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Cheer Up! Looks to Lighten Up Your Work At Home Days

24 March, 2020

In these challenging times many of us have been sent to work from home for the next three weeks at least. However, rather than staying in your PJs or sweats all day it’s good to dress up to lift your mood and get into a work mindset.

Indeed, a good way to help us stay sane and motivated during confinement days of the coronavirus is to get dressed as if you were going to the office, according to experts. Here we’ve gathered some home office outfit ideas that will help you do just that.

  • Print jumpsuit and cosy cardigan
  • If you’re a print lover this is for you! Lighten up the mood with a fun print jumpsuit in sober colours with a super comfy oversized wool cardigan to keep you warm and stylish while working from home.

  • Beige chinos and striped sailor jumper
  • For all those who love classic styles, this will become their ultimate go-to relaxed look. Grab a pair of chinos in beige and wear it with a sailor style striped jumper in the same hues. This is a simple and crisp way of creating a monochromatic look. To top it off, add silk tie scarf in a vibrant colour to lift up the mood.

  • Casual and chic with jeans
  • Light, delicate and super wearable for home. Grab your stretch skinny jeans, a lingerie top in off white and add a pastel-infused cardigan. Easy and comfortable! Just because you’ll be at home doesn’t mean you can’t begin to experiment with the new spring trends.

  • Black roll neck shirt and a sweater dress
  • You surely wear a dress to the office at least once in a while, so this item can’t be missing from your work from home attire either. Try a shirtdress in an animal print and wear a black roll neck underneath. It adds depth and warmth to the look plus You will feel feminine and trendy!

  • Colour punch + soft trousers
  • Opt for a colorful look to boost your mood. We suggest that you try soft trousers with a print and a knit sweater in deep orange. This will bring colour and liven up your spirit during these trying days.


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