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Play Look & Like: let your Personal Shopper get to know your style

28 May, 2021

How do you prefer your jumpers? What kind of trousers do you like best? Even if you think you know how you like to dress, sometimes it may be difficult to answer these questions. But what if you could see the clothes? That would definitely be much easier!

Look & Like makes it simple for you. With this visual game you will yourself discover more about your style, and help your Personal Shopper while having a couple of minutes of fun. Shall we play?

What is Look & Like?

juego look & like

At Lookiero, we think there is nothing better than making the most of your own personal style. Listening to you attentively and getting to know you closely are our day-to-day challenges. We want to enhance your style, and for this reason we have created a fun game that will also help you learn more about yourself and the way you dress. Do you want to know how to play Look & Like?

Go to your Style Profile to find your Look & Like daily game. You’ll see is a picture of a garment: a biker with shoulder pads, a pair of wide leg trousers, a floral top? Think to yourself for a moment… do you like what you see, and would you include it in your wardrobe?

It’s time to vote. If you love what you see, click on the heart icon. If you think it doesn’t suit your style, click on the X. It’s that simple!

Every day, when you log into your profile, you’ll find a new game with ten new items. Play Look & Like often to gradually learn more and more about what you like to wear.

More information for your Personal Shopper

By playing Look & Like you will not only discover the styles and clothes you like the most; you will also be giving your Personal Shopper some valuable information. When they prepare your Lookiero, your opinions will be carefully considered. Now it is even more likely that you will receive the Lookiero of your dreams!

Please bear in mind that the clothes you mark with a heart will not necessarily be the ones that your Personal Shopper will include in your Lookiero. However, this information will be a great source of inspiration for your Personal Shopper. Remember that you can also include notes and comments regarding what you would like to see included in your next Lookiero. The more information your Personal Shopper has, the more likely it is that you’ll love the clothes you receive!

Ready to play Look & Like? Log into your Style Profile and let us get to know a bit more about your style.

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31 May, 2021
Hi, I would like some summer 3/4 trousers for the office and some wedge sandles max 2 "heels for my next order. I can't find where I message my personal shopper. Ty.
Lookiero Team;
31 May, 2021
Hi Judy, Thank you for your comment. You can find a comments section for each new box on the main page of your Lookeiro profile. Your first box has been already dispatched so we can't add this comment to this current box but hope that you will love the selection! 💗
Jube Brown;
12 June, 2021
Hello how do I find look and like ? I can’t seem to find it
Lookiero Team;
14 June, 2021
Hi Jube, The Look & Like feature is available once per day in the "Style Profile" section on your account: https://lookiero.co.uk/user/style It will also be showing up in the "MY LOOKIERO" section if there is a new box under preparation.
Karen Mcinerney;
15 June, 2021
No skinny jeans please
Lookiero Team;
15 June, 2021
Hi Karen, Thank you for your comment. We have now informed also your stylist. Please make sure that you will add all preferences for your new order to the comments section on your Lookeiro profile.
17 July, 2021
Looking for something inspiring and different, tassels, fringed, flowing, summery, beachy, feathered. Hippy chic
Vicky Middleton;
20 July, 2021
Hi. I would like some T-shirt’s maybe some cropped wide legged trousers that will look good with my white trainers. Shirt dresses don’t work for me as when belted make my boobs look huge. I can’t wear any high, narrow shoes. Skinny trousers with elastic waist are not flattering on my shape. I prefer something with a nice drape.
Lookiero Team;
21 July, 2021
Hi Vicky, Many thanks for your comment. We have now shared it also with your stylist to make sure that the right selection will be sent in your new Lookiero box.
Jean Blackburn;
22 August, 2021
Hi Vicky, my favourite pair of trousers are cream linen straight ones with slightly tapered legs and half elastic waist. I bought them in a boutique in Spain. I'd like a similar pair in a darker colour. I also like a colourful short trench coat.
Jill Reucroft;
31 October, 2021
Please minimise my stomach
Melanie Lott;
16 February, 2022
No skinny but wide or boorcut cut preferred due to new knee ! No thing fitted shape eitjer
Lucy Helliker;
14 October, 2022
I love velvet and satin and embroidery. I need to minimise my stomach hips area. I like loose fit. Need some jeans but no idea which style suits me. No heels.

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