fan of a more casual or street style: Navy shirt +synthetic leather skirt+ black blazer ¿and on your feet? A pair of sneakers can give you a carefree look or some heeled sandals for a sexier look.



If your date is at night: Don’t make it complicated! Remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Choose some skinny grey pants, combine them with a white blouse and add a lime coloured biker jacket to give it a pop of colour and some carefree flair.

Ready? Let's go on that date!

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Complete guide for summer first date looks


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