9 jeans que tiene que conocer

Getting Denim Right: What style of jeans suits you best?

15 November, 2019

Baggy jeans

The baggy jean generally refers to high-rise, loose fitting trousers which are sometimes belted up or come with a drawstring to show off the waist. They can be narrow or straight at the ankle.

baggy jeans inspiration

What kind of silhouettes suit you?

Inverted triangle body shapes will benefit as these jeans add volume to the bottom half. The best way to wear it? mix them up with a fitted or straight cut top. This type of jeans is also a good option for those ladies who want to conceal their legs

Boot-cut / Cropped

Straight cut jeans down to the ankle with a frayed hem finish (the kind that looks like you cut them with scissors yourself).

What kind of silhouettes suits you?

These are great for tall women, but they may not work for short girls as the cut make the legs look shorter since they end at the ankle.

In Lookiero we carry it like this:

cropped jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

Comfy that they feel like two sizes too big (but they won’t look that way! 😉

What kind of silhouettes suit you?

These are your wild card, since it suits all types of bodies. If your legs are longer than your torso get a pair with a low-rise cut to balance out your body proportions.

In Lookiero we carry it like this:

boyfriend jeans outfit

For rainy days, don your boyfriend jeans with a graphic top, a grey jumper and a hot pink raincoat to add contrast. Give your look an extra punch with a microprint scarf in mauve colours to you rock your style under the rain.

Culotte Jeans

The Culotte trouser lands below the knee and has full, wide bottom and sits high on the waist.
culotte jeans inspiration

What kind of silhouette suits you?

If you have a pear-shaped body, (when the hips are wider than your shoulders), this style will create a continuous line from the hip to the ankle, while making you look taller.

Flare Jeans

The famous 70’s bell bottom jeans. The cut is fitted at the hips and thighs and widens from the knees down.

Suitable for:

These trousers are great for women who want to make their legs look more elongated, namely those who are short and/or with an inverted triangle body shape. Add ankle boots with a high heel to kick the stylized effect up a notch.

This is how we wear it at Lookiero:


Mom Jeans

High-waisted jeans that highlight your backside, straight cut … Type of jean worn by middle-aged women in the 80s
mom jeans inspiration

What kind of silhouette suits you?

Women who have shorter legs may benefit from their high-waisted cut, thanks to their “long leg” effect. This is how street style stars wear them:

Skinny jeans

Fitted from top to bottom enhancing your figure.

What kind of silhouette suits you?

Works with most types of body shapes, the trick is knowing how to choose them.

  • If you have an hourglass body shape and thin legs, these will highlight your silhouette. If you want to balance out your hip proportions, choose to roll up the hem. Short girl can also benefit because they have a leg-elongating effect.
  • If you’d like to conceal wide hips, dark hues will do the trick. Meanwhile adding a light top will draw the eye up and balance the look.
  • If you have narrow hips try the skinny jean with details or embellishments. Opt styles that have fun stitching details, or a ripped or worn out look, play with patches or studs, have fun with them!

    In Lookiero we carry it like this:

    skinny jeans outfit lookiero

    Dare to add a minimal classic touch to your skinny jeans: try them with a denim shirt with flounces (the monochrome style will add ‘verticality’ to your silhouette), and a plaid trench. If it’s a little colder, don a trench coat over a turtleneck with your skinnies and make it extra classy by adding a camel mini-bag.

    The slouchy jean

    As the name suggests, slouchy refers to a loose, relaxed silhouette. The term devised by Vogue and inspired in the 90s, refers to that loose, ‘ballooned’ up effect.They’re a mix between the boyfriend, ‘paper-bag’ and mom jeans.
    slouchy jeans inspiration

    What kind of silhouette suits you?

    Thanks to their baggy cut, they suit almost any silhouette, if fitted at the waist and ankle. It works especially well with straight or inverted triangle body shapes. Conversely, triangle and oval body shapes may not benefit as these jeans make the silhouette more voluptuous.

    Straight jeans

    Straight-cut jeans from the waist to the ankle

    What kind of silhouette suits you?

    These work for women who want to conceal their thighs, because they create visually straight line from hip to the ankle making the legs look more proportionate.

    In Lookiero we carry it like this:

    straight jeans outfit lookiero

    For a casual look, pair up your straight jeans with a geometric design jumper in earthy tones, a graphic top and a khaki parka (don’t forgo a khaki parka this winter, it’s a season must-have!).


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