5 ways to combine fuchsia in your outfits

5 ways to combine fuchsia in your outfits

6 April, 2022

As seen in this year’s Runway, and especially Valentino’s collection, fuchsia is going to be the colour of 2022. In fact, if last year was all about neutrals, we are crazy for bold colours now.

Fuchsia is feminine and girly, but also strong and powerful, not to mention eye-catching. It may seem a too daring shade, but if you mix it with the right colours, it will make you and your outfit glow. Here is all you need to know to make it your next favourite colour.

The best colours to combine with fuchsia

Nothing like remembering our art classes on the colour wheel to match this vibrant colour. Remember that fuchsia has shades of both red and blue, so it offers many possibilities. Here our Personal Shoppers give you the keys to start incorporating this flattering shade into your looks.

  1. Fuchsia and brown for every day
  2. It may feel like a crazy combination but, in fact, nothing suits a bold colour better than earth tones. And brown is the earth tone by definition, so don’t be afraid to mix these shades; the result is truly stunning.

    Fuchsia and brown tenue

    Try creating a neutral outfit with ecru denim trousers and a white shirt, plus a brown blazer. Now, add a pop of colour with a fuchsia pullover on your shoulders. This little detail will change everything, transforming a basic look into a super stylish one. Ready to go!

  3. Fuchsia and white to go with the season
  4. White is a must-have for spring. In combination with this shade of pink, it will give your outfit a touch of pop.

    Fuchsia and white look

    Start with a total look in white, denim trousers and laced top and then add a fuchsia blazer. By adding contrast between the colours and playing with the different styles in the same outfit. As we always say: dare to mix textures and styles, you won’t regret it. Complete the look with a white bag and loafers.

  5. Fuchsia and blue: the unlikely pair
  6. This colour combo may be one you would have imagined but, actually, they go great together.

    Fuchsia and blue outfit

    You only need to choose royal blue if you feel daring, or go for smoother shades like baby blue or sky blue if you prefer to tone it down slightly. If you want to give it a try, we suggest a fuchsia chiffon midi skirt and a light blue jumper.

  7. Fuchsia and red: fun and fantastic
  8. In spite of its notoriety, fuchsia and red is one of the most loved combinations. Every influencer has worn these two colours together at least once in their lives, and the results are always outstanding.

    Fuchsia and red outfit

    Besides, both fuchsia and red come from Magenta, so they are, in fact, two shades of the same colour. You can’t go wrong combining them together. So, get yourself a red suit, and add a fuchsia jumper to rock this combination. Round off the look by adding sneakers and a little bag for a casual touch.

  9. Fuchsia and black: elegance par excellence
  10. Pink and black must be one of the most beloved and best-looking combinations throughout the ages.

    Fuchsia and black outfit

    It’s perfect for the women who want to try this colour for the first time, but don’t feel confident enough to take risks with a full-look. If this is your case, you may opt for a fuchsia classic shirt and combine it with a black skirt and accessories. This touch of colour will be a safe and contained option that will still make your outfit pop.

What does the colour fuchsia represent

Pink in general, and fuchsia in particular, is a cheerful, lively and daring colour. It’s proven that it helps fend off the stress, symbolises optimism and helps people lift their spirits.

Fuchsia is also very feminine and connected to sensuality, perfect for women with a strong, dynamic personality, who cherish being in the spotlight and always make the most of their chances to shine.

What colourimetries can wear fuchsia?

Good news: fuchsia can be worn by every colourimetry. You just need to choose the shade that will flatter your harmony the most. Here are some pointers, so you can find your perfect match and wear fuchsia to your heart’s content:

If you have Winter harmonies, you need to wear bold shades that will highlight your features. Make sure to pick a fluorescent, colder fuchsia. This shade is perfect especially for brunettes, like Catherine Zeta Jones.


If your harmonies feature softer shades, you want to use soft colours as well to prevent your outfits from feeling too overpowering. Fuchsias in dustier, softer shades are a great match for Summer women. It’s very feminine and ideal for blondes, paired up with light make-up. For inspiration, take a look at Emily Blunt in her beautiful dress.

emily brunt
light fuchsia

The delicate features and pinkish shades of Spring women will benefit from a warmer shade of fuchsia, almost coral. It suits red-haired girls perfectly, like Amy Adams. Avoid going too dark or too light, as it may dull the appearance of your skin.

amy adams
fuchsia coral

Similarly to Spring harmonies, Autumn women’s features are warm and soft. But, in the case of autumn, the hues also go darker. As it is usual in this colourimetry, your perfect shade of pink will also be warmer and darker. This is a truly elegant colour, which Julia Roberts wears like no other.

julia roberts

We hope this blog has inspired you to make space for this trendy colour in your season wardrobe. If you want to give it a try, let your Personal Shopper know, and she’ll make sure you get a match made in (fashion) heaven.

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