Stylish ideas to dress this June according to your zodiac sign

31 May, 2021

At Lookiero we believe that style is part of life and that, in order to find your own style, it is necessary to consider multiple factors: your personality, your lifestyle, the stage you are in and also, if you’re feeling playful, even your zodiac sign. Why not?

June is the month of the summer solstice, the beginning of the holiday season, of relaxation and magic. That’s why we welcome the sunny days with new outfits full of strength and personality. Our Personal Shoppers have put their hands to work to create the perfect looks for you to give your style a special touch according to your horoscope. Are you sitting comfortably? We’ll tell you all about it, starting with…

Aries, always your original self

Aries are frequently searching for novelty and originality and this, of course, is obvious when it comes to building their wardrobe. Without giving up on being yourself, this June we recommend you try these trends:

  • Fringing: back in fashion, it’ll look amazing on a fringed jacket in your favourite colour, although remember that a neutral tone is easier to mix and match
  • Coral: it’s vibrant, it’s summery and it’s very you. Choose the tone that best suits your skin tone and colouring, maybe on a trendy top for those hot and sunny days to come.

In June, Aries will look amazing in…

…a fringed jacket, a coral knit top and studded suede shorts. A great look that brings together three of this season’s trends and gives you multiple options, as you can combine each item in multiple ways.

Taurus, minimalistic with a classic twist

Taurus is a sensual sign who loves routine when it comes to dressing. Not being able to find a garment that they had planned to wear on a certain day can certainly spoil their morning! For this reason, their style tends to oscillate between classic and minimal: simple, neat styles without too many surprises, but decorated with small romantic or baroque touches.

If you’re a Taurus, this month, we suggest you:

  • Try romantic blouses: classic but feminine, they will help you feel stylish and finish off your look with something special
  • Choose mint for your outfits, which will feel safe while bringing freshness to your looks, as well as a very fashionable touch!

In June, Taurus will look fantastic in…

… classic, minimalistic garments, punctuated by a romantic white blouse, a flared skirt in mint green and a pair of leather pumps. A neat and trendy version of your usual self!

Gemini, personality in spades

Geminis feel strongly! They are passionate about trends, and love showing off their personality with “big styles” such as Boho. That’s why this month we would like to suggest for Gemini:

  • Sarong skirts: very popular this season, and full of personality to boot!
  • Yellow in the shade that suits you best: it’s vibrant, luminous and trendy.

In June, Gemini will shine in…

…a white lingerie top to add sensuality, worn with a Boho printed sarong skirt and some illuminating yellow shoes to give a touch of colour to your outfit. We love to see your personality and character shine through!

Cancer, an eye for detail

Cancers are emotional but their style is unchanging. Cancers like to pay attention to accessories and small details, and enjoy incorporating romantic and naïf touches when it comes to their looks. That’s why this month we recommend trying:

  • The puff sleeve trend: for a bit of added interest without straying too far from your comfort zone
  • White in your looks and accessories: for added freshness without losing the romantic spirit

This June, Cancer’s star look will be…

…a blouse with puff sleeves and straight pinstripe trousers. Add an accessory in your favourite bright colour for a small dose of fun! This is certainly a classic but romantic look, with classic items which you can wear again and again.

Leo, never unnoticed

Leo is a powerful sign with plenty of character. That’s why Leo women may not like to go unnoticed, particularly when it comes to their wardrobe!

If you are a Leo, you’re bound to love trends, and you don’t mind taking them to the extreme. Gold, metallic and shiny textures are ideal to start the summer filled with energy. This June we recommend:

  • Trying the disco trend: go for it! If someone can pull it off, it’s you!
  • Radiate positivity: with gold hues and shiny textures

This June, Leos will look their best in…

…a T-shirt embroidered with golden sequins to form a message, a metallic pleated skirt and a pair of golden or shiny sandals. You certainly won’t go unnoticed!

Virgo, stylishly making your mark

Virgo women are always in constant search of harmony and look for good taste in all they do. They love quality garments, fabrics and design. This June, we recommend you:

  • Try the geometric print trend: step out of your comfort zone
  • Wear pastel pink: stylish, tasteful and very harmonious

This June, Virgo will look great in…

…a feminine and very ladylike look: choose a blouse with puff sleeves and a geometric print, and wear it with a pair of pastel pink paperbag trousers and some flat leather shoes. A twist on some of your favourite trends, while staying true to your style!

Libra, leaving nothing to chance

It’s in your personality: you’re extremely organised, at least in some areas! Do you like choosing your clothes the night efore, and take pride in the details? Here are your tips for some inspiring looks for June:

  • Monochrome and minimalism suit you down to a T. Do you want to read more? We put together a full blog post.
  • Earth tones would be perfect for June. Try this natural trend which allows you to play with the colour chart with greens, ochres and other colours.

This June, Libras will shine in…

… a look built around a flattering pair of beige culottes and a ribbed halter neck top in a similar tone. Add a shopper bag, which is practical and comfortable, and stick, once again, to camel shades. A perfectly calculated but stunning look!

Scorpio, always strong and stylish

Scorpio radiates strength and magnetism! If you are Scorpio, are you slightly obsessed with shoes? We thought so… This month, if you are a Scorpio we recommend you:

  • Try the plumeti trend: this fashionable embroidery technique creates detailing and patterns on cotton fabric
  • Wear red: remember to choose a tone which suits your skin tone and colourimetry

In June, Scorpio will look flawless in…

…a plumeti shirt in the shade of red that most flatters your colouring, worn with flared jeans and a pair of leather-effect mules at your feet to finish off your look with pure Scorpio magnetism!

Sagittarius, comfort first and foremost

Sagittarius is a sign focused on freedom and relaxation. If you’re Sagittarius, you probably don’t feel the same pressure as others to wear all the latest trends, but prefer to appear as the centre of all good vibes and happiness. This is also true when it comes to your wardrobe! That’s why this month we would advise:

  • Trying the “comfy” trend: we know your leggings are comfortable, but it’s time to move on!
  • Choose purple or lilac: this soothing hue will be your new favourite colour

This June, Sagittarius will look out of this World in…

…a message sweatshirt, worn with white culottes and pastel-coloured sneakers. A very trendy athleisure look that radiates good vibes and will ensure you feel comfortable.

Capricorn, pure and classic

Capricorn likes quality clothes, values brands and is attracted to classic and stylish looks. This month, why not…:

  • Dare to try a historical twist: wear Victorian-style blouses and play with transparencies
  • Respect your classic side: choose grey or black to complete your outfits

This June, Capricorn will look their best on…

…total white! Wear a white blouse with see-through elements with some paperbag shorts in the same colour and a pair of suede loafers. A look that will bring you style and brightness, perfect for summer!

Aquarius, wild like water

Aquarians are free-spirited and bohemian. This month, why not show off all your energy and bring out your wildest side in your looks and outfits? We think this June you’ll look great in…

  • Flattering trousers: try wide leg, high waist and flared cuts
  • Choose blue in all its tones: return to the water nature of your zodiac sign

This June, Aquarius will shine in…

… a twist on surfer style: choose your favourite animal print for your top, and add this way a wild and free element to your look. Wear it with wide leg jeans that will make the most of your figure and Birkenstock-style sandals at your feet, to ensure you’re always comfortable to face what the day has in store for you!

Your style is always considered, but priority is your comfort. You don’t spend every waking minute planning your next outfit of the day: you believe in being well-dressed and always comfortable. For June, make sure you try:

  • Colourful trainers will make you feel summer on your feet this month thanks to all the colours of the season, from pastel shades to Pantone’s colour of the year illuminating, illuminating yellow.
  • Your colour this month is a beautiful mint green. Have you ever felt a natural affinity for pastel shades? Try mint this June, it truly is the star of the Spring-Summer season!

This June, a great look for a Pisces will be…

… wide-leg trousers, a basic 90’s cut t-shirt with square sleeves and a pair of trendy sneakers in your preferred colours. We are a little bit jealous: your June looks stylish and oh so comfortable!

What do you think? Would you like your next Lookiero to be inspired by your zodiac sign? Don’t hesitate to tell your Personal Shopper: she will create the best looks for you to start June bearing in mind all your needs, including your zodiac sign!

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Jean Blackburn;
28 August, 2021
I don't like the scorpio look so let's avoid that. I love libra's shoes and would like them in any pastel or bright colour. I love the whole virgo look. It's smart, casual and feminine. If you could find this style but be more adventurous with colour as this is where I struggle. Please avoid strappy tops as that boat has sailed! I don't like frills on tops but fancy a skirt or dress with some frills.
7 September, 2021
Adore the aries look!

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