Footwear and accessory trends for the 2023 spring/summer season

Footwear and accessory trends for the 2023 spring/summer season

22 February, 2023

Accessories will make or break your outfit, your evening and your whole life if you let them. The runways – and the streets – of spring/summer 2023 fashion month were buzzing with everything from footwear to handbags. From platforms to tiny kitten heels, clunky boots to sculptural pumps, and heavy embellishments to minimal handbags, the new year will be all about diversity.

Shoewear to step out in force this summer 2023

We’ve been talking a lot lately about how important it is both for sustainability and for the sake of our pockets to invest in classic, timeless pieces: items that will stand the test of time and that you’ll wear for years to come, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to take a look at the new season’s trends. Anyway, we’re sure you’ve already heard of them, and some of you may already have them in your wardrobe from past collections too.

Mary Janes for a non-flat style

alexa chung mary janes

Highly adaptable, perfectly practical and playful: Mary Janes are the winning shoes of 2023. Once called “bar shoes”, they were worn by children, (by boys, in particular!), but then, in 1904, the Brown Shoe Company in Missouri named their bar shoes after a cartoon character and, voilà, here are the Mary Janes as we know them today. They became especially popular around 2015/16, spotted on Alexa Chung’s feet. Now they’re having a major comeback in a chunkier version, with details including statement buckles and platform soles, making them more fashionable than ever.

How to wear them?

Platforms to elevate your style even further

outfit with platforms

Platforms began their ascent to success back in 2022, when brands like Valentino and Versace brought them to their runways. This year, we’ll see this trend going stronger than ever: no matter if you’re tall or short, platforms will make you feel on top of the world.

How to wear them?

Get the vintage look with wedge clogs

wedge clogs

Perhaps one of the most polarising footwear trends out there: you either love or hate clogs – there’s no in-between. Like Birkenstocks last year, these shoes are here to create a fierce debate. By the way, their vintage look and undeniable comfort make them a valid alternative to sandals and trainers for summer.

How to wear them?

We suggest jumping into the vintage vibe with a floral maxi dress and a fringed bag. The perfect holiday look, but also great for a city stay.

The trendiest bags for summer 2023

With so many brands reimagining their most iconic models, such as Balenciaga with the City Bag and Prada re-releasing their 1995 bag, we too are ready to draw inspiration from the past.

Maxi bags are back

After the long reign of micro bags, the XL tote bag is the big winner when it comes to the handbag trends 2023, proving the new season bags can be stylish and practical as well. Maxi proportions reign supreme when it comes to making a statement. You want to look like you’ve got it all with you – and maxi bags can really become the stars of the outfit. You can fit everything in these bags, including your laptop, sunglasses, water bottle, shoes, hopes and dreams.

How to wear them?

It goes with everything! A maxi bag can be the icing on the top for your everyday outfits, from jeans and a t-shirt to a mini-dress.

The crescent trend of moon bags

The crescent moon bag is a must for the 2023 handbag trends: its rounded ends, rounded upwards and inwards to create the shape of a moon, make it the perfect bag for any minimalist out there. Mostly worn over the shoulder, this style fits neatly tucked under the arm, ensuring a timelessly chic look. Whether you choose a colourful one or opt for a classic shade, this is the bag to pack for your summer nights out.

How to wear them?

We love to highlight this chic look with a minimalist outfit: a total white monochrome look for a holiday dinner outfit, nothing better than this to match the moon bag vibe.

What will be your go-to addition for the new season? Choose the accessories and shoes that best suit your style, take note of these looks and get ready to shine this season from head to toe.

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