Discover your ideal looks for July according to your horoscope

29 June, 2021

For many, July marks the real start of the Summer: BBQs, walks on the beach and more time outdoors. And although it may sound tempting to lounge about in the same t-shirt dress all Summer, we want to encourage you to change it up a little.

If you want to look great even during a heatwave, our Personal Shoppers have compiled the best looks based on your zodiac sign. Let the stars align…and the outfits!

Aries, try balloon sleeves!

In your quest for novelty, your July wardrobe must have a top with balloon sleeves: they are romantic, trendy and very chic.

Would you try to wear yellow? It’s the colour of the year and will bring light and brightness to your day-to-day (and works wonders with a tan!).

The star look for Aries this July

This month, try a white top with puff sleeves, a pleated midi skirt in shades of yellow and a pair of matching ballet-style flats. A very summery outfit that’s trendy, and allows you to try new trends, too.

Taurus, show off in satin

For Taurus, this month we’d suggest a relaxed but sophisticated look, great for all those Summer evenings: a satin dress is sexy, comfortable and sophisticated, and blue will be your colour – perfect for Summer in any of its shades. Remember to always consider your colouring when taking your pick!

The star look for Taurus this July

This month, bring out your elegant side with a lingerie-inspired satin dress, a soft white blazer and jewelled sandals. A stylish look that’s also very comfortable. Enjoy your evening!

Gemini, shine in a jumpsuit

As a lover of trying new trends in all aspects of life, this month we would love to see you in tropical print: it’s cheerful, summery and very flattering! If you’d rather stick to a block colour, go for mauve or lilac.

The star look for Gemini this July

Try wearing a jumpsuit in a tropical print, a pair of sandals and a straw bag. If you can, make the bag the key accessory of the look and choose it in a vibrant colour to really stand out!

Cancer, a monochrome supernova in black and white

If you like details and contrast, this month we’d love to see you in an off-the-shoulder top or dress in black and white.

The star look for Cancer this July

Black and white is a safe bet. Add a touch of sophistication with our a black top worn off the shoulders, black flared trousers and black leather effect sandals. You’ll look out of this world!

Leo, rising with the trends

Going unnoticed is not for our Leos. That’s why we invite you to try ugly sandals: one of the most daring and edgy trends of the moment. Choose clay tones as your go-to this Summer for a natural touch.

The star look for Leo this July

Your star look for this month is a russet-coloured ribbed top, a pair of mint green high-waisted shorts and some ugly sandals. Choose sandals that you love and are very comfortable, and let them take the centre stage for this look.

Virgo, timelessness and elegance

Impeccable and cool are always synonymous with Virgo. This July, we invite you to try a pair of paperbag shorts: comfortable and cool! Earth tones will help you connect with nature; this grounding will help you will feel good at any time.

The star look for Virgo this July

Your star look for this month is a semi-transparent shirt in earth tones, a pair of beige paperbag shorts and a camel tote bag. A pristine, very natural look, that you can wear season after season.

Libra, a breath of fresh air

You love quality finishes and fabrics are no different! That’s why this July we recommend you try linen trousers. If you are stuck in a colour rut, why not give mint green a go?

The star look for Libra this July

Choose a mint green blouse in a flowy fabric, a pair of linen trousers (preferably with vertical lines to flatter your figure) and mint green rubber sandals. A fresh, summery and stylish look.

Scorpio, minimal but colourful

To bring an extra touch of your own personality to your looks, we recommend you try colourful trainers and choose an aqua green shade to get dressed this month.

The star look for Scorpio this July

An off-white silk blouse, some aqua green straight trousers and some colourful trainers to add a trendy touch to this simple, minimal look.

Sagittarius, long live your dungarees!

Bring out your adventurous and comfortable side for those long mountain walks and adventurous getaways: dare to try short denim dungarees. Your colour for this month will be navy blue.

The star look for Sagittarius this July

Choose white denim dungarees and a navy blue chiffon blouse, and wear a pair of canvas trainers in a colour to match the blouse to finish off what will become a chic but effortless Summer look.

Capricorn, tropical match

If you like quality garments and classic style, we invite you to give it a try palazzo trousers. Black will be your colour for July.

The star look for Capricorn this July

Your star look this month will be a pair of black palazzo trousers with a motif such as a tropical print, which are so on-trend! Add a pair of black, leather-effect pumps and a touch of colour with a plain cotton T-shirt. A white t-shirt is always a good choice, but for a more daring twist to your look, we recommend opting for a lime green one, as this colour looks great if you’re tanned.

Aquarius, vibrant in orange

Free, bohemian and with a very free spirit, that’s how your style will flow this July. This month, try a long printed skirt and add lots of vibrant orange to your outfits.

The star look for Aquarius this July

Bring out your freer side with a white cami top, an orange maxi skirt with bright details and heeled sandals in the same colour as the skirt. By using the same colour for the skirt and shoes, you’ll create a vertical monochrome line that will visually flatter your figure.

Pisces, style on board!

In the heat of Summer, comfort is essential. That’s why for this July we recommend you try bermuda shorts, and enjoy playing with nautical style in white and blue shades.

The star look for Pisces this July

Breton tops are a wardrobe staple which brighten up your face thanks to the mix of colours. Wear them with beige shorts and a pair of camel Roman sandals, for a practical and flattering look to wear wherever you go this Summer.

What’s your zodiac sign? Remember to let your Personal Shopper know if you’d like to try any of the looks above!

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